[Romantic Comedy Summer 2016] Like Ore Monogatari!!? Watch This!

The summer anime season is more than halfway over, but many people are just tuning in to see what is worth seeing! Well, we here at Honey’s Anime are here to make your decision a little easier. If you are a big fan of all things funny and romantic, boy, do we have a few anime handpicked just for you! Yet, how do you know if they are right for you?

Well, if you were a big fan of Ore Monogatari!! from the 2015 summer season, then you will be more than pleased with our choices. Today, Honey’s Anime is bringing you two anime from this summer anime season 2016 that will have you just as giddy as when you watched Ore Monogatari!! Do you remember those feels? Well, let us remind you. Did you like Ore Monogatari!!? Well, watch these!

About Ore Monogatari!!

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: April 2015 - September 2015

Gouda Takeo just doesn’t have that bishounen quality that attracts girls, but that hasn’t stopped Takeo from pursuing true love at all costs. Unfortunately, Takeo’s rough appearance is the main source of his love woes, although, his best friend and shoujo bishounen Sunakawa Makoto may also have a hand in his troubles. One day, Takeo saves an innocent girl, Yamato Rinko, from a pervert on the train and falls head over heels for her immediately. However, Rinko seems to have an interest in Makoto, so Takeo takes it upon himself to help Rinko with matters of the heart, even if he ignores his own.

Liked Ore Monogatari!!? Watch Hatsukoi Monster!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 2016 - ongoing

Nikaido Kaho has always been treated like a princess because she comes from a rich family until one day when a bishounen saves her from nearly being hit by a truck. However, this bishounen, who later gives his name as Kanade, berates Kaho. Struck by his looks and honesty, Kaho falls in love and as it turns out, this same bishounen is going to be living in the same dorm as Kaho. Taking this as a sign of fate, Kaho confesses only to find out that Kanade is an elementary school student!

3 Major similarities between Ore Monogatari!! and Hatsukoi Monster

1. Funny Situations

Hatsukoi Monster is nothing if not full of ridiculous situations and great comedic moments. Ore Monogatari!! definitely possessed a great amount of comedy for the whole family to share, but Hatsukoi Monster is not one to back down from a challenge! With jokes at the expense of elementary school boys and love, we have an all around crazy reverse harem here where love seems to be the center of all of the insanity. From penis jokes to female perverts, oh you will not find a dull moment here!

2. Pursuit of Love

Now, an important lesson not to be forgotten in love: You have to chase after it if you want it. Just like how Takeo and Rinko have to keep fighting to keep their love intact, we find that Kaho and Kanade have just as much trouble keeping their relationship firm. Against all advice, Kaho pursues love in Kanade, seeking the affection she knows she wants only from him. While many would scoff at Kaho for being a shotacon, there is no doubt that Kaho is devoted to Kanade. She is willing to do anything to get her love with Kanade to work. Now, shouldn’t all love stories be like that?

3. Love is Not Just a 4 Letter Word

What does this title even mean? It means nothing is quite as simple in a love story, and Ore Monogatari!! and Hatsukoi Monster have both proven that to be true. Love is just not that simple. Takeo and Rinko’s relationship isn’t all about words; they truly treat each other well despite being a pair that just do not fit in with the world of shoujo romantic comedies. Likewise, Kanade and Kaho are learning that love just isn’t as easy as saying “I love you.” It’s a two-way street with many twists and turns; you can’t just expect it all to go well. Yes, romantic comedies are all about the silliness, but you can’t forget that there are important lessons to be learned as well!

Liked Ore Monogatari!!? Watch Momokuri!

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: December 2015 - February 2016

Do not be fooled by the air date, Momokuri is airing on television right now! It started off as a web animation (ONA) and is about a young girl named Kurihara Yuki who is given the chance to date her crush Momotsuki Shinya, who is usually referred to as “Momo”. Little does Momo know, Yuki is actually an obsessive stalker who enjoys collecting everything Momo uses and watches him whenever she gets a chance. Is this true love in the making?!

3 Major similarities between Ore Monogatari!! and Momokuri

1. Unconventional Main Character

There is no doubt that both Ore Monogatari!! and Momokuri possess rather unusual main characters, especially when it comes to a shoujo love story. Takeo is not the bishounen type; he has rather ape-like features and build that would make many turn away, but his heart is made out of gold. He’s probably more real than most shoujo love interests!

On the other hand, Yuki from Momokuri is a stalker girlfriend who, despite dating Momo, feels the need to constantly watch Momo’s every move and experience as much as she can of him. Now, that definitely does not fit in with shoujo main characters! Yet, Yuki looks like an adorable high school girl. Do you see how, despite being opposing situations, Ore Monogatari!! and Momokuri have similar main character situations?

2. Breaks Shoujo Mold

Love in shoujo manga tend to be adorable, romantic, and flawless, but in Ore Monogatari!! and Momokuri, that just is not the case. Takeo and Rinko share a love that is usually used as a punchline in a shoujo manga rather than as the main love story. Heck, they make fun of Takeo more by making him innocent and inexperienced in the matters of physical intimacy.

Then there’s Yuki and Momo who appear to be an adorable shoujo couple yet they couldn’t be even remotely close. With Yuki’s stalker tendencies and Momo’s self-conscious line of thought, there is just no way we could say this is even close to being like any other shoujo anime. On the surface, Yuki and Momo are an adorable shoujo couple, but there is so much going on psychologically between the two that we have to worry about this little romantic comedy anime.

3. Puts the Comedy in Romantic Comedy

Of course, let’s not forget that both Ore Monogatari!! and Momokuri do not fail to bring laughter! With Takeo’s rather unskilled actions, adorable personality, and attempts to do things like learning how to kiss using his childhood friend as a base, we just never stop laughing while watching Ore Monogatari!! Then there’s Yuki who always shocks the viewer with just how far her obsession is willing to go. Yuki will even so far as to collect used straws and ask Momo for his garbage. Then there are the friends who all seem to know everything but Momo. Does he lose or gain points for obliviousness when he dates a stalker?

Final Thoughts

Oh my gosh, yes! This summer anime season 2016 has given us a few romantic comedy anime ripe for the picking. If you’ve been hesitating, hesitate no more! Just jump in and watch a great romantic comedy anime that will remind you of Ore Monogatari!! and all of its ridiculousness.

Ore-Monogatari-dvd-20160718190832-300x439 [Romantic Comedy Summer 2016] Like Ore Monogatari!!? Watch This!


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