Spy x Family Part 2 First Impression - The Family Grows In Numbers and In Strength!

Spy x Family was a hit when it was released in the Spring of 2022, and we here at Honey’s Anime absolutely loved it. While only the first part, we knew CloverWorks alongside Wit Studio wouldn’t delay Part 2 for fans and they did indeed get Part 2 out pretty fast. Four months later, Part 2 would release, and wow…after three episodes we already see this part could surpass the last 12 episodes! The Forger family in Part 2 seems to already be caught up in more world-saving problems…but with an added member of the Forger family who will no doubt make you smile when he is introduced. Should you watch Part 2 of Spy x Family? Absolutely, and we’ll tell you why we think Part 2 will be even greater than before in our first impression of Spy x Family Part 2!

Bond…Just Bond

Come on, you know we needed to talk, first and foremost, about the newest Forger member, Bond! Introduced originally as a bomb dog during the cliffhanger of the last part, Bond would end up being one of the elements that just made his introduction episodes in Part 2 more fun. Bond is a huge white dog that literally goes “BORF” when he barks…and he is ridden by Anya to save Loid from a future bomb attack gone wrong. Like Anya, Bond has a special ability due to experimentation on him where he can see the future, and with Anya’s mind-reading ability she can see his future visions like screenshots in her head. This is a really intriguing dynamic as Anya obviously can’t admit to Bond having abilities as that would put her own secret ability in jeopardy, so we can already see these two working together even more in later missions—episodes—of Spy x Family Part 2!

No Wasted Time, Forger Family GO!

We worried that Spy x Family would do the usual recap of the past season and waste precious time exploring the family again to recap for those who may have forgotten what happened last season. Nope! Spy x Family Part 2 wastes not a single second in the last three episodes, getting right into new problems for Loid to deal with and even having Yor fight during broad daylight to keep her little Anya safe. It’s always refreshing to see a series not waste a single second in throwing the viewer back into the series they love and Spy x Family Part 2 follows that protocol to the letter. Seriously, these last few episodes had us clinging to our chairs as we wonder how the rest of Spy x Family Part 2 will surpass recent moments further.

A Family Growing Closer

While the Forger family hasn’t had much bonding time these last several episodes—they were kind of forced apart to deal with the dog bombing plot—we can already see these three…well four…are closer than ever before. When Anya disappeared during the pet adoption—we won’t spoil too much about this particular moment—Yor went into action, not mad that Anya went against her promise to stay at the event, but was glad she was safe when found. Loid too, was going to get angry at Anya for wanting to keep Bond—after knowing he was meant to be a bomb dog—but realized that Anya wanted this dog so he lets her keep him as he’s becoming less harsh towards his fake family. This all occurred in a few episodes so we can’t wait to see how the Forger family handles more situations later and if their family bond continues to grow.

Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken

Part of us worried that this second part of Spy x Family would rely on the same themes and setup as the former and would feel like déjà vu. Yet, maybe the format the series uses actually works and will continue to deliver in later episodes. Rarely, can a show repeat the same trends without consequence but if you think about it, Part 2 did just that for the first few episodes—Anya gets in trouble but saves the day with the assistance of the family—and it wasn’t bad to see this again, all things considered. This is a clear case of “what isn’t broken, doesn’t need to be fixed”. We think even if every episode continued utilizing these themes, Spy x Family Part 2 would still be an impressive anime and contender for anime of the year.

Final Thoughts

Spy x Family Part 2 just started a few weeks ago and already we think this will be an incredible second installment! We love the new family member, Bond, and we love how the family feels closer than ever before. We can’t wait to see more of our favorite characters dealing with new crises and silly antics! Are you readers loving Part 2 of Spy x Family as much as we are? Comment below to let us know! Be sure to keep stuck to our spy hive here at Honey’s Anime for more Fall 2022 anime coverage!

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