Top 10 Anime Characters We Want to Gift for Christmas

If you’re like us here at Honey’s Anime, there’s a thought that’s probably went into your mind once or twice. What if my favorite anime character were real? You’ve probably fantasied what you would do with them—which we don’t want to know just in case it isn’t PG-13—and we can’t blame you. We wish ourselves that some of our favorite girls and guys in the anime world became real. Now hypothetically, let’s just say for a minute we could actually make anime characters real. What would we do with such a power?

Well, interestingly enough, Christmas is approaching in only several weeks. That’s why we here thought of an interesting article to share with you folks. If we could gift you readers your favorite anime husbandos and waifus, who would we gift? Also, why would we gift them? That’s what we’re about to find out in our Top 10 Anime Characters We Want to Gift for Christmas article.

10. Mira Yurizaki from Dimension W

  • Ep: 12
  • Air Dates: Jan, 2016- Mar, 2016

Almost every Christmas, people want to hopefully gain a new piece of technology. Maybe a new phone or possibly a remote-controlled toy for a kid. We here at Honey’s Anime would want those things as well but as anime fans, our gift ideas would be a bit higher on the spectrum. If we could, we’d give everyone Mira Yurizaki from Dimension W. Robotic in design, Mira might seem a bit odd to give as a gift but we have some reasoning behind our madness.

You see Mira in Dimension W acts as the most humane character in the show despite being far from human. Created by her so called “father”, Mira tries her best to act like a normal young woman despite her metallic interior body. Mira tries to even protect Kyouma despite him acting rather harsh towards her. If we had Mira—and we’re sure this applies to many of you as well—we’d treat her like the ultimate robotic girl she is! That’s why we know you’d love to have Mira if you could under your tree this upcoming Christmas.

9. Itachi Uchiha from Naruto

  • Ep: 220 (season 1)
  • Air Dates: Oct, 2002- Feb, 2007

Who wants a ninja for Christmas? If you’re not raising your hand, you’re probably lying to yourself. Though we know some of you were honest and that’s why we have a great fictional character for you, Itachi Uchiha. While Itachi is dark and brooding, we know he’s got a softer side and that’s one of the reasons he wouldn’t be a bad gift for many of his fans. Plus, he’s literally one of the most powerful ninjas in Naruto.

While Itachi has a larger role in Naruto Shippuden—the second true season of Naruto—we get introduced to him 80 episodes in the first series. Immediately, we’re given a rather bad image of Itachi as being a cold killer. Though in Shippuden, we learn Itachi’s more purer intentions of keeping his brother—Sasuke—alive and safe from the darker side of the ninja world. That’s why if we did gift Itachi to you folks out there, he’d probably be a great brother figure. Now, doesn’t that sound like the ultimate anime gift?

8. Nico Robin from One Piece

  • Ep: N/A
  • Air Dates: Oct, 1999- Present

Since One Piece has been running for18 Years now, there have been a ton of characters that have come and gone on the show. However, for our Top 10 Anime Characters We Want to Gift for Christmas article, we only wanted to gift the best of the best. That’s why for our list, we choose Nico Robin who uses the powers of the Hana-Hana no Mi. Now if you’re curious why we like Nico more than most of the other girls of the series, we have our answer for that.

Nico—who was introduced in episode 67—has shown to be one of the toughest girls of Luffy’s Straw Hat Crew. With the ability to literally make multiple body parts of herself from various object, Nico has used this power to face numerous foes in the One-Piece series like Yama, Pell and even some of her friends like Luffy and Zoro. Robin might be attractive and stylish but don’t let those looks deceive you. Robin is a pirate and a tough one at that. Who wouldn’t want someone like that for a Christmas gift?

7. Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch

  • Ep: 25 (season 1)
  • Air Dates: Oct, 2006- Jul, 2007

Men of mystery...Many women find that to be an attractive element to men in general. Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch embodies that image in more ways than one. When he isn’t wearing a cool helmet and cape combo, Lelouch acts like a normal high schooler who still seems rather mysterious. Though for us here at Honey’s Anime, the reasons we love Lelouch isn’t a mystery.

Wielder of the powerful Geass power, Lelouch can control anyone with just a simple exchange of looks and an order. Lelouch uses this power to try—keyword “try”—to change the world of Britannia and make it bend to his will. Imagine, now, if you had Lelouch as your friend because we gifted him to you. Not only could you tell Lelouch to use that power for you but you’d also have Lelouch as a guy friend and we’re sure many ladies wouldn’t mind that. However, we’d hope you’d use his power wisely and not try to change the world too much…

6. Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online

  • Ep: 25 (season 1)
  • Air Dates: Jul, 2012- Dec, 2012

Gamer, cook and all around perfect girlfriend...These are just a few of the titles you could give Asuna Yuuki from the beloved Sword Art Online series. Nicknamed the Lightning Flash, Asuna is loyal girlfriend to Kirito the savior of those trapped within the deadly Sword Art Online game. Though imagine if Asuna wasn’t tied down to Kirito. Instead, we want you to imagine her being your gift under the tree this year.

Not only could Asuna cook you great meals but she could play games with you. Asuna might be a girl through and through, but she’s a tech savvy girl and that makes her great for those who prefer the online world to the real one. That’s why personally we’d gift you Asuna ourselves in a heartbeat if we could. Though we won’t lie, we here at Honey’s Anime kind of would want to keep her for ourselves.

