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Monsters are very common in animes. They can be the friend of our protagonist or they can be hero’s worst nightmare. Either way, they are creatures that are quite uniquely unknown to us and quite hard to categorize. Originally in olden times, monsters are vile evil beings who likes to do harm in anyway possible. Fast forward to our time, they still hold the same meaning but some aspects of monsters have changed due to imaginative ideas of the people today.

In this list through, we would like to showcase horror animes where unusual monsters are prevalent in the show and has an influential taking in the plot. We also took noted on how monstrous beings are and how much creatures instilled fear not only to its views but for the characters in the show as well.

Since it has already been a year that we released our two-part article about Top 10 horror animes here at Honey’s Anime. As with everything, there will always be something old and something new, that is why we would like to give you our updated list of it but instead we will focus more on the dark side of Monster animes. With that said, let us go over with our list!

10. Blue Gender

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: Oct. 1999-Mar. 2000

After being in a state of suspended animation for 12 years, Kaido, Yuji woke up only to find out that blues are inhibiting the Earth while humans live on a space station known as the “second earth”. With his awakening, he discovered that he has the power to kill the blues and regain their lost home.

Blues are originally made for the sole purpose of becoming a bioweapon. As observations have been done, humans noticed that this large bugs not only eat organic matter but also inorganic matter as well. The blues must have realized that places with heavy population were a great nesting place as humans are good for their nutritional needs. Humans tried to eliminate the blues, but like some viruses that mutate to be immune to some medicines, the blues also found a way to alter themselves to take the blows of humanity has to offer. Not before long, humans were forced to live outer space with the blues still constantly reproducing to dominate the planet earth. This time, humans are considered insects by the blues and this brute creature will not stop until they annihilate humanity entirely.

9. Ajin (Ajin: Demi-Human)

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Jan. 2016-Apr. 2016

Once you bypass the CGI aspects of the anime, you will see the great story that Ajin has to offer. Ajin were first momentary discovered in Africa that was followed by some reported sightings of it in parts of the world. Since Ajin are quite rare, humans of today's time regard them as nothing but superstitions. That is what our hero Nagai, Kei thinks until an accident proved to him that Ajin do exist and that is he is one of them.

Ajin prominent trait would be their immorality. This is why the government are out to get them for they a good test subject for certain cruel experiments. Since Ajin are being treated this way, they are wrecking havoc all over the place in revenge for what the government has done to them. To make matter worse, Ajin have screams that can paralyze any humans and uses their Black Ghost to fight. They are mostly deadly with some Ajin having even no regard for human life.

8. Tokyo Ghoul

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jul. 2014-Sept. 2014

Tokyo Ghoul is one of those animes that will make you question yourself of who is on the right side or who is on the wrong side. Is it the humans? Or is it the ghouls? Tokyo not only inhibits humans but there are also ghouls who lurk around, perfectly blended with mortals who they see as food. As fearsome creatures are only inches away, our protagonist Kaneki, Ken, is supposedly leading a normal life as normal people should. Until an incident occurred where he wakes up one morning, only to discover that he was turned into a half-ghoul. Now trapped in his new distorted world, Kaneki sees first hand the contrast between humans and ghouls.

In the world of Tokyo ghoul, humans are not considered at the top of the food chain anymore as there are already ghouls who can only eat humans and their own kind. Ghouls are highly dangerous when they choose to be. They have monstrous strength and can easily kill humans with their Kagune which they use as their primary weapon for hunting and for killing.

7. Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Parasyte -the maxim-)

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Oct. 2014-Mar. 2015

Based on the 1989 manga by Iwaaki, Hitoshi, Parasyte pulls us from its world where parasitic aliens attach themselves to humans and lay prey who falls victim to them. Unique circumstances lead Izumi, Shinichi to be infected by a parasite through his right hand instead of the normal way where parasites infect the brain. After some unfortunate happenings, Shinichi decided to take down all parasites together with his right-hand man or in this case alien Migi. (Pun intended)

In their original form, parasites are creatures that really aren’t imposing at all. But once these creatures successfully attach itself to its host, they are scary and fatal. When they finally have full control of their host’s body, they proceed to go out in search for more humans to eat as that is what their instinct tell them too. At times, when faced with dangerous situations, they can alter their host’s body to harden up and create sharp weapons all over the body for combat.

6. Claymore

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: Apr. 2007-Sept. 2007

Claymore is a dark fantasy that is set during the medieval times where Yoma feast on human flesh and can blend in with human society. It is now up to the Claymores, who are half human and half Yoma hybrids, to stop these demons from terrorizing humans. The story starts with Raki who was saved by Clair, a Claymore that is normally rejected by society.

