Unpopular Opinion: Usopp Can Easily Defeat Luffy In A One-on-One Fight

Even though Luffy and Usopp are now on peaceful terms – to the point of willingly offering their lives for the sake of the other – the Straw Hats haven’t always been this way. In fact, fans of One Piece will easily recall that Usopp and Luffy already had a fallout before. The unsightly feud between the two happened during Going Merry’s final days.

Back then, it was already determined that Merry could no longer be saved. Luffy decided to bid farewell to their nakama, but Usopp refused to abandon the ship. It came to a point wherein the latter challenged his captain with Merry’s ownership at stake. Luffy may have won the fight then, but should the two fight again, the long-nosed sniper has zero chance of losing. Here are the reasons why.

Disclaimer: The following sections contain major spoilers for One Piece. Read at your own risk.

Usopp Was Heavily Injured

During their first face-off, Usopp was already beaten to the point of his whole body needing bandages. Meanwhile, Luffy didn’t even have a scratch. It is not an exaggeration to say that Usopp was only at one percent of his power during that fight, and he still fought Luffy who was at his fullest. More impressive is that Usopp used his Impact Dial using his heavily injured hand. With only that, Luffy already suffered a great deal of damage.

If Usopp is at his full power, he could use a Reject Dial, which is said to produce ten times the absorbed kinetic energy, to pulverize Luffy’s rubber body. As for the possible backlash, Usopp’s mighty hand has been trained to the fullest through the repetitive pulling of his slingshot, so such damage wouldn’t even produce a scratch. With all of these elements plus Usopp’s genius planning, Luffy won’t stand a chance. However, all of these things have happened in the past.

Usopp Is A Literal God

Both Usopp and Luffy have gotten a lot stronger during their journey, but we dare say that Usopp has left Luffy in the dust. Usopp has already left his humanity behind and has long since transcended to godhood, while Luffy is still chasing after his next meal. We are not just making this up - his ascension occurred during the Dressrosa Arc, where the colosseum fighters and the members of the Tontatta Tribe witnessed his magnificence. He has been dubbed God Usopp since then. Some are even convinced that it is actually Go D. Usopp and not God Usopp.

As a god, Usopp also has superior Color of Observation Haki. He actually awakened his haki way before the other members of the Straw Hat Pirates. His Color of Observation Haki is so advanced that he is able to see years into the future. As a benevolent being, he then relays these visions to the frail and sickly Kaya as a form of entertainment.

Even though Luffy is undeniably a force to be reckoned with, especially with the sudden revelations about his Devil Fruit, he is still nothing more than a pebble in front of God Usopp, or Go D. Usopp if you prefer.

Usopp Has An Army

The Straw Hat Pirates’ followers may be called the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, but they are not following Luffy. The reality is that they are all followers of Usopp. The Tontatta Pirate’s figurehead is the perfect evidence of that. The only reason they are called the Straw Hat Grand Fleet and not the Long Nose Grand Fleet is because Usopp is so humble that he chooses to serve under someone way below him.

But should another fallout occur between the two, the thousands of followers sailing under the Straw Hat Pirates’ flag will undeniably side with Usopp and turn against Luffy. With all of their combined strength, Usopp may not even need to lift a finger to thrash Luffy.

Final Thoughts

We understand that the information above may not align with the views of many, but that is exactly the reason why it is labeled as an unpopular opinion. However, the majority not agreeing with the facts does not make the facts any less correct. This information is 100 percent true, and those who disagree with it are 100 percent wrong. With that, we leave you our final words for this article: April Fools!

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