Spy x Family Part 2 Review - More Spy and Family Action with the Forgers!

Last season, we were treated to many great anime of the season. Some anime were original anime series, while others aired their anime adaptation for the first time. Then there was anime that picked up where the last episode or last season left off, leaving fans waiting and wanting more. Spy x Family is one of those anime that fans waited patiently for.

Picking up where the 1st Part of the anime left off, Spy x Family Part 2 brought in an array of great scenes and content for many Spy x Family fans. It was in Part 2 that we met new characters, such as Bond, and the dog saw more spy action and saw more or a different side of our favorite characters.

Starting Off Strong Without Missing A Beat

One of our big worries for Spy x Family is whether or not the 2nd Part of the anime can start strong from where the 1st Part left off. Spy x Family already left us with an intense expression (and a cliffhanger) in its last episode, so we were worried whether the 2nd Part could pick up where the tone left off, especially after some time off from the series. Lucky for us, it did.

It managed to pick up where the 1st Part left off without missing a beat as if it didn't even go on a break for a few months. In fact, not only did it start strong, but right off the bat, the series started to get into the meat of the story.

Supporting Cast Getting Some Spotlight

One thing we appreciate in the 2nd Part is more screen time for the supporting cast. Whether it's only for half the episode or even a whole episode or two, we get to see more of their interactions with the main cast, learn a bit more about them, and even see a different side of them than the 1st Part did not show.

Not only that, but as a treat, we finally get to see more of Yor getting more screen time for herself, even though we all appreciate and love Loid and Anya; as one of the main cast, we also would like to see more of the mother and wife of the Forgers.

Final Thoughts

Spy x Family was one of the series many fans were excited about. Even after a few months break, it did not deter the hype that everyone has for the series. We are sad that the series is finished now that the 2nd Part has ended. Overall, we in Honey's Anime were happy with how the 2nd Part turned out and are excited for the next mission that Spy x Family will have in the coming future.

Have you seen Spy x Family? What do you think about the series? Are you excited about the movie and the new season of Spy x Family just as we are? Let us know in the comments below, and remember to check out other articles herein Honey's Anime!

by Gerrymelyn “Lyn”