Just like our selection above, a normal Yoma is a parasitical creature that also invades the brain to gain access to a human body. The only difference is that Yoma, whether they eat a lot of humans or not, must find another host after some time to continue living. Yoma are often sadistic, enjoying how they kill and eat their prey. However, beings much more powerful than these normal demons started to pop out of nowhere that even Claymores are having a hard time to kill it. They are called the awaken beings who were former Claymores turned Yoma due to them losing control of their demonic energy. Awaken beings are beastly in appearance and more threatening than a normal Yoma.

5. Gantz

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Apr. 2004-Jun. 2004

What comes after death? Do we go to heaven or to hell? Or maybe we wake up suddenly to a place where we are forced to play a game for our survival. For Gantz through, that is the case. Kurono, Kei, and Katou, Masaru died after trying to save a homeless man. They didn’t expect that afterlife would force them in a twisted mission to fight monstrous aliens and robots in order to live.

Gantz has a lot of monsters revolving around its world. With each new targets presented to the participants, its either do or die depending on how they smartly defeat their targets. The aliens that are asked to eliminate ranges from docile ones (which are rare) to unpleasant vicious beings. Gantz definitely shouts savagely, women almost getting raped, children being beaten up to a bloody plump, torturing men endlessly until they die and the remaining will either be dismembered or squished down by the said target. This show is gory that can make us cringe with the way they show brutality towards the aliens or especially the humans.

4. Knights of Sidonia (Sidonia no Kishi)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Apr. 2014-Jun. 2014

Just like Ajin, who uses CGI as a means to show its marvel, Knights of Sidonia is set in the futuristic dystopian world where the remaining humans are constantly on the run in fear of being extinct. With earth long gone, humans rely on “seed ships” to be their new home and uses high-end technology to multiply and to answer their basic needs. Meet Tanikaze, Nagate who lives on the one of the known “seed ships” that is Sidonia. Follow him as he embarks on a journey to protect Sidonia as a “Garde” pilot.

Gauna, are aliens that destroyed the earth that still continuously hunt humans down to extinction. Gauna has two main parts, the true body, and its placenta. With its placenta, they are able to morph their body to their bidding. While the true body, in turn, can absorb a whole lot of things including humans. They are also extremely hard to kill, as the only way for a Gauna to die is for them to be pierced in their true body by a Kabizashi, which is a large spear-like weapon.

3. Blood-C

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jul. 2011-Sept. 2011

From the famous Blood franchise comes with Blood-C. Kisaragi, Saya is an upbeat school girl by day and a fierce monster slayer by night. She has learned the ways of the sword through her father and inherited her ceremonial sword through her mother. With this by her side, she has fully devoted herself to protect her once peaceful village only for her beliefs to be tested as she uncovers truth after truths.

The old ones or also called elder bairns are the primary antagonist of the show. They are in huge numbers and with different traits and abilities depending on their kind. Like most of our selections, their instinct is to kill and feed on humans. Though, the monsters of Blood-C are more, let's say, creative when they slaughter their poor victims. It's precisely evident that they do not only murder the humans out of hunger, but they also do so to enjoy and relish the terror that is painted in their prey’s face. Humans have tried to reach out to them and beg for them to stop, but this vile creature sees humans for what they are to them: food.

2. Terra Formars

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Sept. 2014-Dec. 2014

Before the start of the series, scientists sent out cockroaches in the planet mars as an experiment to see if it deemed habitable by earth creatures. It was a success only show its problems in the distant future. At present, humans are plagued by a martian virus where the only cure for it can be found in mars. Expeditions are made by genetically modified humans to get samples of mutated cockroaches and exterminate them to get a hold of the martian planet once more.

Cockroaches are mostly hated by anyone. They are dirty and they look disgusting. After watching Terra Formars, surely your hate towards these insects will double up a notch. And we can’t help it as the anime depicts them in a much more gruesome way possible. These evolved humanoid cockroaches are called Terraformars. They are the one who currently lives in the planet mars and has a distinctive hatred for humans. Terraformars are quite intelligent and adaptable, relying on their fellow brethren to eliminate humans.

They still retain their cockroach traits even after evolving thus humans must have special ways to wipe them out by first modifying their bodies coupled up with a well-planned attack. Even with this, Terraformars are still hard to dispose of as they still continue to improve fast with each ability being stolen from their victimized modified humans.

1. Berserk

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Oct. 1997-Apr. 1998

Berserk is an anime that is known as one of the true classics and is loved by many. A man who grew up from the harsh realities of battles, Guts story began when he was recruited by Griffith in his group of mercenaries that is the “Band of the Hawk”. However, as the series progress, we see Guts’ glorious mercenary days to his current demon slaying ways due to his friend’s lust for more power.

