Top 10 Best Pokémon Types [Updated]

Now, I’m pretty confident to say that a good majority of you reading this article right now have played or even watched the Pokémon series. And if you have followed the series right from the beginning, kudos to you! You can now consider yourself as a true Pokémon fan. Now back to the article at hand, so you might already be aware that there have been quite a few Pokémon types that have been introduced into the series, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Let me refresh your memory on that one, the Pokémon types are; Normal, Fire, Fighting, Water, Flying, Grass, Poison, Electric, Ground, Psychic, Rock, Ice, Bug, Dragon, Ghost, Dark, Steel, and last but not least, the Fairy-type.

Since this is an updated version, we’ll be re-discussing the top 10 best Pokémon types, and give you all some insights into what makes these top 10 so special! Let’s go!

10. Flying Type

The Flying-type Pokémon is considered to be one of the most common Pokémon types amongst the others. You can easily spot them being the secondary type of a lot of Pokémon. Essentially, what made Flying-type so strong is the fact that they are immune against Ground-type of attacks, which can be very useful as they are able to negate the damage of notable powerful Ground-type moves such as Avalanche or Earthquake.

The fact that most of them come with a dual Pokémon type also meant that they are susceptible to double weaknesses. Never fear and soar through the high skies with Flying-type Pokémon as they have the highest overall Speed stats amongst other types. Well, it’s pretty obvious though, what faster way to travel than flying?

9. Steel Type

Steel-type fits the personalities of a knight in shining armor, well-suited and very resistant against attacks. Amongst all the other types of Pokémon, Steel-type has the highest level of Defense stats, making them resist quite a lot of attacks from other Pokémon types. In short, Steel-type Pokémon can really take a bashing.

This unique Pokémon was first introduced in the 2nd Generation of the Pokémon franchise, as a measure to counter Normal and Psychic-type Pokémon. There is a catch, however, as pure Steel-type Pokémon are very rare, only 4 Pokémon have it as of the 7th Generation of the franchise. The majority of Steel-type Pokémon comes with a secondary type (dual-type Pokémon), rendering them vulnerable to more types of Pokémon.

8. Fighting Type

HAI YA!!! We continue on our list with the ruthless, Fighting-type. Generally, Pokémon bearing this type have high levels of Attack Stats and can do a lot of damage to other Pokémon types. Its’ weaknesses are Fairy, Psychic and Flying-type Pokémon, two of the later are commonly used, serving as this Pokémon’s kryptonite.

But don’t fret, every cloud has a silver lining, so does the Fighting-type Pokémon! Luckily, there have been some specific moves from other types that can be learned by the Fighting-type such as Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch and much more. Get the picture? Ultimately, with various moves stated above, it helps Fighting-type Pokémon to counter some of its weaknesses.

7. Fire Type

Let our passion for Pokémon burn like the red hot Fire-type Pokémon! Remember the hardest decision of your childhood of having to choose only ONE Pokémon as your starter? What type of Pokémon did you choose? If you chose Fire-type Pokémon then there you have it, the reason why this Pokémon type made it into the list. Aside from its strength, personally I think most of Fire-type Pokémon look really badass, which really adds to its appeal.

It’s fitting to have Fire-type Pokémon excel on its Attack and Speed stats, blasting away its opponent with a fiery passion. Although Fire-type Pokémon are vulnerable to a few other types of Pokémon, most of them can learn Solar Beam, which is a powerful Grass-type move that balances out its weakness in terms of offense.

6. Ice Type

Moving on, we have the cool Ice-type Pokémon. Arguably, this type can be very weak and powerful at the same time. It all depends on how a person utilizes this type. Defensively, Ice-type Pokémon can be considered very weak, however with that said, offensively they can be useful against a number of other Pokémon types. What do I mean by this?

Basically, Ice-type Pokémon are a double-edged sword, but there have been debates that argue over using a Water-type Pokémon that learns Ice-type moves is the best solution to negate out the defensive weakness that Ice-type Pokémon has. With that all being said, it’s safe to say that Ice type deserves to be on this list regardless of its weaknesses.

5. Ghost Type

Haunting its way to the number 5 spot, we have the spooky Ghost-type Pokémon. By far, this Pokémon type is one of the rarest of them all, and with it comes unique strengths as well as weaknesses. For starters, ghost-type attacks don’t appear to affect Normal-type Pokémon, and since the revamp in the 6th Generation, Ghost-type Pokémon are considered to be at a neutral standing.