5. Rin Matsuoka from Free!

  • Ep: 12 (season 1)
  • Air Dates: Jul, 2013- Sept, 2013

Currently in the west, we’re soon approaching the winter season. While winter isn’t the optimal time to go to a pool and swim, summer isn’t that far off after spring and thus you’re going to want a friend—or someone special—to go with you to the pool. That being said, you know who would fit that role perfectly? Rin Matsuoka from the Free! series.

With a cool demeanor and a love for competition, Rin is the guy you want to bet on when a swimming competition comes around. Rin in the beginning of Free! may have been a tough sell on a cool character because of how cold he had become but as the series progressed Rin came back from the abyss of his past despair and became a rather cool character. Rin would make a nice gift for this Christmas we feel and we know some Free! fans out there are shaking their head vigorously in agreement. Maybe ask Santa to give us some magic powers here at Honey’s Anime and in turn, we’ll try to gift all of you good girls and boys out there copies of Rin for Christmas.

4. Esdeath from Akame ga Kill!

  • Ep: 24
  • Air Dates: Jul, 2014- Dec, 2014

General Esdeath, the so-called Ice Queen. Cold, calculating and quick to anger. Esdeath might seem like a woman you’d never want to cross paths with in fear of keeping your head attached to your torso. However, those who know of Esdeath’s story in Akame ga Kill! will tell you they wouldn’t mind unwrapping her this Christmas season. Heck, we wish someone would gift us Esdeath this year!

You see, Esdeath might be quite cruel and extremely scary but there’s more to the Ice Queen then what most see. Esdeath is actually someone striving to find love. That’s what causes her to essentially kidnap Tatsumi and try to literally seduce him. Though for us—and fans out there—Esdeath wouldn’t have an issue finding love from us. Though we’ll be nice and make sure to gift you Esdeath in our hearts and minds for Christmas 2017.

3. Rias Gremory from High School DxD

  • Ep: 12 (season 1)
  • Air Dates: Jan, 2012- Mar, 2012

High school, for many of us, was a desperate battle of tests and searching for love. That’s why there were plenty of times we wished Rias Gremory was a student alongside us. Though Rias isn’t exactly human—she is a devil girl, after all—that doesn’t make her any less of a girl in our eyes or those who love High School DxD. Rias takes our number 3 spot on our Top 10 Anime Characters We Want to Gift for Christmas list and we have many reasons why she deserves this spot. Let’s talk about some of those reasons.

Rias comes from a well to do family in the devil world. In the human world, Rias still holds a pretty high form of power in her school—where she is the leader of the Kuoh Academy’s Occult Research Club—which is just a front for those who are her servants. Tough, attractive and extremely seductive, we know many of you fans of not only her but High School DxD wouldn’t mind serving her. Though just remember that would also mean you’d have to fight some rather tough enemies for Rias and her army. Basically, Rias is the gift that has to come with a set of instructions and a warning label.

2. Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler

  • Ep: 24 (season 1)
  • Air Dates: Oct, 2008- Mar, 2009

On one hand, Sebastian Michaelis is a demon, yes. However, equally Sebastian is—as he always says—simply one hell of a butler. Sebastian would be a great gift for anyone this holiday season because he encaptures many great traits. What traits you ask? Well let us here at Honey’s Anime list off some of those great traits.

Sebastian is what many would consider the perfect butler. Not only does he know how to cook, clean and serve Sebastian also knows how to kick serious butt. That means if you had Sebastian on your side, you wouldn’t ever have to worry about a bully or attacker ever again! Sebastian would beat your enemies and then hand you a cup of tea, hopefully Earl Grey. Though like Rias, Sebastian does come with a requirement in the form of your soul. Though that’s okay, right?

1. Rem from Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

  • Ep: 25
  • Air Dates: Apr, 2016- Sept, 2016

Keeping with the servant gifts, the best one we could offer for our Top 10 Anime Characters We Want to Gift for Christmas list would be Rem from Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu, or simply Re: Zero. Cute as a button and a great maid, Rem is considered, by most, in the anime world to be the perfect waifu and we can’t disagree. Just look at how Rem handles herself in Re: Zero. Sure, Rem might try to kill you if you cross her master—Subaru is a shining example of this in the beginning of the series—but once she knows you the whole fear of death should vanish. Rem is a gift that would give every day in numerous ways and we know many of you would like that.

Rem is the ideal dream girl. Not only is she adorable and attractive but she is loyal and caring. That’s why so many people got so enraged at Subaru for choosing Emilia over Rem! While we love both Rem and Emilia our hearts will always have just a bit more love and devotion for the cute half-demon maid and we know we’re not alone. Trust us, everyone, we continue to hope we could all have Rem this Christmas as a gift and to be honest, we’d probably never need another gift ever again if we did in fact receive Rem.

Final Thoughts

Trust us, folks, if we did have magical powers we would gift all of you good girls and boys the characters above. Unfortunately, we don’t have that power and this article is just a what if scenario. Though, we hope it shows how much we love you folks and how we would make your Christmas Day just a bit brighter. Since there are millions of anime characters out there in the anime world, who would you want from either this list or one we didn’t mention under your tree this year? Comment down below to let us know and from all of us here at Honey’s Anime have a happy and awesome Christmas!

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