Being a dark fantasy anime, Berserk’s world is abundant when it comes to races. Just to mention a few, there are dragons, elves, golems, trolls and the Apostles. Apostles are once human beings who threw their humanity away to be a demonic monster because of their despair. Although formerly a human, Apostles doesn’t have any trace of humanity left in them after their transformation. They adhere hedonism and only listen to their rulers known as the God Hand. Overall Apostles, along with their leaders, practically do anything inhumane to remaining mortals. Their evil deeds are so repulsive that it left us fathomable unsettling feelings.

Final Thoughts

With Berserk, we will end this segment. Hopefully your not reading this during night time. If you are, please don’t look under your bed, your creepy closet, outside the window or that little gap in your not so closed door. Don’t even stare at your mirror too and pray that these monsters aren’t beside you now to hunt you down. Joking aside, If you will take the time to analyze and ponder on some of the anime that were selected in here, aren’t humans mostly the ones who created and caused terrifying monsters to appear in the first place? Don’t you think we humans ourselves are the most dangerous monsters there is?

If you're itching for more gruesome monsters, then go check out Shingeki no Kyojin with their funny but scary looking titans, Genocyber for some heavy gore, and Gyo with their fish that leave behind the smell of death. What do you think about this list? Tell us your favorite horror monster anime by writing it down in the comment section below.

Till next time again my fellow anime lovers! Now Signing off~



Author: Jopz "Yuuema"

I'm an anime and manga enthusiast who is also sinking deeper and deeper into the world of video games. I’m also a traveler by heart who goes out a lot in seek of adventures by studying/learning other histories and cultures of different places and people. Besides the above mentioned, my other interests include reading, writing, cooking/baking, listening to music, observing people, and imagining/appreciating all kinds of things. Oh, by the way, I don’t bite! :3

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Hello my fellow Otaku,

Here is “Part 2” of “Top 10 Horror Animes”!
In the previous article, I shared some of the best horror anime series out there that specifically have a horror sense to them.

This would include series that have scary scenes, frightful tales, gore, monsters, demons, etc. In this final selection of anime, I want to point out that some anime that many probably consider to be horror, really aren't. Sure they have some scenes of blood and guts but they're not classified as horror. If you would like to justify your reasons for such an anime, and why it should be on the list, do it in the comment box below.

Without further ado, here's “Part 2” of horror anime series. (In case you haven't seen Part 1, here you go.)

1. Ghost Hunt

This anime follows Mai and her friends who love to tell ghost stories to each other.
Many of these ghost stories are centered around the abandoned building on the school's campus and many are more than just stories.Interrupted by a mysterious male during one of their ghost-story sessions, Mai finds out that he is a 17 year old boy named Shibuya, who is president of the Shibuya Psychic Research Company.

As a request from the principle of the school, the Shibuya was called in to investigate the stories centered around the abandoned building. Unknowingly interfering with the investigation, Shibuya hires Mai as an assistant and she begins to learn about the paranormal world and the profession of ghost hunting.

2. High School of the Dead

A fan favorite series for all anime lovers, High School of the Dead, is a great horror anime to watch.

The series takes place in a world where a mysterious and lethal virus/disease breaks out worldwide, creating a huge death rate that threatens to extinguish all of humanity. Once consumed by this virus, you are killed and become the living dead.

Taking place in Japan, several high school students and staff members have to join forces and escape the high school that is taken over by zombies. After that, the group tries to figure out the origin of the outbreak and how they can survive the present apocalypse.

3. Boogiepop Phantom

This anime is pretty good, old, but good.
The anime takes place in an unknown city in Japan, about a month after a series of murders occurred and a pillar of light appeared suddenly in the night sky. The story centers around certain characters of the anime, who are witnesses of the incident and the consequences that follow.

This is when high school students suddenly disappear and everyone blames an urban legend said to be the personification of death, Boogiepop. Everyone knows about Boogiepop, if you meet her one night, you will be taken. As people tell each other stories and laugh about it, they don't really believe that it exists.

But still, strange and weird things continue to happen for something lurks in the dark taking many forms. Are you safe?

4. Tokkou

Another great series, Tokkou, follows Shindou as he just graduated from the police academy and assigned to the Special Mobile Investigation Force called, Tokki.

The day of his graduation is when he met a half-naked tattooed girl from his dreams wearing a police uniform name Rokujo. Rokujo is a was in the same class as Shindou but in a different force called Special Public Safety Task Force, or Tokki. Shindou later joins the Tokki in order to avenge his parents' death and investigate the mysterious murders of residents from his hometown.

