Crying / Sad Anime


Sometimes we just want to watch something that hits us in the feels. We have some romantic tragedies, a dark backstories and even simple slice of life anime recommendations that will pull at your heartstrings.
How much do you want to cry? A little? Try Kokoro Connect! A bit more? How about some Plastic Memories? Or set yourself up for an evening of sobbing and heartache with A Silent Voice! Don’t forget the tissues.

Best Crying / Sad Anime of All Time
Top 10 Sad Romance Anime [Best Recommendations]

Top 10 Sad Romance Anime [Best Recommendations]

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What are good sad romance anime & recommended sad romance anime to watch? Explore all of the sad romance anime you need to know about from on-air sad romance anime, to yearly best of sad romance anime, to seasonal anime and best of all-time sad romance anime. Don’t make the mistake of watching bad sad romance anime! Find out what are the best sad romance anime to watch here!

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