Assault Lily: Fruits Contains All the Yuri Assault Lily: Bouquet Doesn't Have

Assault Lily: Bouquet is a cute, action-filled anime that captured our hearts during fall last year. The anime introduced a slew of female characters, but the season ended before every character was explored. Since Assault Lily: Bouquet also has an almost all-female cast, yuri ships are just begging to be formed. In fact, the two main characters’ ship name is Yuri. Yes, that is canon. Despite all the teases and hints, Assault Lily: Bouquet didn’t deliver anything to let the armada of ships to set sail. The Yuri (Yuyu and Riri) ship, of course, made some progress. Fortunately, Assault Lily: Fruits, with a bunch of yuri, comes to the rescue this summer.

A Brief Background

In Assault Lily: Bouquet, the world is plagued by mechanical monsters referred to as Huges. The only ones capable of facing and defeating these Huges are teenage girls who can muster the power of magie, thus the existence of schools dedicated to training these girls. These girls, who are better known as lilies, use the magie in their body to wield CHARMS and obliterate the Huge. It is rare, however, for a single lily to be able to defeat a Huge. Because of this, legions are formed. The anime follows all nine members of Yuyu’s Legion.

It is important to note, however, that Assault Lily: Fruits isn’t a sequel to Assault Lily: Bouquet. It’s just a mini anime series, which features characters from the Assault Lily franchise. That being said, the mini show doesn’t really have a plot nor does it continue where Assault Lily: Bouquet has left off.

Short but Spectacular

Even though we’ve stated that Assault Lily: Fruits is a mini series, many may be surprised as to how short each episode is. In fact, it’s more appropriate to compare it to a television commercial than an anime. The episode’s length varies between two minutes and a little over three minutes. Despite the length, or its lack thereof, Assault Lily: Fruits is highly entertaining.

By throwing any sense of plot out of the window, it focuses more on the characters and their interactions. The mini-series spectacularly shows the cute side of the cast, while also showcasing their various personalities. Since it’s an advertisement for the Assault Lily mobile game, it’s done a good job doing what it’s intended to do—making fans want to collect each and every available character.

Yuri Overdose

Some may argue that Assault Lily: Bouquet’s plot isn’t anything exceptional, and there might be some truth in that. What it unarguably did well is introducing a slew of female main characters. With each showcasing their own strengths and taking turns basking in the limelight, we can’t help shipping a few of them. While the anime had great story progression, those ships just stagnated. All we got were teases and whatnot. Fortunately, Assault Lily: Fruits stepped into the picture.

One good thing about having no plot is that every Assault Lily: Fruits episode is straight to the point. There is no dragging, fillers, nor any unnecessary scenes. Since everything is basically a gag, we immediately see the characters horsing around with each other. The better part is that our ships also don’t bother with build up. They immediately jump into fooling around with each other. Be it Yuyu and Riri or Yoshimura and Andou, they get their fair share of screentime.

Final Thoughts

Assault Lily: Fruits is more like a series of commercials—it might actually be one given that it’s an advertisement—but it surprisingly fills a gap left by Assault Lily: Bouquet. Assault Lily: Fruits’ entertainment value compensates for the lack of plot. The short, straight-to-the-point episodes are spectacularly fun. Of course, seeing our ships sail is perhaps the best of all.

Assault-Lily-Fruits-Wallpaper-700x394 Assault Lily: Fruits Contains All the Yuri Assault Lily: Bouquet Doesn't Have


Author: Christian Markle

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Assault-Lily-Fruits-Wallpaper-700x394 Assault Lily: Fruits Contains All the Yuri Assault Lily: Bouquet Doesn't Have

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