As an added bonus, Ghost-type Pokémon are guaranteed to have a 100% success rate of fleeing in wild battles regardless of your Speed stats. Also, in the newly released 7th Generation Pokémon, quite a few Ghost-type Pokémon were introduced. Perhaps it’s the time for Ghost-type Pokémon to shine again after its diminishing popularity in the earlier Generations.

4. Psychic Type

If one were to compare Psychic-type Pokémon into an analogy, it would be like the cool kids in your classroom. Psychic-type Pokémon rose to fame from the very first generation of Pokémon, as they’re known to have exceptionally high Special Attack stats and the only Pokémon types that can counter them are themselves are Ghost-type and Bug-type Pokémon. The Dark-type was also introduced in the 2nd Generation of the Pokémon series, adding another count to its weakness.

Aside from that, Psychic-type Pokémon are known to be versatile in terms of their move set, as their able to learn most of the moves from other Pokémon-types, making them able to counter offensively to those that have an upper-hand against Psychic-type Pokémon.

3. Water Type

Out of the 18 types of Pokémon, Water-type is the most common amongst them all. Being the most common, Water-type can be considered to be one of the most versatile types as it has been paired with every other Pokémon types, rendering this type having various strengths and weaknesses.

Generally, Water-type are susceptible to attacks from Electric and Grass type, luckily though, Water-type Pokémon mostly are able to learn Ice-type moves, making them strong against Grass-type Pokémon. Additionally, if paired right with other Pokémon types, Water-type Pokémon can resist most of its known weaknesses, earning them a spot on this list.

2. Fairy Type

Next, on the list, we have Fairy-type Pokémon. This Pokémon type was first introduced in the 6th Generation of the Pokémon series as a countermeasure to the already OP Dragon-type Pokémon. Fairy-type Pokémon are considered to be very strong too, thanks to its weakness being only to Poison and Steel-type Pokémon, both of which can rarely be seen used in the Pokémon world.

On the other hand, what they excel in Special Defense stats, they lack in basic Defense and Speed stats, which make them very much vulnerable to the attacks from their counter Pokémon types; Poison and Steel. As an added bonus, Fairy-type Pokémon are generally very cute-looking. ☺

1. Dragon Type

I think it’s quite obvious that Pokémon bearing the Dragon-type are considered one of the strongest in the Pokémon world. Evidently, Dragon-type Pokémon have the best overall stats compared to the stats of other Pokémon types. The majority of the Pokémon bearing this type are considered to be Pseudo-Legendary, meaning they have 3-stage evolution line with a stats total of 600 or above.

If you have played the earlier generation Pokémon games then you would know how much of a challenge it is to battle against Lance’s Dragonite (Champion of the Indigo Plateau). The only weakness of the Dragon-type Pokémon are Dragon-type itself and Ice-type Pokémon.

Dragon-type Pokémon were basically ‘nerfed’ down with the introduction to Fairy-type Pokémon being made available in the 6th Generation of the franchise, as Fairy-type Pokémon are immune to Dragon-type attacks. As of the 7th Generation of the Pokémon franchise, Dragon-type Pokémon are still considered to be one of the rarest in the Pokémon world.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for the Top 10 Best Pokémon Types [Updated Recommendations]! Which out of the above is your favorite Pokémon type? What are your favorite Pokémon from those types? Be sure to leave them down the comments below!

pokemon-Wallpaper-700x197 Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon


Author: Winfrey Widjijanto

Hi! My name is Winfrey and I come from Indonesia. I’m currently residing in Jakarta to pursue my bachelor degree but I hope in the near future I get to travel to new places including Japan! Still in search of my passion though, but so far, music and writing seems to interest me the most. (Just starting out) Desperately trying to learn new things and striving to become a better person each passing day. Cheers from Jakarta!

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pokemon-Wallpaper-700x197 Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon

Hello there fellow trainer and welcome to this article on Pokémon types! As you can see in the title, we will be referring exclusively to the top ten types and not including any other things from the vast world of Pokémon. I’m sure you know, there are 18 Pokémon types; excluding the discontinued type “???” and Shadow type from Colosseum. Hand plucking 8 types of Pokémon was heart-breaking but it had to be done… now let the uproar begin.

