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Summer is the season where everyone is excited to be outdoors, hit up the beach for a splash, or dress down in a Yukata for the wonderful firework displays. Whatever you decide to sip in your cup of iced tea is up to you, since summer is packed full of activities to choose from. We just can't have summer in Japan without anime to heat things up, and there are just so many to choose from that you may find it challenging to find the one that fires you up. Here at Honey's Anime, our purpose is to ensure that you get the best quality possible not only in the shows we recommend but in the details we provide about them. We want to guarantee that your summer starts with a splash, and so we've created a fantastic little list just for you!

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge is a very fun and enjoyable slice of life comedy and we'd love to provide you with a couple shows that we think truly embrace the purity, excitement, and energy that resonates within the show. Did you like Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge? Well if so, grab your favorite beverage, take a seat and watch this!

About Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 9, 2016 - June 25, 2016

The story of Tanaka-kun follows the life of the young boy who just can't seem to find the energy or passion to pursue what he loves, so he's often in a state of boredom falling asleep at any moment’s notice, despite his friends trying to desperately to liven things up. This comedy looks at Tanaka as he tries to overcome his lethargic ways, and to spend his high school life living it up the fullest. Each moment is filled with discovery as Tanaka grows to learn more about himself, but also learn just how much fun school life is when you wake up and spend it with those who care about you.

Liked Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge? Watch New Game!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 4, 2016

New Game! Follows the wonderful blossoming life of Aoba, who wakes up to realize her dream of working on her favorite video game has come true. Her life prior to working at Eagle Jump was a bore, and so she sought out to apply for the one job she truly admired most, to be a game designer. She soon comes to discover that the same designer she idolized growing up is now her manager, and now Aoba must learn the ropes as she now enters a world that is unknown to her, but brings a new charge of excitement into her life. Throughout her time at the office, Aoba meets new colleagues, all of which have different personalities, so she must learn to build rapport, create lasting relationships, and come to terms with her new responsibilities in this beautiful slice of life comedy.

3 Major similarities shared by Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge and New Game!

1. Laughter

One major similarity that you'll encounter as you watch New Game! is that, there's never a dull moment when it comes to Aoba and her adventures. Every episode grabs your full attention as you follow Aoba along her way to becoming a full time game designer, and all of her clumsy mistakes that she just can't simply avoid. You feel so much for Aoba because much like any new job, you're nervous, excited, and overwhelmed by all that's happening that your body can't seem to keep up with your brain.

Similarly, Tanaka tries his best to get out of his trance-like state but always finds himself sleeping from all the boredom. The two of them try to get accustomed to a new lifestyle, only to fail miserably at their attempts which all come with a comedic charm. You're always wondering what blunder they'll do next, and laugh at their attempts to build better relationships with new friendships as their inexperience is something we can all relate to.

2. Personal Growth

Both Tanaka and Aoba have so much to learn about themselves that each encounter they run into, becomes another new experience that they add to their list. The two come from different backgrounds and need to develop a better understanding of how to communicate with other personality types. Each are thrown into their own respective dilemmas and must somehow refine their ways in order to solve them as they occur.

As each task grows larger so too do the responsibilities, and the two now have more on their plate to overcome and help recreate a much more unique perspective. What's very striking between the two is their innate ability to help others around them without really being aware that they are. This unintentional behavior is what brings excitement to their lives, as they not only strive to better their own, but also evolve the ones around them. Their willingness to bring people together and help them discover their own strengths and weaknesses are what give Aoba and Tanaka their respective charm, despite having different goals in life. For them, it's all about living a life that serves them and to create a relaxing atmosphere that anyone can enjoy.

3. Strong Friendships

One major similarity that you'll find within these shows is just how much emphasis is placed on friendship. Both Aoba and Tanaka are two characters who have their own purpose that they intend to live, but along the way establish new friendships. These strong friendships make up a majority of these shows because it brings attention to the fact that, in order to truly succeed at anything you dream of, you need strong friendships to guide you along that path. It's hard to do everything yourself despite knowing deep down, you just want to achieve it all on your own. Be that as it may, nothing can ever overpower the helping hand of those around you when in dire need because, it's those moments when you don't think you need assistance that you most likely require all the help you can get.

