Spy x Family’s Becky Is the Perfect Best Friend for Anya

We've all seen it in both anime and real life. There is always that one person who will help and support their friends. Whether that person is their rival, partner in crime, the voice of reason, or the one character that drags them into their shenanigans. In real life, we consider those people friends, even close or best friends. In anime, we see them as the supporting cast who are friends or best friends with the main character. Whether we like them or not is a question for another time. Still, we can all agree that in some series, there’s that one support character that the main character can count on. That is what we see with none other than Becky from Spy x Family.

Becky is the young daughter of the CEO of a major military manufacturer. She joins Eden Academy as one of Anya's classmates. She became Anya's first friend at the beginning of the series and soon became her closest friend. Whenever there is a school scene in Spy x Family, you can always count on seeing Becky close by with Anya. To many of us, Becky is the perfect best friend for Anya.

The Calm, Cool Friend That Can Match Anya's Hyper Personality

If Anya is the fun, hyper friend, then Becky is the calm, cool friend that keeps up with Anya's personality. Throughout the series, Becky is seen as a mature, cool kid. She often goes along with Anya's antics no matter how strange they are, like when Becky plays along and calls Anya "Starlight Anya" when Anya wants to be called that after gaining a star for the mission. Another example is when Anya wants to stay after school to spy on Damien, and Becky decides to stay with her even though she thinks it's because Anya likes Damien.

Becky is also insightful for her age and is often the voice of reason for Anya. An example of this is that Becky was the one who gave the idea for Anya to ask Loid for a reward and even helped her think about what the reward should be. Another example is that Becky suggests they should go shopping to impress Damien. Becky even tried to reason with Anya a bit about being friends with Damien before she mistakenly thought that Anya had a crush on him.

With Anya's situation and personality, Anya needed someone like Becky, who could not only keep up with her and her antics but also pull her back when needed.

A Supportive and Helpful Friend

Just like any supporting cast, Becky, of course, helps and supports Anya in many ways as her one and only friend. She defended Anya from bullies and harmful talks from their peers, such as when their classmates started talking about how Anya was a delinquent and started talking bad about her or when Damien and his group talked bad at her; Becky is always there to defend her and comfort her. She even helps Anya with things, such as offering to go shopping with her and find the right clothes to impress Damien. She even brought home from school when Anya fell asleep while spying on Damien as he waited for his father.

Becky's Existence is A Blessing To Anya

If there is one thing that Anya and we appreciate, though, is that Becky exists. If Becky weren't there or didn't become her friend, Anya wouldn't have survived school, especially with her mind-reading ability. She would have had difficulty completing Loid's mission. Thanks to Becky, Anya is more open to going to school. We wouldn't have such great scenes between Anya and Becky that range from cute to funny, and most importantly, Anya has a friend she can count on and have fun with.

Final Thoughts

SPYxFAMILY-wallpaper-1-700x394 Spy x Family’s Becky Is the Perfect Best Friend for Anya

Becky is the perfect best friend for Anya. After all the things that Anya went through and the things that she is going through, Anya needed someone she could count on. We appreciate that the author of Spy x Family created a perfect supporting character for Anya, especially one compatible with her personality. With the Spy x Family movie and the new season in the works, we are excited to see more of Becky and Anya's interactions with one another.

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by Gerrymelyn “Lyn”