Top 10 Anime Female Vampire Characters

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One of the oldest and most popular legends across many different countries and cultures, the vampire is used both as a symbolism of power, immortality and sexuality. Traditionally a staple of horror stories, nightmares and the occult, vampire characters have also found a place as a romantic fantasy in modern media. For many viewers, few characters can be as seductive, charming and simultaneously terrifying as the vampire girl.

A top female anime character will need to have a combination of visual appeal, overwhelming power and a sense of character or vulnerability that befits an immortal being who spends most of their time in solitude. Without further exposition, here is Honey’s Anime Top 10 Anime Female Vampires.

10. Rima Touya from Vampire Knight

Rima 2 Vampire Knight
Vampire Knight DVD
  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Apr 2008 - Jul 2008

Cross Academy is an elite boarding school with two separate, isolated classes: the Day Class and the Night Class. On the surface, Yuuki Cross and Zero Kiryuu are prefects of the academy, and attempt to keep order between the students as classes rotate in the evenings. As the night class is full of utterly gorgeous elites, this can sometimes prove to be a bit difficult. It is completely necessary, however, as those "elites" are actually vampires. Yuuki and Zero act as guardians, protecting the secrets of the Night Class and the safety of the ignorant day class.

Rima Touya is one such member of this Night Class, the most diminutive in stature and also the youngest member of the class. Rima in fact works as a model alongside Senri Shiki who is heavily rumoured to be her lover by the end of the manga run. Rima’s appeal is largely in her style, in true Victorian era vampire mythology she is rocking a seductive Lolita get up. Rima combines her fashion sense with a refined air that makes her the epitome of charming vampire nobility.

wallpaper Vampire Knight

9. Erika Sendou from Fortune Arterial

Erika Sendou Fortune Arterial
fortune arterial
  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Oct 2010 - Dec 2010

Fortune Arterial is an anime adaptation of a 2009 adult eroge visual novel game/ Fortune Arterial's story revolves around the male protagonist Kohei Hasekura, who transfers into a prestigious public school in the style of an English six-year school encompassing junior-high and high school students. The school is on an island named Tamatsu Island off-shore from mainland Japan, and the only way to get there is by boat. Soon after transferring, he discovers that one of the student in the class next door to his, Erika Sendou, is in fact a type of vampire.

As you can expect from a harem anime adaptation of an eroge visual novel, Erika Sendou is at the peak of moe powers. Wide eyed, beautiful and with an air of innocence to appeal to otaku’s everywhere, Erika is a worthy addition to this vampire gilr list for visual and romantic reasons alone. Personality wise she is in fact rather driven and once she has her sights set on a target she will go to any length to achieve it. Erika is also capable of touching moments beyond her more styling, obviously uncomfortable with her family history and her own vampiric qualities, she eventually decides she would like to forgo her vampire life for a chance of a normal love life with protagonist Kohei. If only real life was a moe eroge…

wallpaper Fortune Arterial

8. Himea Saito from Itsuka tenma no kuro usagi (A Dark Rabbit has Seven Lives)

Himea Saito Itsuka tenma no kuro usagi
dvd Itsuka tenma no kuro usagi
  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jul 2011 - Sep 2011

Taito has been really sleepy lately, and keeps dreaming of a girl vampire (Himea Saito) who says she has given him her "poison." Sometimes he even thinks he hears her voice when he's awake. But after surviving an accident that should have killed him, Taito's world changes drastically and he realizes that his dreams are more real than he thought. It turns out that Taito has indeed met Himea years before when she fell in love with him and cursed him to always be with her. However due to unforeseen circumstances they were separated…

Himea is a top female vampire due to her appealing moe design but also due to her deep rooted vulnerability. For an all powerful vampire, Himea has quite a self esteem problem, something many of us can relate too. Tired of humans wanting her purely for her supernatural abilities, Himea falls head over feels (wink wink) for Taito when he is the first human to view her as her own person, rather than just a vampire. Seeing her pain at Taito having forgotten her, her vulnerability and loneliness is palpable when she attends his human high school in the hopes of being able to win his heart back.

