Bishounen & Male Idol Anime for Fall 2016 - Artistic Magical Boys, Cute Boys in Hawaii and Time-Traveling Hotties. Good Time to Be a Fujoshi!

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Summer has just ended and now we enter the fall season! Summer anime was filled with pretty boys for us to fall for or admire, but of course, the fall anime season has them too, and even more than last season! Also, for the fans of B-project and Tsukiuta. The Animation, rejoice as the male idol fever is still continuing up to this season. Read along as we recommend to you, dear readers, our Bishounen and Male Idol anime lineup that you will absolutely obsess over this season.

7. Ame-iro Cocoa in Hawaii

  • Episodes: TBA
  • Aired: Oct. 2016- Currently Airing

Ame-iro Cocoa is back once again and is ready to open up a new café branch in Hawaii! Koji Amami picks Aoi Tokura’s older brother, Nozomu Tokura, as the new store manager in Hawaii. Now that the store is up, Nozumu must do his best to make the cafe a success. Of course, along the way, he meets new people that will be part of the cafe and part of his life.

Like it’s previous seasons, Ame-iro Cocoa in Hawaii is only a 2-minute show. The highlight of the series are the interactions between the gorgeous looking male characters. And now that the 3rd season is up, it will double up as there will be new characters that will be introduced during the show. Simply put, this anime is about “Good looking boys, doing cute things together”. The show is very straightforward but, nonetheless, entertaining and good. Since Ame-iro Cocoa in Hawaii doesn’t have any trailers/PVs, you better take a look at the show right now which is airing this season.

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Ame-iro Cocoa 3rd Season

6. Magic Kyun! Renaissance

  • Episodes: TBA
  • Aired: Oct. 2016- Currently Airing

In the world of Magic Kyun! Renaissance, artists who exhibit magic in their artworks are called artistas. Once an artista is in the process of making his/her her art, they emit sparkles and lights that can be different in shapes and sizes. These sparkles and lights can also feel and smell different depending on the artista who creates them.

Ohana Aigasaki is inspired to become an exceptional artista just like her mother. She follows in her mother’s footsteps by showing art through different kinds of flower arrangements. Aigasaki is indeed talented when it comes to her own field but unlike her mother, she does not emit any magic through her works. Until she luckily goes to the distinguished Hoshinomori Private Magical Arts High School and meets the king himself, Teika Ichijoji, and discovers the hidden magic inside her.

Magic Kyun! Renaissance is a multimedia project from Broccoli (the same makers of Uta no Prince-sama and B-Project), Sunrise, and Pony Canyon. Before the anime’s initial announcement, this multimedia project released different mini-episodes on their website to introduce each character. Not only that, Magic Kyun! Renaissance just released its own game last September for the PS Vita. The trailers/PVs alone are enough to convince anyone that this show will be very nice. As seen in the mini-episodes and the trailer, the singing voices of the male characters are enough to captivate viewers. The artwork and the visuals also don’t disappoint, as it is well done too. Viewers who like pretty men who can sing, and have other artistic talents, with magic mixed in it will totally enjoy this show.

Magic Kyun! Renaissance PV

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Magic Kyun! Renaissance

5. Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Oct. 2016- Currently Airing

In the year 2205, the History Retrograde Army is attempting to change the course of history by going back to the past and altering it in some kind of way. The Saniwa who is in charge of protecting the history, has the ability to give life to legendary swords. With the legendary swords coming to life, they aim to help the Saniwa in protecting history by stopping the History Retrograde Army’s evil intention. Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru revolves around the everyday life of these powerful renowned swords.

Touken Ranbu is originally a free browser card video game made by Nitroplus and DMM. The game has a lot of similarities to Kantai Collection because of its same creator, DMM. While Kantai Collection has warships personified as cute girls, Touken Ranbu, on the other hand, has legendary famous swords that are personified by cute and hot males. The game was released early January 2015 and has garnered a lot of attention among female fans and some male fans. Because of its popularity, it was adapted into stage plays which were applauded by many, and also has two anime adaptations. The first adaptation is Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru which is produced by studio Doga Kobo and is airing right now. The second adaptation is tentatively called Touken Ranbu and will be produced by Ufotable in 2017.

