Palpable Romance: Anime with Continuous Tender Moments

One of the things we love about romance anime are those small interpersonal moments between characters that show mutual affection and sometimes a little awkwardness. They show us a depth of relationship that we only get to see in these instances. Today, we look at anime with some real moments of romance! Get ready to swoon!

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (Snow White with the Red Hair)

Shirayuki is an herbalist in a small country, with hair as red as an apple. When she is asked to be a concubine for their country's prince who wants her red hair for himself, she cuts her hair off and leaves it and the town behind. Along the way, she encounters a few people her age, and after an unusual encounter, they become fast friends.

If one prince wasn't enough, the guy that Shirayuki has made a real connection with turns out to be the prince of that neighboring country, Clarines! Shirayuki moves to Clarines and gets a position as an herbalist in the court for Zen's family. Through this show, Shirayuki and Zen have a relationship full of small moments of awkwardness, as they learn about each other and whether or not their relationship will work. Watch Snow White with the Red Hair for two people trying to be better for each other.

Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn)

For sixteen years, Yona has lived in the lap of luxury as her country's princess, arranging jewelry and chiding her curly red hair for misbehaving. With her cousin and biggest crush, Soo-Won, and personal bodyguard, Hak, Yona grew up without a care in the world. This changes on the night of her sixteenth birthday, when Soo-Won kills Yona's father in a coup to take the throne! Yona and Hak flee the castle and seek the four dragon warriors of ancient legend for answers and their futures.

Though it is filled with beautiful boys, this reverse harem's real center is Yona and Hak (sorry fanfic shippers!). For all of their childhood, Hak adored Yona, and she chased after Soo-Won. Having a decade of unrequited feelings, what will happen now? Like growing vines to latticework, Yona and Hak are drawn to each other, though they both have trouble learning it. For a shounen romance with slice-of-life and comedy themes, check out Yona of the Dawn!

Kenja no Mago (Wise Man's Grandchild)

In true resurrection-isekai fashion, the main character dies and is reincarnated into another world as a baby. Growing up, Shin remembers his previous life and applies scientific knowledge to the real-life magic that exists for him now. Shin grows up away from society, and by the time he is old enough for high school, he has no idea how overpowered he is. Shin goes to school, makes friends, and almost never loses his cool. Where he does lose his composure, though, is where it comes to a girl, of course.

Sicily and Shin meet when he saves her from some guys who will not stop their romantic advances. From there, Shin and his friends have adventures and improve their magic together. Shin and Sicily's relationship often features conversations that they mean to be private being overheard by all of their friends and family. Sometimes intentional and sometimes not, the friends of Shin and Sicily get to see a lot of the sweet "confessions" between these two as they grow closer together! For a silly story with an overpowered main character and a sweet romance, check out Wise Man's Grandchild!

Rosario to Vampire (Rosario + Vampire)

Tsukune's parents enroll him in high school after he is unable to get into other schools. When he arrives, his education begins almost immediately. Tsukune learns that his parents enrolled him into a secret school for monsters whose policy on humans is to execute them on school grounds! Luckily for Tsukune, it is against school rules to show your non-human for on campus, and he makes a few good friends who protect him.

In the end, a whole group of girls learns that Tsukune is a human illegally attending a school for monsters. The harem of girls adores him and they work to keep his condition a secret. A witch, a snowwoman, and a succubus pursue Tsukune with all of the guile they can. However, he is in love with a shy girl named Moka, who turns out to be an S-class vampire! Tsukune and Moka have an adorable recurring event, where they see each other and repeat the other's name, as everyone else in the world vanishes for a moment. Is that too sticky-sweet for you? Don't worry. The rest of this ecchi is filled with flashing panties, cleavage, and girls fighting over the main character.

Final Thoughts

Romance anime feature budding relationships and the selections today are no exception. We hope you enjoy these shows that feature those "moments" we all love to see. Which of these will you be watching next? Have you seen these yet? Let us know in the comments!

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