[Competing Idols Winter 2021] Like Love Live! School Idol Project? Watch This!

If you’ve ever wanted to watch an idol anime, chances are that Love Live! was one of your very first recommendations. The anime revolutionized the idol anime genre and fans love the franchise to this day. If you liked Love Live! for its characters, the aesthetics, the plotline or simply because of the genre, we have some anime that we think that are similar yet bring something new to the idol anime genre. But hey, we all know that every great idol anime needs to have its music down to make it a show truly worth watching. Don’t worry, we at Honey’s Anime used that as a primary criteria here. Here are Honey’s Anime recommendations for you to watch while you wait for the next season of Love Live!

Liked Love Live! School Idol Project? Watch IDOLY PRIDE!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 2021 - Ongoing

IDOLY PRIDE is the story of Mana Nagase and Kouhei Makino who set out on a journey to beat the Venus Program, an AI that evaluates various idols and decides who deserves to stay on the top. But after a fateful incident, Kouhei Makino is tasked with creating a new group of talented girls who will struggle to reach the top and beat the Venus Program. Will they succeed and make fun memories along the way?

Major Similarities Between Love Live! and IDOLY PRIDE

1. Slice of Life is Amazing

This anime is very similar to Love Live! because it incorporates a lot of slice of life elements in its storyline. The characters are realistic and relatable and we find ourselves falling in love with the adorable characters who are actually interesting and well-fleshed out. Love Live was popular because its characters were very realistic and relatable, humanly flawed as they slowly tried to reach the top. If you like your Slice of Life anime, we at Honey’s Anime think that you should definitely give this a shot because IDOLY PRIDE does something very cute to its storyline!

2. Slow Popularity and Struggle to the Top

Another interesting similarity that most people look for in idol shows are realistic rise to popularity. People want to see the reality the girls face because being an idol is not an easy job. It is slow, you fail and get up again to reach new heights. It takes all your blood, sweat and tears. Love Live was revolutionized because of this element that many other idol anime lacked. We’re here to tell you that IDOLY PRIDE has the light-hearted realistic version of the same element that Love Live was known for. In fact, we think that IDOLY PRIDE goes a step beyond because you have more interesting characters who play an integral role in the anime.

Liked Love Live!? Watch Show by Rock!! Stars!!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 2021 - Ongoing

Show by Rock!! Stars!! is the second season of Show by Rock!! as our favorite characters are back to battle it out with other promising idol groups at the toughest and the cutest competition yet! Join Cyan and her friends as they battle it out with other idol groups, while getting closer to each other as a group as well!

Major Similarities Between Love Live! and Show by Rock!! Stars!!

1. Moe Characters and Awe-inspiring music

This anime is similar to Love Live! because it has good music and adorable characters. The characters of Love Live! have their own adorable factor and are known for good music because well, if a music anime does not have good music, there’s probably something going wrong. Show by Rock!! Stars!! does not let you down as you have your standard favorites who are super adorable but in this all-star battle, you’ll be introduced to even more adorable bands who are just extremely good at what they do, both music and charm!

2. Competition and Victory

If you liked Love Live! because of its characters participating in a competition in order to save their school from ruin, we think Show by Rock!! does something interestingly similar. Set in a fictional city where good music receives the greatest power to rule the city, Show by Rock!! Stars!! goes with a similar vein where the characters join a competition against other bands in order to become a significant power in a city that is ruled by good music.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this article! There are very little shows that come close to being compared to the goodness that is Love Live! but we at Honey’s Anime think that our recommendations came close!

Do you think we missed out one of your favorites that might be a good recommendation? Or are you interested in watching IDOLY PRIDE or Show by Rock!! Stars!!? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

IDOLY-PRIDE-dvd-225x350 [Competing Idols Winter 2021] Like Love Live! School Idol Project? Watch This!


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IDOLY-PRIDE-dvd-225x350 [Competing Idols Winter 2021] Like Love Live! School Idol Project? Watch This!

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IDOLY-PRIDE-dvd-225x350 [Competing Idols Winter 2021] Like Love Live! School Idol Project? Watch This!

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