Itsuka tenma no kuro usagi wallpaper

7. Mina Tepes from Dance in the Vampire Bund

Mina Tepes Dance in the Vampire Bund
  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jan 2010 - Apr 2010

From the SHAFT animation studio comes this visually striking tale of the ruler and guardian of all vampires, Mina Tepes. After millennia in hiding, Mina Tepes, the Princess of the ancient covenant and ruler of all vampires, wants change. Using the vast wealth of the Tepes line, she has paid off the entire gross national debt of Japan and in so doing, gained the authority to create a "special district" off the coast of Japan that is to become the future haven to vampires the world over! Now, on the eve of the landmark press conference announcing the existence of vampires to the world, terrorists and rival factions are plotting to assassinate Mina Tepes before she has a chance to make her world-changing announcement.

Mina Tepes takes on the appearance of a cute, haughty pre-pubescent girl despite being centuries old. Dance in the Vampire Bund does an excellent job of encapsulating the time span of a vampire’s life and particularly in Mina’s long struggle to protect her fellow vampires. As the Queen of vampires she has a strong feeling of obligation towards her own kind, feeling as if a mother to all vampires everywhere. Her iron will to provide a safe haven for vampires across the world is what makes Mina Tepes stand out from other girl vampire characters.

wallpaper Dance in the Vampire Bund

6. Seras Victoria from Hellsing

hellsing Seras Victoria
Hellsing Ultimate dvd
  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Oct 2001 - Jan 2002

Hellsing follows the anti-heroic vampire, Alucard, and a police girl-turned-vampire, Seras Victoria, two vampires employed by the vampire-extermination group of England, the Hellsing Organization. Slowly but surely, through their active duty, they find a new breed of vampires beginning to arise. This initial anime incarnation of the Hellsing legend was written largely independently of the manga and therefore focuses on offering a more visceral and visual spectacle with a love for graphic violence, style and sex appeal.

Few female anime vampires can encapsulate all these qualities than Seras Victoria, the legendary vampire Alucard’s trusted partner. At first reserved in using her powers, certain event in particular causes her to fully unleash in gut wrenching glory. Seras is in fact far more fleshed out in this anime adaptation than in the original manga and in many ways is the central focal point rather than her more historically illustrious companion Alucard. Her search for answers is intense and captivating, as is Seras and Alucards methods of dealing with their enemies in order to obtain them. Seras is the epitome of cool when it comes to a vampire girl representation.

wallpaper Hellsing

5. Leticia Draculair from Mondaiji tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? (Mondaiji)

dvd Mondaiji tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo
mondaiji tachi
  • Episodes: 10
  • Aired: Jan 2013 - Mar 2013

Izayoi Sakamaki, Asuka Kudou, and You Kasukabe have tremendous psychic powers and are bored with the regular world. An envelope arrives for each person, and when each opens their envelope, they are stunned to see the scenery around them change to a world they had never encountered before. They've been summoned by the Black Rabbit to help the community "No Name" to overthrow the Devil King. In this ‘No Name’ world, the four heroes will encounter and do battle with all manner of mythical creatures, including Gods, wizards and vampires.

Leticia Draculair is one such vampire girl character that the gang will meet on their journey. Leticia serves as the mad to the community of ‘No Name’ complete with full French maid outfit and demure sensibilities. Her true impact comes from her history, Leticia is in fact a former demon lord herself and despite her young appearance is actuall 500 years old. While very proud of her past and her former power, she is more than willing to give up all her power to help support and provide happiness to the community of her world. An essential part of the team in Mondaiji and a truly selfless and beautiful vampire, Leticia is a very different breed of night walker.

Mondaiji wallpaper

4. Moka Akashiya from Rosario + Vampire

Rosario to Vampire Moka Akashiya 00
  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Jan 2008 - Mar 2008

By a bizarre coincidence, Tsukune Aono has accidentally gotten himself admitted to a youkai academy, a school attended by monsters. Just when he thinks he'll run away from there, he meets the beautiful Moka Akashiya and his mood turns ultra happy. However, Moka is not necessarily all she seems. While beautiful, shy and incredibly popular, if the rosary on her chest is removed, her other self emerges, an all powerful, vengeful master vampire!

