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New Game has been gone for a few months now and we like to think we're coping pretty well with it here at Honey's. I only cry once a week now, which is an improvement. But in all seriousness, it's always sad to wave goodbye to such great girls from a such a great series, but thankfully there's always some awesome new content coming out to turn to during these dark times. This week we're going to be looking at two great titles from this current season, Fall 2016: Stella no Mahou and Gi(a)relish Number, and telling you why you should be using them as your moe-moe coping mechanism for treating your New Game withdrawal symptoms.

We'll be focusing on three key points from each show that'll no doubt get you hooked, just like we are. From interesting settings to the cutest of girls, we guarantee at least one of these shows is for you, so please read on for our cute girl's Fall 2016 recommendations.

About New Game

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 2016 - September 2016

Fresh out of high school, twin tailed sweetheart Suzukaze Aoba has just joined games company Eaglejump as a new trainee 3D artist. Loving Eaglejump's games since she was a child, getting the chance to work there is like a dream come true, even getting to learn the ropes from one of her game development heroes. But working for a professional games company is no easy task, and comes bundled with hardships, stress, and cute-but-odd co-workers. This is cute girls developing games!

Liked New Game? Watch Stellar no Mahou!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: October 2016 to December 2016
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A new freshman in high school, Tamaki Honda is having a teenage life crisis, unsure of what she really wants to do. While at the club recruitment faire, she meets the SNS Club, a small club who make doujin games, and realises that she has a hidden desire to make games too, drawing surprisingly manly manga style art since she was a child. Now as the new fourth member of the club, she's ready to do her best to illustrate some cute doujin games, though she may need a fair bit of support and encouragement from her senpais first. Who knew girls this moe could make doujin games?

Three Major Similarities Between New Game and Stellar no Mahou

1. Teach Me Senpai

Much like Aoba, Honda is almost a complete newbie when she starts at the SNS Club, with the other club members having to give her a lot of help. Again like Aoba, Honda, fortunately, has the perfect kouhai attitude, being very critical of herself, worrisome, and of course really looking up to her senpais. A large part of the show is about the main heroine gradually learning her craft with the help of those around her, and becoming increasingly part of the team. This is of course also means senpais with lots of different and sometimes unusual personalities to teach her lots of different and unusual things.

2. They Make Vidya Games

If it wasn't already evident, the biggest similarity between the two shows other than the cute girls is that both center around making games. Whilst Stella no Mahou is a school club rather than a professional games company, they both retain many similar elements, such as the different departments like writing, sound, art, as well as the same concerns regarding making the game, with the main one being constant deadlines. Because Honda and Aoba are both artists, there is a heavier focus on this area as well, watching them develop their style, and also talking about art and the inclusion of it in a game.

Perhaps even more so than the more professional, work orientated New Game, Stella no Mahou is a fun setting for any of you who have ever had an interest in or tried making a game of your own. Any artists out there will certainly sympathise with the plights of both girls as well.

3. Mofu Mofu Fuwa Fuwa Feeling

New Game and Stellar no Mahou will both do one thing: they will make you feel warm and fuzzy and make the bad things go away. These are feel good shows right down to the core: are things going to work out for the best? Probably. Are the girls always going to look cute? Yeah for sure. Are they all so lovable that you want to take them home, pat their head and feed them strawberries? Yes- I mean no officer.

For New Game it was watching Aoba panic about work and Hifumi talking to her hedgehog, for Stella no Mahou it's seeing Honda at her happiest, trying her hardest, and Teru senpai in her cat ears for no well-explained reason. Both shows are a relaxing and easy watch after a long day, or for a moe moe boost in the morning.

Liked New Game? Watch Gi(a)rlish Number!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: October 2016 to December 2016
  • Read More

An aspiring voice actress, Chitose Karasuma has managed to get a job working at the agency her older brother manages, despite her disturbingly two-faced personality. In spite of her best efforts, though, she has nothing to her name but minor roles, that is until her agency hooks her up with a part in a new harem series. Considering her lacklustre talent though and garbage personality, the job is going to be much, much harder work than she had perhaps hoped. If you want fame, you've got to be prepared to work for it.

Three Major Similarities Between New Game and Gi(a)rlish Number

1. They Know What They're Doing...Probably

Like New Game, Gi(a)rlish Number takes its setting reasonable seriously, trying to portray the industry in a realistic manner whilst retaining the cute girls and some degree of warmth and softness. While New Game focuses on the hardships of deadlines and problems that occur during the game creation process, Gi(a)rlish Number looks at the personalities of those involved in the anime production industry, though both very much focus on the trials of a new employee in the field. This sense of realism certainly gives both series more ground if you aren't just interested in the cute girls (you filthy heathen) or if you have a genuine interest in either industry. Mind you, we'd take both series's interpretations with a pinch of salt.

2. What? Your Waifu is Evolving!

Despite the large cast for both shows, they still retain a very clear focus on our main girl and her progression throughout. In New Game we see Aoba going from a total newbie at modeling, to a reasonably competent member of her team and company. In Gi(a)rlish Number we see Chitose significantly improving her voice acting, as well as maturing her personality to become a better voice actress. In both cases, whilst there is not a huge amount of overall plot development, the character development is both significant and satisfying, providing a good sense of progression throughout the show. So if you liked the way that New Game developed, you'll probably get a similar enjoyment out of Gi(a)rlish Number.

3. They're So Pretty

Of course if you're gonna have cute girls, you've got a make the show pretty right? These two series, in particular, are worth praising for their skill in making cute girls even more adorable than usual. Maybe it's the big, shining eyes, the pretty hair, or the fantastic outfit design, something about these two has managed to make their girls really stand out. Chitose's egg jumper may seem silly but it's impossible to forget and pretty darn cute. On top of that it's interesting to note that it's not just the quality of the artwork for both series that is worth mentioning, but also how well done the expressions and reactions from the characters are that make them memorable and joyous to watch.

Final Thoughts

New Game is a devilishly hard act to follow given its popularity and all-around excellent quality as a cute girl series, but we do definitely have some great contenders this season. Overall we'd say that if you want something heart-meltingly adorable, then give Stella no Mahou a try. On the other hand, if you preferred the work related setting of New Game then you might prefer the more grounded Gi(a)rlish Number.

Whether you're just thinking about giving these two new shows a shot, or are already up-to-date with them as they're airing, we'd love to hear what you think, so why not leave a comment down below!

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