Top 10 Christmas Scenes in Manhwa

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Otakus who reside in the northern part of the world have already noticed a change of seasons. The air is chilly, the leaves of the trees are falling and the usual merchandise in the stores is extra decorated with lights. Tis the season for Christmas! People are already hurrying up, perhaps preparing dinner, presents and other details. In South Korea like Japan, Christmas is mostly considered a couple’s holiday, although it has not been widely adopted with the exception of the stores. That is why it is difficult to find special Christmas Scenes in manhwa, but here in Honey’s Anime, we have tried to bring together some of the best manhwas and that special season flavour to end the year with all the coziness we can. So let’s get warm together with your favorite hot drink while we review some of the best Christmas Scenes in Manhwa!

10. Santa Daechakchon (The Great Operation Santa)

  • Volumes: 4
  • Released: 2008

This is the perfect manhwa for those who hate Christmas but love action and coming of age stories. Imagine that the energy of the world has to be liberated once a year through a device called Christmas Tree. The person in charge to set it free is a Santa, and there are many competing to hold that position each year. The Great Operation Santa follows the life of Tory, who dreams of becoming Santa one day.

This manhwa is full of so much action, fun and adventure among the snow that you will wonder how nobody thought Christmas could be this entertaining. It also helps that is is in full color! Although the quality is good throughout the whole story, the last volume brings us to the conclusion of Tory’s adventures… at least for now. Expect the last battles to be epic!

9. Kurisumasu he nun i olkka yo? (Will it Snow for Christmas?)

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  • Volumes: 3
  • Released: 2010

O.K., so you want a more conventional Christmas story. How about Will it snow for Christmas? It is a special based on a drama released in 2009. The family of Kang Jin moves to Sancheong. However, something in their past might come lurking back.

So, if you are looking for a sweet and sad story about a first love, this is the Christmas manhwa for you. The contrast between the old, rural Korea and the modern one is well represented. However, for its pleasing tone, one of the best moments of the manhwa is a party where, in the middle of unwrapping the presents, part of the difficult past of the characters is revealed and a fight follows! Yes, conflict helps move the plot a bit!

8. The Girl’s Winter

  • Volumes: 1
  • Released: 2007

Warning: this story is not suitable for all ages. Proceed with caution.

Perhaps you are not into shounen action but you aren’t into super sweet stories either. How about a mature shoujo manhwa instead? The Girl’s Winter is a one shot story that asks the question about what happens after we die. However, it is not a natural death. Our protagonist is on the verge of taking her own life.

The story matches the last season of the year with the end of the girl’s life. This creates a depressing and solitary atmosphere which becomes more and more evident until the last scenes. It is not an easy read but The Girl’s Winter will make you question why we take harsh decisions and how our environment has some influence on it. This manhwa is also recommended for a quick read that is centered on just one topic.

7. Ciel: The Last Autumn Story

  • Volumes: 23
  • Released: 2005 to 2013

Yvienne Magnolia is plagued by bad luck at the beginning of Ciel. After running away from the lord of a manor who tries to kidnap her, Yvienne enters a school of magic. Here she will meet new friends and face many adventures. Perhaps she will also be able to find her true call in life, but we will let you discover that one by yourself 😉

Anyway, this manhwa is full of magic and adventure, so the pace is rather fast. However, on occasion, it slows down to make us appreciate the good things in life. Take the scene where we find out how two secondary characters (Shirley and Eve) met. The first one was a tiny orphan girl selling flowers in the snowy streets of a city when Eve offered her the little she had to offer (that would be her company). These two embodied the spirit of Christmas wonderfully in this simple but beautiful scene.

6. One Winter

  • Volumes: 1
  • Released: 2005 to 2013

Pinocchio is the love story between a regular High School girl called Ha Ram and a special guy called Ga On. When Ha Ram buys a necklace, she becomes capable of seeing Ga On, but she will have to discover exactly why they are connected. The fact that Ha Ram is the only one who can see Ga On will make for some good comedy as well.

Love stories and wintery scenes are made up to be together. In the special chapter of One Winter, the author goes a different way. We find out about Ga On’s first winter as a ghost, when he met a kid at a hospital. They create a bond that is tragically gone when the kid loses the necklace, unable to see Ga On who is just in front of him. So yes, winter scenes can be beautiful but heartbreaking too...