The types I chose to leave out were:

1. Bug
2. Normal
3. Poison
4. Rock
5. Ghost
6. Ice
7. Steelix
8. Dark

I am mostly leaning towards the Pokémon game franchise because we all know how the anime and manga openly overwrite these rules many times! But that does not mean I won’t take bits and parts from them into consideration. Ranking from lowest to highest in this list is harder than helping Ash beat the elite 4 of any region… but I will try my very best! Pokémon is made strategically for one type not to rule out the others, so, this article not necessarily speaks to the strongest types! The order they're in is completely on my personal view of these types and nothing else. Pokémon is about the ability of the trainer and not the creatures or their types. Our adventure begins now!

10. Grass Type

pokemon-Wallpaper-700x197 Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon

Let’s be honest! No one ever picks grass because of Bulbasaur! Nah, really it’s the most disadvantaged since the start in my opinion. In all games we are given the option to get this type of starter Pokémon but they are always the most lame looking 3rd stage evolutions. Not to talk about the disadvantages! Since the fancy mix of types was introduced, grass seems to be left out being almost always mixed as a grass/poison, like.. seriously? Poison was always kind of a grassy move. One super let down is that it’s weak to around 7 other types! Geez, talk about bad luck, their best defense is against other leafy foes!

Tic-Toc! Time is something you always consider when you use the grass type because the best attacks like Solar Beam, Frenzy Plant and Petal Dance take SO MUCH time, and there’s always a penalty in some form or another. The pros of grass types lies in damage over time and special statuses like sleep, poison-enhanced attacks or HP absorbing moves.

My initial thought was to leave this classic type out! But I have to give it to them, there are SOME good points. These Pokémon learn moves that could be really annoying if you know how to use their weather advantages and exploit their special attack stat to no end.

pokemon-Wallpaper-700x197 Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon

9. Fighting Type

pokemon-Wallpaper-700x197 Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon

The fighting type couldn't be more of a cliché, as obviously it can’t touch ghosts and it’s weak to psychic abilities as well as flying! But it does get interesting when you mix this type with others, resulting in epic Pokémon like Blaziken, Lucario and Mewtwo (Mega Mewtwo X, of course). Of course Pokémon using this type are very high in the attack stat - if they lay a hit on you, it will hurt.

It beats the heck out of the insane HP wielders - usually normal type Pokémon like Blissey or defensive steel Pokémon like Aggron. The type has many good-to-have moves such as Close Combat, High Jump Kick or Superpower, all of them with excellent damage and very high accuracy. Not to mention, the Gen V legendary Pokémon signature move, Sacred Sword, is fighting type!

It’s very strange to find a pure fighting type so it’s better to just pick another type that has a fair balance with your fighting moves. Fighting doesn't stand out so much in game but it’s surely a favorite in other games where fights are involved like Super Smash Bros or the newest Pokkén fighting game.

pokemon-Wallpaper-700x197 Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon

8. Flying Type

pokemon-Wallpaper-700x197 Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon

Flying is personally my favorite type! I have to admit it's not THAT great but I think winged Pokémon look the coolest! And maybe the fastest. Everyone is bound to have a flying type Pokémon in their party, regardless of their nasty weakness to rock, ice, electric and shamelessly creating more double weaknesses that i’d like to admit when mixed with other types. BUT! the ability to use FLY! Ahh yes, who would want to miss that unknown black bird’s flying animation? Haha.

The flying type gang is where the coolest kids hang out; we got Yveltal, Rayquaza, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Charizard, Tornadus and even the Pokémon god Arceus is in here! Come join the bird trainer club because even in the anime, flying Pokémon are the most useful. We even make craziest wingless things fly like Doduo, Gyarados and Rotom! Not convinced yet? Flying types even includes a UFO in Pokéstar Studio.

