Top 10 Anime Where the Main Character is OP [Recommendations]

Imagine for a moment some of your favorite anime series with main leads who are just pathetically weak. Sure, their struggles would be realistic but would they be exciting? The short answer is no, that’s why people love overpowered—or OP—main leads. Watching a male/female lead unleash total annihilation on an enemy is not only goosebumps-inducing but it usually leads to series that go down in anime history.

We here at Honey’s Anime dove into the hundreds of anime where the main character is overpowered and we think we have found some amazing titles that fit the bill. Whether you need an alien teacher who can literally dodge bullets like The Matrix or have a grown man in a yellow costume insta-defeat all foes, this list should have you covered. It’s about time we go superhuman and enter a world of heroes who never stand a chance at losing!

10. Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki Desu ka? (Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?)

Masato Oosuki doesn’t really get along with his mother Mamako. In fact, Masato usually just finds his mom pretty annoying as she coddles him constantly and makes him feel suffocated by a bit too much love. In an effort to restore their relationship a gaming company appears before the Oosuki family and forces them into a strange MMORPG where parents and children fight together. Masato is stoked to be inside a MMO but he quickly learns that his mom may have gotten the better end of the deal…she’s not only extremely annoying here as well but she’s beyond OP!

We love our parents here at Honey’s Anime but we can kind of understand the pains of kids like Masato. That’s why watching an OP mother overcome challenges with a flick of the wrists—thanks in large part to her dual swords—makes for a comedic anime series! Mamako is a pretty hot mama—that much we can’t deny—but she’s also stronger than literally most anime protagonists and she’s not even trying! If you need a funny pseudo-isekai then you’ll get a kick out of Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?!

9. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (The Irregular at Magic High School)

Humans have always thought technology would be what makes us a stronger species but little did they know that in the 21st century another power would put us above all other creatures. Harnessing the power of magic, technology has become something entirely different than what anyone could previously perceive. Tatsuya and his sister Miyuki are just two more students heading to the advanced First High School where future magicians aim to become great. However, unlike Miyuki, Tatsuya has very little magic power and must rely on using advanced technology to prove that even in this magical orientated world, skills trump the greatest magic.

Animated by studio Madhouse, The Irregular at Magic High School is a fun action/magical series thanks in large part to its main male lead Tatsuya. Our stoic protagonist is not only cool-looking but he’s an OP warrior that usually overcomes most battles with brains and ninjutsu skills. The Irregular at Magic High School has spawned two seasons and even a movie so you’ll find yourself rarely ever craving more of our OP main character and just revels in his exploits as he defeats various threats and tries to not be a siscon.

8. Saiki Kusuo no Ѱ-nan (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.)

Many of us wish we were blessed with powers that could change our lives but have you ever stopped and thought…is having powers such a blessing? For our teenager Saiki Kusuo, powers have been something he wished he didn’t have. Born with strange supernatural psychic powers, Saiki has tried his best to fit into normal society but he finds this to be a nearly impossible task. Not only has Saiki’s powers constantly caused issues in his life but he’s always running into oddballs who just make his life that much more strange. Can Saiki ever find peace or will he always be struggling to just keep his crazy life a bit less crazy?

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K is a prime example of why some things are better on paper than in reality. Saiki’s struggles to overcome his extremely potent psychic powers make for an amazing comedy series—one that will have you crying laughing—but also reminds us to curb our desires a bit. Sure, being able to read minds might help in some situations but we think back to Saiki and realize…maybe it might lead to more trouble than it's worth. This is a perfect case of a main hero who doesn’t want powers but unfortunately is given OP gifts that just can’t go away.

7. Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu (BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense)

MMORPGs have a freedom many RPGs don’t have. In most MMOs you can create a character and customize their skills to fit your play style. Want to be a warrior? Raise your strength and agility stats. If you want to be a ninja, up your agility and rely on critical hits. In the VRMMO New World Online, Maple is about to discover this beautiful freedom for herself. Not wanting to be hurt by any monsters, Maple goes for a pure defense character. Unfortunately, this might make battling monsters a bit difficult when all you have is extremely high defense and nothing else!

We otaku probably have a very simple thought of what an OP character really is. OP main characters need to be able to defeat anything with ease and the least amount of struggle possible. Maple from BOFURI is a bit of the comical version of an OP main lead as she is indeed a tank who can sustain tons of damage with no issue but she’s also basically reliant on her team to fight. BOFURI shows that OP main characters don’t always have to be cut from the same cloth and you can still be incredibly overpowered even if you lack physical prowess initially.

6. Tatoeba Last Dungeon Mae no Mura no Shounen ga Joban no Machi de Kurasu Youna Monogatari (Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a starter town?)

Lloyd Belladonna has just arrived to become a soldier in the Kingdom of Azami and their famed military academy. At first glance, Lloyd seems ordinary but after a few incidents, people around him quickly realize this young man isn’t anything ordinary. Lloyd came from Kunlun; a village that just so happens to be near the Last Dungeon! Lloyd might be unspectacular in his village but here in the starter village, he might as well be the most powerful soldier ever!

