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God outsources his brand to the Design Department up in Heaven. The talented team of six designers named after planets, one engineer, and two angels acting as liaisons between them and God, work hard to bring to life all sorts of animals. More than often, it is a trial and error process, scattered with several whimsical animal designs that don’t get accepted.

Heaven’s Design Team is one of these anime that don’t have intense highs and lows, follows the same format in each episode, and still doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to audience enjoyment. Finishing Heaven’s Design Team left us filled with warmth, like a delicious meal. It is an educational seinen series with lots of creative work realness, keeping it positive, light-hearted, and with a lot of poop jokes...

Spoilers Ahead

Biology Or Why Unicorns Can’t Be Real

Heaven’s Design Team is like any other creative workplace. There’s brainstorming, difficult clients, failed designs, and getting unexpected success. Mars, the engineer, is there to test out all animal designs and see if they would survive on earth. We often see the designers getting attached to animals that didn’t get approved, so Mars has to patiently explain why a unicorn, for example, however majestic looking, cannot exist. Mars’ explanations are biology nerds’ favorite part of the show. For a gag comedy, we definitely learned a lot about the animal kingdom, and we never got bored, which is the highest praise for the genre.

Opposite Personalities

Heaven’s Design Team follows what many comedic shows do, but still takes it up a notch. Our designers clash due to their opposite personalities and different approaches, each member of the team having their own specialization. This leads to several funny misunderstandings: For instance, hopeless romantic Venus who specializes in creating birds gets furious when her creation is hunted down by the snake, Jupiter’s exceptionally minimalist design. We loved how the designers would defend their weird creations with seriousness and passion, much like real-life creatives do.

Gag Comedy About Creative Work

Heaven Design Team’s format is repetitive on purpose. Each episode has two parts, and we get to see two different projects. This works well for an office edutainment anime full of jokes about the trials and tribulations designers go through to keep a client happy. Quite often, creatives have deadlines from hell! While they are grateful for the work, they are also out of their minds. Is this perhaps an inside joke from the mangaka, and the anime studio?

Final Thoughts

Heaven’s Design Team delivered more than we’d expect. Consistently wacky and funny, and equally nerdy, with a diverse and likable cast, a catchy opening and ending, it was one of our favorite comedies in Winter season 2021. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did; we are up for a rewatch on a chill evening (given that we’ve got time in the once-again-packed Spring 2021 season!).

What do you think of Heaven’s Design Team? Which was your favorite creation? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for reading.

Tenchi-Souzou-Design-bu-Wallpaper-7-700x394 Tenchi Souzou Design-bu (Heaven's Design Team) Review - Fun & Learning in the Garden of Eden


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