Sci-Fi Anime - Summer 2019. Dive into a Possible Future With These Way-Out-There Anime!

1. Dr. Stone

  • Genres: Sci-Fi, Post-apocalyptic, Adventure
  • Air Date: July 5 2019

All of humanity was, due to a mysterious phenomenon, turned to stone in a moment. Thousands of years later... Senkuu, a young man who is a scientist at heart who possesses a superhuman amount of knowledge, wakes up.

From the stone age to the current civilization, more than 2,000,000 years have passed.

Driven into a corner, Senkuu searches for his friends deciding to save the world!

Dr. Stone Official PV

2. Kanata no Astra

  • Genres: Sci-Fi, Adventure, Drama
  • Air Date: July 3 2019

In the near future, it’s only natural that humanity has migrated to space. Nine girls decided to set out on a journey to camp on a planet. They set out on their space journey with their hearts beating in anticipation, but reality is much more beyond what they expected...!?

Kanata no Astra Official PV

3. Kono yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo YU-NO

  • Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Isekai
  • Air Date: April 2 2019

Takuya Arima lost his mother when he was but a child. He also lost his father, a historian, two months ago in an accident. He’s lost all will to do anything and is in the last summer break of his high school career.

Then one day, a small package is delivered. Inside, is a round mirror which appears to serve no purpose, and a glass orb with some strange object inside of it. Also in the package is a letter that makes him wonder if maybe his father is still alive…?!

“Tonight at 10pm, go to Ken no Misaki (Sankakuyama) and bring the glass orb.”

Following the orders he was given, he heads there and finds a mysterious young girl collapsed. There, he found the head of his school and the figure of a mysterious transfer student.

Instantly, the earth tremors and he is surrounded by light. His journey around another parallel world begins now.

Kono yo no hatede Koi wo Utau Shoujo YU-NO Official PV

4. Naka no Hito Genome (Jikkyouchuu)

  • Genres: Game, Drama
  • Air Date: July 7 2019

'Naka no Hito Genome’

It’s a rumored free game that’s become a hot topic among gamers. It’s nickname is ‘the disappearing game’ because right before players clear it, they disappear, never actually finishing it.

The gamers who have tried and disappear, all gather on an island, separated from the physical world. The task assigned to them is simple, they have to clear successive game after game and make their views hit over 100 million.

Now for these eight charismatic live players, a very real Naka no Hito Genome game is about to start...

Naka no Hito Genome (Jikkyouchuu) Official PV

Dr.-Stone-333x500 Sci-Fi Anime - Summer 2019. Dive into a Possible Future With These Way-Out-There Anime!

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