Moka is an excellent Jekyll and Hyde style character, her outer self is a high school moe princess whom all the guys idolise and long for. Her secret inner self, is a visually darker and more aggressive tsundere vampire girl persona. These are two separate characters as vampire Moka even says to Tsukune ‘be kind to the other Moka’. The true key to Moka’s character is that in fact the outer version that everyone knows and loves is in fact false and is merely a method to protect herself until she finally meets someone that can love her truly. What isn’t there to love about a brooding and deadly vampire tsundere just waiting to be won over!

rosario to vampire wallpaper

3. Youko Shiragami from Jitsu wa watashi wa (Actually I Am…)

Youko Shiragami Jitsu wa Watashi wa Actually, I Am
dvd Jitsu wa watashi wa
  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Jul 2015 - Sep 2015

Jitsu wa Watashi wa centres on high school protagonist Kuromine Asahi, "the man who can't lie." On the way home from school one day, he learns an important secret. His crush, Youko Shiragami, is actually half vampire! Will Kuromine be able to keep this most delicate of secrets and preserve the hidden identity of his idolized muse. What follows is a romantic vampire harem comedy that has been a smash hit in Japan this past summer season.

It’s easy to see why Kuromine fell in love with Youko Shiragime, she is undeniably cute and also has a level of vulnerability that is often absent from vampire girl characters. Youko is desperate to maintain her human identity as she promised her vampiric father and human mother. However that is easier said than done, especially when it comes to hiding her fangs or staying clear of direct sunlight. Youko is ditzy and shy by nature which makes her a perfect candidate to be many an otaku’s number one new waifu!

wallpaper Jitsu wa watashi wa

2. Shinobu Oshino from Bakemonogatari (Ghost Story)

Bakemonogatari dvd
  • Episodes: 15
  • Aired: Jul 2009 - Jun 2010

Thanks to Meme Oshino, Koyomi Araragi, a high school student, is able to remain a human after coming across a female vampire. However, since the incident, Koyomi seems to meet girls who have an apparition-related issue. Hitagi Senjougahara doesn't weigh anything. Suruga Kanbaru’s left arm resembles that of a monkey’s. Nadeko Sengoku was afflicted by curses from her classmates. Mayoi Hachikuji, a young girl who cannot find her way home no matter how many times she tries. Koyomi, a Mr. Nice Guy, ends up helping each and every girl solve her problem with the help of Meme Oshino and her constant companion, the demure and cute young girl Sinobu Oshino.

However Shinobu Oshino is certainly not all she seems. She was formerly the powerful 500-year-old vampire, coming from a royal bloodline, named Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade. Quite the impressive name and title, which she fully justifies in terms of the power she possesses. According to a number of manga adaptations, Shinobu was said to have the purest heart in the world, so much so that it caused her parents and many followers to commit suicide as they felt they had reached the pinnacle of their existence. In the present day she is a mysterious character that develops entirely through physical actions and expressions due to her preference to remain silent. A rich character arc and excellent interaction with Koyomi make Sinobu an excellent anime vampire girl.

wallpaper 1 Bakemonogatari

1. Saya Otonashi from Blood +

Saya Otonashi
blood+ dvd
  • Episodes: 50
  • Aired: Oct 2005 - Sep 2006

Blood + is the tale of a secret war that has been raging for centuries. There are two major groups involved in this conflict; the first consists of monsters known as Chiropterans who can change their appearances into that of human beings. They are actually immortals who feed on the blood of the living. The second group is an organization known as the "Red Shield," formed to track down these monsters and exterminate them. This is ostensibly a battle between two alterations on vampire mythology. Otonashi Saya is a high-school girl who lives a peaceful life with her family. The only problem is, she has no recollections of her life beyond that of the past year; however, a fated incident will lead to the restoration of her memories and of her vampire identity.

Throughout the 50 episode Blood + series, Saya undergoes a drastic transformation from a typical high schooler with everyday ambitions to a powerful, driven and relentless vampire hunter of demons. Saya is an iconic female lead that refuses to be downgraded into a damsel in distress or in need of a male counterpart to save her. Saya possesses few of the common vampire weakness we understand from the myths, sunlight is no danger, only religious paraphernalia and the mention of Deity’s is enough to deter her hunt. An iconic vampire character regardless of gender, Otanashi Saya deserves her spot as the number one female vamp!

wallpaper Blood +

blood+ wallpaper

That’s it for our top 10 female vampires in anime, did you favourite feminine blood sucker make it? How would you rank your own top 10 anime vampire girls in the history of anime? Any older entries we’ve missed? Please leave us a comment below and get involved with the Honeys Anime community and content contributors!

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