Why You NEED to Watch number24

Six months prior to the beginning of number24, Natsusa Yuzuki and Ibuki Ueoka, star players for their university’s rugby team, were in an unfortunate motorcycle accident. While Ibuki is uninjured from the accident, Natsusa is confined to stay at home for those six months and any further participation in contact sports could permanently injure him. As a result, he retires from playing rugby but continues to participate as a manager. As for Ibuki, he quit the team out of shame. Despite the situation, Natsusa tries to make the most of it. This is kind of the foundation in regards to why we think you NEED to watch number24.

Overcoming Adversity

What’s great about number24 is that it teaches the viewers about overcoming adversity. Not only does Natsusa have to give up playing rugby, but he also has to repeat a year of college. While he still suffers from the effects of the accident, he doesn’t allow it to stop him from wanting to contribute to the team. While Natsusa, upon his introduction, has put the accident behind him on an emotional level, Ibuki hasn’t. Since he was the driver, he naturally feels a lot of guilt over Natsusa's condition but thanks to Natsusa’s help, he crawls out of his hole in order to once again pursue his passion for rugby.

Being Willing to Help Others

While Natsusa is no longer physically capable of playing rugby, he knows that it will always be a part of him as long as he chooses to contribute. Thanks to his passion and experience, he can be of help by being a manager. As a manager, he can help get the equipment and uniforms ready, assist in getting the players warmed up, and serve as something of an assistant coach by giving players tips. While some team members feel awkward about having one of their former star players as a manager, they eventually come to terms with it thanks to his help and outgoing personality.


When it comes to rugby or any other team sports, teamwork is naturally going to be a theme and number24 takes that theme in another direction. When Ibuki comes back to the team, a lot of the present members initially feel resentment towards him because they feel that with a star player like him on the roster, it could red-shirt some of the other members. In Ibuki’s first game since his comeback, his teammates refuse to pass to him out of jealousy and it actually costs them the game! The team members who blackballed Ibuki come to see that their selfishness cost them the game and that they should learn to rely on each other.

Staying Positive No Matter What

The number one thing you can take out of watching number24 is the power of having a positive attitude, and Natsusa does a great job of demonstrating that. Not once does he complain about his predicament and he’s always willing to put others before himself when he shouldn’t. Upon his return to classes, he is welcomed with open arms and is also willing to be friends with his juniors and classmates; he does his best to get to know everyone and if someone invites him to have lunch with them, he’s never willing to turn down the offer; if he and his friends see someone by themselves, they’re willing to invite that person to join them; and when another player with an ulcer felt doubts about playing, Natsusa tells him he should do what makes him happy. As a result, that teammate decides to be a manager with Natsusa.

Final Thoughts

Through number24, viewers can see the journey of a young man who is at a crossroads in his life and takes the best route. Natsusa could have just spent the rest of his life feeling sorry for himself and making excuses as to why things didn’t go the way he intended. Instead, he chooses to move forward and be the best he can be not just for himself, but for everyone around him and for the love of the game.

What number24 demonstrates through Natsusa can relate to many audiences. His journey is the ultimate demonstration that you can’t control what happens in life, but you can control how you react to it, and that is ultimately why you NEED to watch number24. So for those of you watching number24, what do you say? Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

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