One Piece Live-Action Update: Meet the Real-Life Straw Hats!

The Live-Action Project is Coming Along

The One Piece live-action series is both highly anticipated and highly anxiety-inducing for fans. Live-action movies have failed to deliver over and over again. Still, Netflix is throwing a significant amount of resources into the new adaptation, so fans can have an amount of hope that this series turns out to be one worth watching! For this series, the actors for the five lead roles have been announced! Just who are these Straw Hats? We’re here to take a look!

Five Straw Hats Announced


Sanji is being played by Taz Skylar. This actor has taken roles before in Villian, The Kill Team, and Boiling Point, but this is his first role in an anime adaptation. How is this Straw Hat getting ready? Well, Sanji grows up in the East Blue, cooking in a sea restaurant that caters to whoever floats by and walks in. He can hold his own against pirates and is known for kicking footwork when dealing with rowdy customers. Taz Skylar’s Instagram shows many clips of him engaging in athletic activities like rock climbing, but recently his feed featured a demo of repetitive kicks. It looks like this actor is getting into character already!


Next up is Usopp! This character will be played by Jacob Romero Gibson, who has previously held roles on Greenleaf and Grey’s Anatomy. This Straw Hat is an honorable liar-type with an inventive mind, who becomes the crew’s sharpshooter. Usopp is a very unusual character, even by anime standards, so we are looking forward to seeing what Gibson brings to the role. Jacob Romero Gibson’s Twitter page is Usopp dedicated these days, and fans are thrilled with him as a casting choice.


Nami’s character will be played by Emily Rudd! This actor has previously held roles in The Romanoffs and Fear Street: Part Two. Nami’s character is a thief who steals only from pirates and is a member of the notorious Arlong pirates before her journey with the Straw Hats. Her trauma is deep, as is her will to survive. This actor’s Twitter profile is loaded with fan art that depicts her as Nami, so she already has a fan base that is thrilled to see her in this casting.


Our favorite swordsman of the three-sword-style is being played by Mackenyu. As an actor, Mackenyu is the one veteran of this cast in the world of anime projects. Mackenyu played roles in Pacific Rim: Uprising, the live-action Ruroni Kenshin Final Chapter Part One. He is also set to be the title character in a 2021 live-action Saint Seiya. He also appeared in the live-action films for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Tokyo Ghoul S. We are excited to see him fill the role of Roronoa Zoro next! (Also, look how handsome he is! *swoon*)

Monkey D. Luffy

Last, but by no means least, is Iñaki Godoy, who will play Monkey D. Luffy. This Mexican actor is known for his role in the soap opera Who Killed Sara? and La querida del Centauro. All of the Straw Hat live-action actors have been well accepted, but it is in no small part due to things like Iñaki has done, where he has made specific social media posts that talk about how he is doing his homework for the role while surrounded by One Piece manga! Iñaki Godoy has many likenesses to the carefree pirate we have come to follow, and fans are thrilled that he is throwing himself into the One Piece universe.

Now We Wait

We have the cast, and the Going Merry has been spotted off of the coast of Cape Town. Though it has taken a few years for the ball to get rolling, it looks like the One Piece live-action project is getting closer and closer to becoming a finished product! Though live-action anime adaptations are a product that has scared us in the past, let’s cross our fingers for a successful series! Let us know what you think about the One Piece actor choices in the comments!

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