Both Tanaka and Aoba are striving to improve themselves, with Tanaka always being bored, and Aoba trying to understand how to create more fluid moving character models. Without the strong relationships that Aoba built with her teammates, her models would have suffered severely, leading to even more delays and risk losing her dream job at any time. Hifumi, Rin, Kou, Hajime, and the rest of her colleagues played a major role in her life, much like Tanaka's friendships with Oota and others.

Liked Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge? Watch Handa-kun!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 8, 2016

Handa-kun stars Handa, who is very popular throughout school and is admired by his peers due to his great personality and skill in calligraphy. Handa however seems to think otherwise as he believes that people are constantly bullying him, and not showering him with compliments. All Handa really wants out of his life is some peace and quiet, while everybody else tries to challenge his position as the one people look up to. Much laughter takes place as he's in complete disarray as to what's happening, while everyone around him grows to love him even more.

3 Major similarities shared by Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge and Handa-kun

1. Helping Others Unintentionally

School life isn't easy for anyone, and for these two it's always a challenge for them. Every time they encounter a new situation they're always bombarded and bothered and really just want to be left alone. For these two, life is best spent in the peaceful sanctuaries of ones own world, where you can do whatever you want at your own pace, and not feel threatened. However none of that ever gets to happen as their friends and colleagues always beg for their attention, and unintentionally they become quite popular because they're such a great help to everyone.

This leaves them confused because it was never their intention at all to help anyone, but somehow naturally their talents resonated with so many people that they couldn't help but get unnoticed. Through their misunderstandings they slowly come to realize what's happening, and eventually learn to value and appreciate what it is that they're doing for others around them.

2. Peace and Quiet

As aforementioned in the previous paragraph, both Handa and Tanaka just want their lives to be left alone in peace. Neither of them really care about what's happening around them, so long as it doesn't interrupt their flow. They would rather be swept away by the gods of tranquility than to pursue anything outside of their self created world. Handa and Tanaka are like two brothers that live in a separate world, because all the two strive for is alone time and away from all the noise their classmates make.

That isn't to say that they're anti social, but they'd rather set themselves apart from the crowd and just find pleasure in seeking inner peace than external quarrels. The realities that they've created are exclusive only to them, but their close friends try to understand that to help create a better atmosphere for everyone.

3. School Life Comedy

In both anime, laughter is a major selling point as we see both characters try their best to live a life of their own, but end up becoming more popular for that very reason. They're so oblivious to all that's happening around them, that it creates this horrified feeling which is where things get entertaining. Both Handa and Tanaka aren't fans of getting attention, yet somehow they always get it without asking. Their natural ability to just stand out without ever really trying is what makes it so funny, because their reaction to it all is huh? What's happening, and why am I involved?!

Both take place in a school environment where a lot of responsibilities are placed on attentiveness and punctuation. Both students are exceptionally adept at what they do but doesn't really pay much attention to it, and that very behavior is what sparks a lot of attention. Whether it's Tanaka falling asleep mid way through his sentence, or Handa snapping at every remark that's given to him, there's always laughter to be shared in these anime which we highly suggest you check out!

Honey's Closing Statement

We hope you had a blast reading this as much as we had a blast writing it. Tanaka-kun is one of the more popular slice of life comedies out there, and we couldn't help but sharing some of our best picks for you to check out and enjoy as well. Honey's Anime strives to ensure that you get all the right bits of information so that your experience is not only buzzing with excitement, but leaves a sweet taste in your mouth craving for more! Let us know what you think in the comments section below, and list your own picks that you think are similar as well!

As always, for everything sweet make sure to keep it locked here at Honey's Anime!

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