For now, we got Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru. Since it’s a slice of life anime, it will be interesting to see their interactions with one another, and maybe hopefully, get a glimpse of their past regarding the masters who handled them. If you are a true fan of bishounen type characters, then you mustn't miss this show as it is overflowing with attractive males all around! An anime that truly a feast for the eyes.

Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru 15 sec. CM

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Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru

4. Dream Festival!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Oct. 2016- Currently Airing

Second-year high schooler Kanade Amamiya, has a unique trait of making other people happy with just his sparkly smile. That’s why, on a certain day after his part-time job, he was scouted by the great idol and producer, Haruto Mikami, to make his debut in Dream Festival!. Amamiya refused but Mikami tricked the boy into coming to his agency. With Junya Sasaki constantly provoking Amamiya, saying that he doesn’t have the guts to become an idol, Amamiya decides to prove Sasaki wrong. However, he starts to like the prospect of becoming an idol after his first sudden performance on stage.

Just like our last selection, Dream Festival! is also based on a card video game that was created by the company Bandai. If you know the gameplay of Love Live and Aikatsu!, which is by the way under the Bandai Company, then you can pretty much imagine how the Dream Festival! game works. The unique trait that is both applied in the game and in the anime is catching Dream Festival! Cards or “Dorika”, which are given by the fans. Each card holds a different unique costume for the catchers to wear before they start their performance. Idols collect this as a proof of how much they shine in the eyes of their fans.

Also, unlike our other selections here on this list who showcase famous and known Seiyuus, the Seiyuus of Dream Festival! are relatively new and debuting in the voice acting industry with the exception of Haruto Mikami’s Seiyuu who is Morikawa Tosiyuki. Viewers will surely feel that the rookie idols of Dream Festival! are indeed starting out because of the new Seiyuus; while Mikami, a character who is a veteran in his field, will sound more fluid and mature because of Morikawa’s experienced voice due to years of voice acting. Dream Festival! is surely a must watch show, especially so when you like this kind of genre.

Dream Festival! PV

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Dream Festival!

3. Uta no Prince-sama Magi Love Legend Star (Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ 4th Season)

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Oct. 2016- Currently Airing

Idols, for some, are the source of inspiration. For Haruka Nanami, her source of inspiration to enter the glamorous world of music was her beloved idol, HAYATO. Ever since she heard HAYATO’s touching singing voice, Haruka was determined to become an amazing composer in order to write songs for her favorite idol and hopefully bring happiness to people with her written music. However, in order to fulfill this dream, she enters the prestigious Saotome Academy with the prospect of harnessing her special talents. Now a well-known composer, different groups are willing to challenge ST☆RISH in order to make Haruka their very own personal composer. Of course, ST☆RISH wouldn’t want that!

After the shocking cliffhanger from the 3rd season, Uta no Prince-sama is back once again with more wonderful music to listen to, with even more handsome hot idol males to drool- ahem, choose from! From the last season, ST☆RISH and QUARTET NIGHT gave a superb show to their fans in order to win the Super Star Sports event, aka Triple S. The surprising part, however, is that the group HE★VENS is back with their chilling performance with more members! Challenging both ST☆RISH and QUARTET NIGHT during the event.

From 1000% to 2000%, to Love Revolutions, and now Love Legend Star, we have seen how Haruka, along with ST☆RISH, grew up from ordinary students to famous artists. Along the way, they have indeed encountered some hardships, but with them come new rivals and companions. Now that the 4th season is up, We get to not only know more about ST☆RISH and QUARTET NIGHT, we also have the chance to get to know another group, HE★VENS. Fans of this show will surely be delighted to see how these three groups and Haruka evolve again for the sake of offering good music to their fans. Of course, newcomers are welcome to watch the show, especially if you like great music and good looking males~. Just like Ame-iro Cocoa in Hawaii, there is no available PV/ Trailer for Uta no Prince-sama’s 4th season, so why not go on your way now to watch the already released episodes and see your favorite male idol group become a Legend!

