[Monthly Anime Astrology] Top 10 Anime Characters Whose Zodiac Sign is Scorpio

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Welcome to the latest installation of Honey's Anime Astrology. This time, we're talking about Scorpios. Scorpios have a sharp tongue, and like their name implies, they can pack quite a sting. At times their brutal honesty gets them in trouble, but they are almost always able to use their strengths to find their way out of trouble. Scorpios aren't afraid to work hard to achieve their goals, always having one pragmatic eye on the future.

You don't really have to worry about this sign telling you what they're thinking; if they have an opinion you'll be sure to know. Scorpios are great at reading people, an ability they can use for good or evil. Additionally, this sign has a bit of a nasty jealous streak as well, so it's something to watch out for. Let’s move on to the following list, featuring this star sign in anime!

10) Hikaru Hiyama (Kimagure Orange☆Road)

Hikaru Hiyama  Kimagure Orange Road
Kimagure Orange Road dvd
  • Birthday : November 15th

In the world of Kimagure Orange Road, Hikaru Hiyama is an unwilling participant in a complicated love triangle involving her best friend. On the surface it might be easily to mistake her for a brash tomboy, but in actuality she is a deeply sensitive and compassionate individual.

Hikaru has a bright, commanding energy that can make her the center of attention when she walks into a room. Despite her childish naiveté she has the capability for ferocious loyalty to her friends, as many Scorpios do. She also tends to use harsh words with no apologies, a fault that many members of this star sign possess.

Kimagure Orange Road wallpaper

9) Azusa Nakano - K-ON!

k-on azusa nakano 00
K-On! dvd
  • Birthday : November 11th

Azusa Nakano is an aspiring guitarist. Though she is already quite an accomplished musician she is extremely modest and retains her drive to improve her abilities no matter how far she progresses. Her resolve to work on her craft extends beyond mastery – indeed, she refers to herself as a novice when she is clearly a better guitarist than most.

Asuza’s ambition makes complete sense when you look at her star sign. This sign has tenacity for following their passions and professional endeavors with great success. Scorpios like Asuza are willing to work hard for the things that they want and are not easily deterred once their mind is made up to get something done.

K-ON! wallpaper

8) Tohma Seguchi - Gravitation

Tohma Seguchi Gravitation
gravitation dvd
  • Birthday : November 20th

Tohma Seguchi is the head of the major record N-G, and a keyboardist of the successful band Nittle Grasper. He is overly polite and formal even in casual interactions, and extremely charming. However, below his saccharine exterior there is a fearsome ruthlessness that is only exposed when he reveals his true color.

Tohma is another example of an ambitious Scorpio. He has high expectations of himself and others in all of his professional endeavors which has ensured his success. At the same time he can also be extremely jealous, and this volatile enviousness can turn to vindictiveness in a flash. Tohma Seguchi is shining example of a Scorpio you’d want to watch out for.

wallpaper Gravitation

7) Nunnally Lamperouge - Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass- Lelouch of the Rebellion DVD
  • Birthday : October 24th

Nunnally Lamperouge is the sister to the protagonist of Code Geass, Lelouch. She has been born into the luxury of royalty like her brother, though this princess isn’t so lucky. After all, she is unable to walk or see. Despite the unfortunate cards she has been dealt she maintains a positive outlook, and is always generous and caring towards others.

Nunnally is the opposite of her brother in this way. She is extremely giving and empathetic – and though kindness is certainly a strength, when taken to extremes this Scorpio trait can double as an acute weakness. Though Scorpios are caring, if they are too trusting this can make it quite easy to pull the wool over their eyes and manipulate them.

wallpaper Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion

6) Alois Trancy – Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

kuroshitsuji alois prof
  • Birthday : November 5th

Alois Trancy is a bit of a hard character to pin down. His behavior is inconsistent and erratic, and this instability is likely a result of an extremely traumatic childhood. He may outwardly seem to be cheerful, but below the surface he is quite ruthless and sadistic. His only lasting loyalty appears to be to his demon butler, Claude Faustus.