Ah, remember how we all wanted that rumored flying Pikachu since Yellow Version? Then they teased us with that cute-as-a-button flying Pikachu card in Pokémon trading card games until they finally released flying Pikachu for real… yes, yes.. flying is the best! Let’s fly on to the next type.

pokemon-Wallpaper-700x197 Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon

7. Electric Type

pokemon-Wallpaper-700x197 Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon

Oh I’m glad we were just talking about Pikachu! Next up is the electric type. Probably the most outstanding of types thanks to Pikachu in the anime, who defines OP with his electric moves through all the series. Sadly, Ash didn't become the hero with a Pikachu like trainer Yellow did in the oldie manga version. In the manga Pokémon Adventures, Yellow’s saga, it is explained that Red’s pro Pikachu companion winded up all messed up and alone in Prof. Oak's lab after his trainer went missing. This would explain why Prof. Oak had a Pikachu among his selections in the first place! Could this be the real reason behind Ash’s Pikachu seeming like level 400 at times?

Okay back to the types, this one is a real mess when you’re dealing with it. It’s either you have a ground type Pokémon to deal with it or.. you have a ground type ability, hehe. Ground type is it’s only weakness. The fun part is when you mix this type with the ability levitate that makes all ground moves unable to lay a finger on you. Yes, I’m talking about you Eelektross! You evil creature!

pokemon-Wallpaper-700x197 Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon

6. Ground Type

pokemon-Wallpaper-700x197 Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon

Earthquake all the things! Okay, let’s not say that too loud or Japan may ban Pokémon like they banned Pokémon episode 377 from the world because it said Whiscash made earthquakes. On top of this, they go add an attack called Magnitude that deals ground damage depending on the magnitude potency, that is measured up to 10… just like earthquakes. That’s a sick joke, Game Freak!

The ground’s kind of shaky even when no one is talking about Earthquake, because ground types have possibly the lowest special defense stat of all; and many Pokémon use special attacks very often. They sometimes have high defense as with Steelix and Regirock but they are very, very slow or are combined with double crit bug types like defence king Shuckle.

Is there such thing as ground/fighting Pokémon? I don't think so, it would be super OP since ground is super effective to fire, poison, electric, steel and rock and the rest of the types are mostly weak to fighting. Ground can also learn a wide range of rock attacks which can be great against the flying Pokémon who are not affected by ground based moves.

pokemon-Wallpaper-700x197 Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon

5. Water Type

pokemon-Wallpaper-700x197 Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon

Out of the original 151 Pokémon, most of them were water types! Surf is one of the vital moves that you need in every game. Water stage in Pokémon also means that you’re half way through the game, woo! It’s a pretty balanced type; it’s weak to electric and grass but it’s super effective against fire, ground and rock. It’s resistant to 4 types but 3 types are resistant to it so it’s a very round type to always have. Most water moves have an accuracy above 85 and deal damage anywhere between 70 and above 100. If you’ve never played Pokémon, I’d advise a water starter.

Water types are really nifty too, they can learn ice moves and ground moves and if you have a Pokémon that is water plus either grass, dragon or ground they basically have no weakness to electricity. Oh! A cool thing about water moves is that when it’s raining, their power is doubled! One of the best water Pokémon to have around besides Eelektross are egg-raised Wailord and Whiscash. Wailord has massive HP and attacks that vary from rock, psychic to even flying. Whiscash doesn't have so much HP but it’s really high on special attack and defense and it can learn ground, psychic and electric moves!

pokemon-Wallpaper-700x197 Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon

4. Psychic Type

pokemon-Wallpaper-700x197 Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon

Psychic types are linked to a strong image of intelligence in the Pokémon world. Usually psychic Pokémon can use telekinesis and telepathy in the anime/manga. In the game, it’s not so good since it’s weak against bug (I wonder why) dark and ghost. If psychic types are not faced against Crunch, they might stand a chance with the powerful attack Psychic that never misses and has a whopping 90 damage.

Psychic is a more-than-common combination with other types and it also has the most legendaries on its stead. It’s a good thing to remember what psychic is weak to and have Pokémon who are effective against psychic types and at least one other type that can learn Crunch. In every game so far, you’ll have to deal with a psychic gym leader and, later on, a psychic elite four member, too. Another reason to want to keep those psychic-resistant and effective type Pokémon close by is that if you look for online matches, the legendaries Cresselia, Mew and Mewtwo together with Gardevoir and Gothitelle are the most used.

pokemon-Wallpaper-700x197 Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon

3. Fairy Type

pokemon-Wallpaper-700x197 Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon

Fairy is the hype of the moment. It is the most recently added Pokémon type, introduced in Gen 6. I honestly believed this type’s creation was just an excuse to group together all the cute pink normal types until I learned it has surpassed dragon type in being ridiculously over powered. In fact, it’s even untouchable by the mighty dragon types and on top of that, it's also x2 effectiveness on the poor dragon guys.