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Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ 4th Season

2. Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (Kiss Him, Not Me)

  • Episodes: TBA
  • Aired: Oct. 2016- Currently Airing

Yaoi and shounen-ai anime are getting produced more as of lately, even with its niche target market. Not only that, even anime in different genres aren’t left out, as shippers are ready to pair some characters whenever imagination calls for it. Of course, for this anime, Fujoshi and Fudanshi are able to relate to some degree because of our adorable and hilarious main heroine. Still, even if you are not a Fujoshi or Fudanshi, Watashi ga Motete Dousunda is a good RomCom that will surely not disappoint you!

Meet second-year high schooler, Kae Serinuma, who is 100% otaku and definitely a 100% full-time fujoshi. Everywhere she goes, whether it’s 2D or 3D, she ships any men or boys together as long as she sees the chemistry between the two. She believes that any boy’s charms are wasted on her and therefore it’s better to pair them up instead. Unfortunately for her, during a certain night, she watched her favorite anime character, Shion, die. Out of sadness and grief, she went into a depression and lost a lot of weight in the process. Now looking like a whole new person who is more attractive than average, eyes are on her and 4 boys are out to get her attention. But she doesn’t need the attention, she needs to see the 4 alluring boys kiss each other!

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda is written and created by a BL mangaka, Junko, who is well known for making sweet and adorable stories between men or boys. Watashi ga Motete Dousunda is her first shoujo piece, and despite being a BL mangaka, Junko did a very good job of putting up a reverse harem anime that is both funny and cute at the same time. This show is undoubtedly a must watch for this season. Viewers will absolutely anticipate who Serinuma will end up with!

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda PV

Anime Database Page

Kiss Him Not Me

1. Nanbaka (The Numbers)

  • Episodes: TBA
  • Aired: Oct. 2016- Currently Airing

Nanbaka follows the story of four prisoners who are currently held up in the well-secured prison: Nanbaka. The four prisoners are highly acclaimed masters of escaping every prison, and for them, Nanbaka is no different. Well, except for their prison guards, particularly, Hajime Sugoroku who is somehow good at stopping their escape attempts. It seems with Hajime around, Nanbaka will remain inescapable, or wil it?

Now, if you want some attractive guys doing weird and random stuff, then this show will be to your liking! It’s a slice of life anime that will unquestionably make anyone laugh at every scene. The visuals for this anime are definitely good and colorful, just like the characters’ comedy skits, and of course, their attitudes. From watching the trailer, the prison inmates, specificity, Jugo, Uno, Rock, and Nico seem to be so optimistic that they make anything fun and enjoyable. Not only that, the guards of Nanbaka don’t help, as they too are contributors to the comedy of this whole show.

Also, if you watch the other trailers/PVs of this anime, viewers will notice that Nanbaka Prison looks like a wonderful, fun theme park, despite the high-security traps all over the place. A good setting for well-rounded hilarious characters, don’t you think? And did we mention that everyone and everything here sparkles a lot? From objects to the background, to the characters, they sparkle brilliantly. Put Nanbaka into your watch list if you just want to relax and have a good laugh and also maybe relish in this show’s bishounen characters...

Nanbaka PV2

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The Numbers

So there you have it. These are our recommendations for our readers who really love bishounen and male idols. There are still more shows that are abundant in good looking male characters, but unlike those anime, these shows are pure eye candy for the viewers. Most of these shows are airing already, so why not give them a watch?

We hope that you enjoyed the article, as we also enjoyed writing about these anime. Remember to follow Honey’s Anime for more otaku related content! Buh-Bye~ Now signing off!

Magic-Kyun-Renaissance-dvd-300x436 Bishounen & Male Idol Anime for Fall 2016 - Artistic Magical Boys, Cute Boys in Hawaii and Time-Traveling Hotties. Good Time to Be a Fujoshi!


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