During his investigation, bottomless pits begin to appear all over Japan while horrifying creatures begin to emerge from them.

5. Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi

This is yet another great horror anime to watch.

This story follows Rin Asogi, an immortal private detective who has a thirst (or addiction) for vodka and a keen talent for attracting things that go BUMP, in the night. In a series of extremely horrific events in a period of sixty-five years, Rin's beautiful body is sadistically pierced, blown up, and mutilated to a bloody pulp. The perpetrator of her tortured life is Apos, a being obsessed with sacrificing her to the tree of life, Yggdrasil. As she struggles to discover the secrets of her never ending agony, Apos dwindles in the shadows waiting for the right opportunity to tear into her perfect body and consume the memories of her countless lives.

Rin is no stranger to the land of the dead, she never knows when her next visit will be permanent.

6. Kurozuka

Taking place in 12th century Japan, the story follows Kuro and his servant, Benkei.

After running away from Kuro's elder brother who seeks to end his life, they come across a mysterious woman named Kuromitsu. Kuro falls in love with Kuromitsu and later discovers that she has a terrible and horrifying secret. Kuromitsu is a vampiric immortal.
After being betrayed by Benkei, who is part of the Red army, Kuro's head is severed after ingesting the blood of Kuromitsu, thus, disrupting the transformation process of becoming an immortal.
Kuro surprisingly wakes up centuries later in a post-apocalyptic world, where its citizens are oppressed by the Red Army of his past. Quickly found by a revolutionary group called Haniwa, he fights to rid the lands of the Red Army and continue to find his lost love.

I highly recommend this series to any fan of horror!

7. Blood C

This is another anime series loved by all anime fans.

The story follows Saya Kisaragi, who is a normal and rather clumsy girl, but kind. Living with her father, who is the head of the town's shrine, she learns to be a master swordsman.
Because of her great skills, she fights against monsters the plagued her peaceful town with the sword left behind from her missing mother. In her effort to fight off the monsters, she learns the true meaning of her existence and mission in life.

Taking place in the same scenarios as the Blood saga, Blood C present fans with a different storyline and setting to enjoy.

8. Pupa

This is anime is about two teenagers, Utsutsu and Yume, whose father was an extremely abusive individual.

He would beat their mother and the two when he is suddenly fired from his job, leading to divorce from their mother and him leaving the kids. Now as orphans, Utsutsu and Yume continue to survive with Utsutsu promising to look after Yume as long as they're together.
Later on, they see red butterflies and mysteriously become infected with a virus known as Pupa. This virus mutates the human body into ravenous monsters, looking to feed on any form of life. Yume is fully infected by the virus but reverts to her human form, while Utsutsu overcomes the the virus by gaining regenerative powers.
He later finds out in order to keep his sister Yume from reverting into a monster, he must take a drug and have his sister feed upon his flesh to survive.

That's freaking crazy, right?!

9. Shiki

The story takes place in the 1990's, in a normal and quiet Japanese village called Sotoba.

Mysterious murders spread throughout the village when a strange and weird family moves into an abandoned mansion. One doctor, Toshio Ozaki, suspects an epidemic and investigates as dead bodies begin to pile up. He is convinced when he learns that this may be the works of the “Shiki”, a vampire-like creature that plagues the village.
This is when a young man named Nastuno, is pursued and surrounded by death and from the start, never wanted to live in the village to begin with.

10. Yamishibai

This is an anime that is very good at interpreting some of Japan's most legendary Ghost stories and folktales. Explore the rich culture of Japan in several storytelling techniques inspired by artistic usage of paper figures and scrolls.

This anime is a picture-story style animation with influences based off of rumors and urban legends throughout the history of Japan.
Every week at 5 p.m., an old man appears at a children's playground to tell ghost stories about these myths and legends. Telling these stories on the back of his bicycle, he has a new tale to tell each week. The first season of the anime is completed, with the second season ongoing as I type.

Check it out. It's pretty good!

This concludes the “Top 10 Horror Animes”. I'm sure with this selections, you'll be entertained and scared on a different level than ever before. Of course, not all of these series will scare you, but I'm sure, one will.

Do you have a favorite horror anime series? Which anime series in the selection will you check out?
Is there a horror anime series you felt should have been in the list? Let us know in the comments below!

Scare you later!


Editor in Chief

Author: Alfonso "Fonzy" Ortiz

I'm a Geek, Nerd, Writer, and lover of all video games, anime, science, technology and the internet. I previously worked for, a contributing writer as the Japanese Corespondent at and founded a website called! I currently live in Japan as Editor in Chief of Honey's Anime and its very talented writers! I'm down for anything! What do you want to do?

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