[Action & Fujoshi Fodder Fall 2018] Like Bungou Stray Dogs? Watch This!

Bungou Stray Dogs tells us the fantastic story of Atsushi Nakajima, a boy with strange powers who is found by two unique individuals who not only both represent famous Japanese authors and have powers that are indicative of the person whose name they share, but work at a special detective agency. Unlike any other; here, supernatural mysteries are solved and battles are held. Atsushi starts to learn his place in society with the help of a colorful variety of characters. If you loved Bungou Stray Dogs for the literary allusions, the fantastic battles, the characterizations, or just the plain fujoshi fodder where there was enough homoeroticism that you could cut it with a knife, then sit back and enjoy as we have two more shows currently on air that both feature great action scenes and enough fodder to keep the fujoshi and fudanshi thrilled. Let’s roll!

Liked Bungou Stray Dogs? Watch Banana Fish!

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: July 2018 - December 2018

Ash Lynx is the head of a deadly gang in New York City. However, a drug has rendered the mind of his only brother useless. The only word his brother seems to know is Banana Fish. Deciding to take justice into his own hands, Ash decides to rebel against the system that gave him power. At the same time, a timid young Japanese boy steps off a plane that has just touched down in NYC. His name is Eiji Okumura. His fate is closely entwined with that of Ash’s and once the two cross paths, there will be no going back.

Major Similarities Between Bungou Stray Dogs and Banana Fish

1. Warring Factions

The great starting point that these two series share is that both put our main characters in the center of some sort of warring factions. The Port Mafia wants to crush the detective agency in Bungou Stray Dogs while Ash wants to crush Dino and his allies. Both lead to fantastic chases, fight scenes, and plenty of blood. There is so much going on at once, that you have to pay attention so that you do not get lost!

2. Homoerotic Under… Who Are We Kidding? Homoerotic Overtones

The one thing that both Bungou Stray Dogs and Banana Fish do well is that they really don’t hold any punches when it comes to the BL setup. Sure nothing is blatant, but you know that Doppo and Osami are made for each other pretty much how Eiji and Ash are. They are inseparable and while it may not be explicit, the viewer can put two and two together. However, what these two shows do correctly, is that the BL does not detract from the overall story making a great tale overall.

Liked Bungou Stray Dogs? Watch Double Decker! Doug & Kirill!

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: September 2018 - December 2018

Two suns rise over a crime-ridden city known as Lisvalletta. The worst of all is a drug known as “Anthem” that, when taken, transforms the user into a monster. The SEVEN-O Special Crime Investigation Unit is called in to handle these things. SEVEN-O is trying to crack the mystery behind this drug and stop it from getting into the hands of more criminals. However, investigators have to go in pairs. That is when veteran Douglas, someone who is that weird, middle-aged man who loves dad jokes and is probably consistently half drunk, is paired up with newbie Kirill who thinks he has something to prove. True, Kirill has the raw talent, but can it be refined into an actually employable skill?

Major Similarities Between Bungou Stray Dogs and Double Decker! Doug & Kirill

1. Fantastic Action Scenes

Honestly, at first, the action setup did not appear as something that was going to make for a good aspect of the story. However, when watching it, we get flashbacks of scenes from GARO -Vanishing Line- and we couldn’t be all the more happier. The same is true too for flashbacks of Bungou Stray Dogs. The action scenes are always enough and really do deliver in that you really could believe that these characters are actually fighting for something and not just because the plot told them to.

2. Bishounen Everywhere & Shipping-Friendly

Even if Double Decker isn’t as heavy on the BL overtones as Banana Fish is, both Bungou and Double Decker give you more than enough in all of the pretty boys. In fact, they are bursting at the seams with them. Plus, even if you don’t ship the two main characters, there are still countless others that you can set up especially with Double Decker where everyone comes and works in a pair!

Final Thoughts

Those are just a few of the common points shared between Bungou Stray Dogs and the two shows that we listed here. What are your favorite shared points between the two series? Be sure to let us know down below! Till next time!

Banana-Fish-1-225x350 [Action & Fujoshi Fodder Fall 2018] Like Bungou Stray Dogs? Watch This!


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