Gamers worldwide know that the last area of any game is somewhere you need to be prepared for. Those who enter into the final areas unprepared will quickly get wrecked and realize they are underleveled. That’s why we fell in love with Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a starter town. Not only does this fantasy series change the game up by flipping the script—literally—but it’s a fun action series with a hero who just blows through the opponent like they are a bunch of novices. If you want an OP main character who looks quite different than most, you’ll love this fun series as much as we did.

5. Dororo

Cursed at birth, Hyakkimaru was left for dead when his father made a pact with demons. In order to gain power, Hyakkimaru’s father sacrificed his newborn son’s body/limbs to the demons leaving his new child a literal shell of a baby. Left for dead, a blind man found the cursed child and helped him by crafting various tools to ensure his survival. Now a young man, Hyakkimaru has one mission to fulfill…to gain his lost limbs back from the demons that made his childhood a literal test for survival.

We have to give Dororo’s main hero a lot of credit. While he does rely on his small partner a lot, this young man literally has fake limbs—with swords hidden inside—and is mute/deaf making every battle almost impossible for him. Yet, despite his handicap, Hyakkimaru overcomes every challenge and somehow bests each demon with relative ease! How he does this is something we are always in awe of and why we loved Dororo and still feel it’s a hidden gem of the 2019 winter season.

4. Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tueee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru (Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious)

Amateur Goddess Ristarte thought she hit a home run when she picked out Seiya Ryuuguuin from a list of heroes for her dangerous S-ranked mission. Summoning Seiya, Ristarte was even more stunned by how handsome this summoned hero was. Sadly, our novice goddess is in for a rude awakening when she learns her “special” hero has one major quirk. Seiya might be extremely strong and powerful but he’s not a hero. Seiya aims to always be prepared and sometimes goes even beyond being prepared…

Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered by Overly Cautious makes our list not just for the obvious title but because it’s a great anime overall! Watching our summoned Seiya take stabs at his party of goofballs never gets old; especially since he is ultimately way more powerful than all of those in his group. Cautious Hero is a fun isekai from start to finish and if you want one of the most sarcastic OP protagonists out there, you’re in the right place.

3. No Game no Life

Blank is a name that sends fear into gamers online. When Blank enters the game, your chances of winning will drop to zero. Behind Blank lie siblings Sora and Shiro who aim to be the best gamers at whatever game they play. When the duo gets challenged to a chess game by an unknown person, they find themselves being selected to enter a new world that lacks war and where winning a game means getting to name your reward. Sora and Shiro will now show that their skills change this game-themed world and prove that games can always be bested by them!

Many of our anime recommendations on this list show that OP characters tend to be action orientated. No Game no Life removes the typical OP action theme and focuses on games many of us play in the real world, albeit without some of the effects you’ll see in the series. Sora and Shiro are almost impossible to best in any game they play so in that case, their OP skills go away from fighting and enter the realms we gamers know all too well. No Game no Life is an awesome series and you’ll fall in love with the main OP leads!

2. Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime)

Killed after performing a heroic deed, salaryman Mikami Satoru finds himself drifting into the afterlife with a feeling of failure despite his 37 years of life. Luckily, a voice echoes into the darkness giving Satoru one more chance at a new life. Reincarnated into a fantasy world, Satoru isn’t a man anymore but a slime who seems weak and pathetic. However, as our slime will soon learn, his squishy body is anything but weak as he is able to absorb entities and abilities into him giving him access to a slew of abilities! Can the little slime rise to become a truly powerful monster or will he die like most low leveled monsters in RPGs?

Slimes shouldn’t be OP, let’s be honest. In Dragon Quest, slimes are usually the first enemies that players fight to grind for levels/gold because of how easily they can be defeated. In the world of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, this slime isn’t weak but an OP being that eventually goes from blind slime to a being that can transform into a human and unleash dozens of magical abilities! If RPGs had slimes like this…they wouldn’t be quite so easy to defeat and most gamers would probably just give up and move on to another game.

1. One Punch Man

Bald hero Saitama seems like a goofy hero with his ugly outfit and even stranger permanent listless look. However, if you challenge Saitama, you’ll learn the truth about this unknown hero. Able to best any villain or enemy with a singular punch, Saitama desires only one thing in life. Can he find a true challenge who won’t go down so easily!?

Our last entry on our Top 10 Anime Where the Main Character is OP should come as no surprise. One Punch Man isn’t just known for incredible fights or battles but for having the most OP main lead in all of anime, Saitama. This goofy hero has yet to be bested by a single enemy and despite how powerful his foes are, he vanquishes them all in one hit! Can you name a single other main lead who does this?! No, right? That’s why One Punch Man had to be our number one on our list no matter what!

Final Thoughts

While tension is usually lost when you know a hero/heroine will win all the time regardless of the situation, we still never grow tired of watching someone just win in extreme style. The anime above are some of the best series we can recommend to those who want a main lead who not only is the definition of OP but are equally enjoyable to watch for various reasons! That being said, did we perhaps miss a recommendation worthy of making this incredible top 10 list? Feel free to comment your recommendations in the comments below! Even more top 10 lists await for those who continue to hover around our OP hive here at Honey’s Anime!

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