Alois Trancy is particularly merciless. This is one of the shadows of a Scorpio’s ambition. When this star sign gives into darker temptations, or lacks empathy as Alois does, they may hurt others in the process of pursing what they desire. This particular Scorpio appears to largely lack the ability to understand the ramifications of his actions, making him especially dangerous.

wallpaper Kuroshitsuji

5) Shigure Sohma – Fruits Basket

Shigure Sohma Fruits Basket
Fruits Basket
  • Birthday : November 17th

Shigure Sohma is one of the eldest members of the Sohma family. He is generally friendly and positive, though he is a particularly complex character – he does things that could be considered malicious, but ultimately, his heart remains in the right place. In the process he is often quite manipulative.

Because Shigure is extremely perceptive, he serves as a valuable mentor. He is also quite good at understanding how to get people to do what he wants and using this ability to orchestrate outcomes to occur in his favor. These are both the result of the natural talent for reading people that Scorpios like Shigure possess.

wallpaper Fruits Basket

4) Setsuna Meiou – Sailor Moon

sailor moon meio setsuna
sailormoon dvd
  • Birthday : October 22th

Setsuna Meiou is also known as Sailor Pluto. She is one of the oldest sailor scouts, and a member of the outer senshi. She serves as a guardian of space and time, a role she takes very seriously. She guards her post strictly, and takes whatever measures are needed to ensure that order and justice are followed.

Scorpios can be quite solitary – they do not require the presence of others to be content with their lives. Though Sailor Pluto is quite a melancholy character, it is unlikely that her sadness stems from her solidarity. Her affinity for order and righteousness is in keeping with the Scorpio ethos, as is the brutality with which she upholds these values.

wallpaper Sailor Moon

3) Athrun Zala - Mobile Suit Gundam Seed

Athrun Zala Mobile Suit Gundam Seed
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
  • Birthday : October 29th

Athrun Zala is a soldier who takes his orders extremely seriously. He is a gifted mechanic, and highly skilled mobile suit pilot. Despite his strict adherence to instructions, his compassion repeatedly hinders his abilities, sometimes leading to poor decision making.

He is another Scorpio character with an aura of subtle power. Scorpios do not need to tell you they are talented – rather, they will demonstrate their abilities to you. This sign is generally very critical because of the high standards they hold themselves and others too, and Arthrun is no exception.

wallpaper Mobile Suit Gundam Seed

2) Armin Arlert - Attack on Titan

attack on titan armin arlert
Attack on Titan dvd
  • Birthday : November 3rd

Armin Arlert is a member of the Survey Corps, humanity's last hope against the oppressive reign of the titans. His small stature and emotional sensitive make him an unlikely soldier, however his tactical prowess provide him with an advantage in the battlefield that makes up for his shortcomings.

Armin is extremely loyal and compassionate to his friends. He is extremely compassionate, and though this empathy is typically a Scorpio strength that functions in his favor, it also serves as a weakness to him as well. Despite this innocence he has a strong resolve that only grows throughout the series.

wallpaper Attack on Titan

1) Miia - Monster Musume

Miia Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou
dvd Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

  • Birthday : October 31st

Miia is a lamia, which means that she is half snake, and half girl. She has taken up residence with the series protagonist Kurusu, along with several other monster girls. Lamias are known to be similar to succubi, and are extremely sexual creatures. Miia is particularly attached to Kurusu, which is the cause of conflict and amusement throughout the series.

Though many of the girls of Monster Musume are attracted to Kurusu, Miia’s Scorpio star sign makes her the most possessive and jealous. She is not afraid to lash out to protect what she perceives as hers. However, her attachment to her human friend isn’t all bad for Kurusu – a facet of her affection is a determination to protect him from danger.

Monster Musume wallpaper

monster musume miia wallpaper

Scorpio characters show up in all sorts of different shows, and though they all share an astrological designation, no two are quite alike. Each person born under a star sign will manifest the traits of this sign differently, and it’s interesting to see how this pans out in the personalities and actions of different anime characters. We hope you’ve enjoyed this list, and would especially love to hear what our Scorpio readers thought of this list in the comments below!



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