It’s sturdy to every other type, only being weak to poison and steel, the rarest and least used types. It’s possibly the type with the highest special defense but the crappiest defense. Not that it matters much, because it’s resistant to fighting. In other news, Pokémon like Togetic or Mawile completely laugh at low defense stats.

Since the fairy type is really new, it’s easy to spot who is a fairy type user. Any Pokémon that is cute, pink, and adorable is fairy… oh, and Xerneas, that too. It’s the new guy in terms of types, so it doesn't have many attacks yet, but to balance this out, they have an ability called Pixilate, that turns normal moves into fairy type moves. Yes, this means you can see your Rayquaza dying rapidly to cute little Tackles from Sylveon. This explains why some fairy attacks are described with “deals emotional damage”.

pokemon-Wallpaper-700x197 Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon

2. Dragon Type

Considered to be the best Pokémon type for many reasons, it’s resistant to the main types: water, grass, fire and electric. Most dragon type Pokémon are legendaries. It’s only weak to itself and ice. There’re also many items that boost dragon abilities. They have excellent attack, special attack and speed. Dragon is hands-down the best Pokémon type… until Gen 6 where it got owned by the new fairy type.

In beauty contests, dragon moves are very versatile so if you’re into that, then save those 13 dragon moves for your win. Dragon Pokémon have one of the coolest designs too; Salamence, Haxorus and Hydreigon rock the best dragon-ish looks in my opinion. No! Druddigon is not cool, he looks like an exploded Crayola.

For now, if you’re a skilled dragon type user, there’re many ways to counter-attack fairy moves and Pokémon but this is only for now, who knows if in Gen 7 they’ll release 20 fairy types with 20 attacks making it the fall of the Pokémon dragon era. For now let’s submit all the Pokémon to Draco Meteor’s mighty wrath!

pokemon-Wallpaper-700x197 Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon

1. Fire Type

pokemon-Wallpaper-700x197 Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon

Yes I know what you guys are thinking, fire is not nearly close to being the strongest Pokémon type. I picked this one to be the ‘best’ partly because of its popularity! Everyone who thinks fire, thinks Charizard and we all know the feeling of having owned a new Charizard card as kids, getting a shiny Charizard Mega evolution etc. This type is almost always among the top pick by trainers and I'm sure it’s the top pick in terms of starter Pokémon type.

In the anime, one of the best pokemon Ash has ever had (besides Pikachu) has been Charizard and other than that, possibly Infernape. Fire is very OP in the anime, for example, in the episode “Can’t Beat The Fire” Ash beats Gary’s skilled Blastoise with Charizard by burning the arena and getting into close-hand combat. What? How is this even allowed? Later on in the episode “Working On A Right Move!” Ash beats his buddy Brock’s Sudowoodo (a rock type) with Infernape’s Flare Blitz. Again… what? This is only a glimpse of the many strange things that happen with fire types in the anime.

Needless to say, fire is weak to whatever extinguishes fire in real life: water, rock and ground. Same deal with whatever is weak to fire in real life like bug, grass, ice, and steel are weak to it. The best part is, it’s resistant to the over powered fairy type. Fire Pokémon can also learn Solar Beam which is super cool to defeat that water type terror. Fire can go down easily because of it’s often low stats, but to compensate, many of the best fire moves pack a damage value of above 85, with many of them being learned at very early levels.

pokemon-Wallpaper-700x197 Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon

pokemon-Wallpaper-700x197 Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon

So that’s it! Obviously, there are more opinions on this than there are types. But this list takes into account each type on a holistic basis, which hopefully shows. Pokémon is about fighting and rivalries, so I’m sure a lot of that will be seen in the comments! Let’s share our Pokémon passion!

pokemon-Wallpaper-700x197 Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon


Author: Yanayme Roman

Yo! I'm yet another anime lover that lives in japan! I also love RPG games! My goal in life is to work in an animation studio! I love drawing anime! Love all related to anime!! Here is my work:

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pokemon-Wallpaper-700x197 Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Sun and Moon

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