5. Nun e Yowang (Snow Queen)

  • Volumes: 2
  • Released: 2006

We all know the stereotype of the intellectual man who is distant towards other human beings. We also know what a woman in the verge of losing everything looks like sometimes, like nothing matters. What happens when they encounter each other? Will their cold hearts be melted?

This is the work of the creator of 100% Perfect Girl, so you know you can expect quality. Here we have superb scenes like the first one from the first chapter, which borrows heavily from the traditional Snow Queen fairy tale. We also have the escapade of the lovers to a cabin deep in the woods. The manhwa captures too well the coldness of nature reflected in the human hearts. Full of detail but also not too obvious, Snow Queen is an adult love story with just the right amount of snow and winter.

4. Tachonghan Kyoul (The Friendly Winter)

  • Volumes: 2
  • Released: 2011 to 2013

We all have had a few times in our lives when we feel like we don’t fit. That is the case for the protagonists of The Friendly Winter. This manhwa features a woman of 19 with a rare disorder that makes her body look like that one of a girl and a 17 year old with the mind of a child will live day by day. This slice of life is guaranteed to warm up your Grinch heart.

The entire story is set in the winter, but we do not realize it as there hardly is any snow. This manhwa is very colorful! However, we can tell it is the winter season because of the thick clothes everyone is wearing. Anyway, one of the best scenes that has the flavour of Christmas is when our female protagonist Da-Jeong gets a bicycle as present from her father. At first, she is apprehensive because she does not want to look childish, but Da-Jeong ends up riding it with the help of her crush and has a good time with him and her best friend Min Seong. This scene shows us that it does not matter where we are or what we are doing if we are with the people who care about us… just like on Christmas 🙂

3. Winter Woods

  • Volumes: 74
  • Released: 2014 to 2017

This modern fairy tale tell us the story of Winter, a human-like creature created by an alchemist. He is living with a novelist-to-be in need of inspiration named Jane. Of course, the story is set in the middle of the winter! Winter Woods is one of the most successful manhwa ever because of its wise combination of romance, slice of life and the supernatural.

This manhwa makes a point of showing snow in almost every scene, which fits well with the ethereal demeanour of the characters. It could not be different when, in the last scene, Winter goes back to Jane’s place. The unsuspecting girl is quietly sleeping between fluffy sheets and embracing her bird, unable to notice that very soon, her companion will be greeting her. It is sweet but also a bit different from the typical great final encounter scene.

2. Santa (Silyeong’s Santa)

  • Volumes: 65
  • Released: 2014

And here we were thinking Christmas is a peaceful season… This manhwa starts in a rather violent way, with our protagonist, Bell, beaten. Her household and some arrogant guys who hit her are the source of Bell’s misery, but that is gonna change in one fine Christmas night… Yes, this manhwa starts with a Christmas miracle!

Tales where Santa crosses his way with poor children are typical in Western cultures but rather unusual in Korea. This manhwa is the exception, showing us a cheerful and funny scene where Bell wakes up in Santa’s atelier. The poor girl is so scared of everything and everyone that she hides under the colorful sheets of the bed. This Christmas scene is the perfect fusion between the fantasy of a merciful world and the consequences of the real one.

1. Annarasumanara

  • Volumes: 3
  • Released: 2010

This is another manhwa that works with miracles, or we should say, with magic. Ahee is so poor and in desperate need of money, that she has stopped believing in magic. However, that changes when she meets a magician who lives in the abandoned amusement park in her neighborhood. The limits between dreams and reality will be tested in front of Ahee’s eyes!

Annarasumanara is a slice of life manhwa that is highly creative with layout, color and narrative. It’s masterful open end does not give us all the answers, but closes the story on a happy tone. It is Christmas Eve and Ahee is working as magician, holding close to her heart and practice what the magician taught her long ago. Annarasumanara is not your conventional love story, but it is the perfect Christmas manhwa that teaches us to have faith.

Final Thoughts

That was a travel through many diverse manhwa, don’t you think so? With which one will you pass a cozy Christmas? Don’t forget to comment and tell us your favorite manhwa for this Christmas season. Merry otaku Christmas!

046 Top 10 Christmas Scenes in Manhwa


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