Christmas Episodes to Make You Laugh This Holiday Season

With Christmas around the corner, how about a little cheer? Get festive with these holiday episodes that do the same! What we were looking for here were episodes that were both Christmas time and include elements of comedy. We hope you enjoy our holiday picks!

Our Holly, Jolly Christmases

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Episode 11: Troupe Dragon, On Stage! (They Had A Troupe Name, Huh)

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is the story of Tohru. Tohru is a mighty and powerful dragon who comes to this world and becomes the live-in maid of Miss Kobayashi, an overworked salarywoman. When other dragons show up, they all work to fit into the human world to stay near their friend Thoru. This slice of life comedy has one season completed and another on the way next year!

Tohru has vast power as a dragon, but she spends all of her efforts into being the best maid she can be for Miss Kobayashi. Tohru and the dragons find themselves filling in as the cast of a holiday-themed play for a local retirement community. In true dragon fashion, the group decides to mix the stories of Christmas and other myths with some dragon magic added to make a once in a lifetime play.

If the Christmas play isn’t enough of the holiday spirit, Miss Kobayashi comes home from her extended holiday shifts to a chimney that has been installed by the front door of her apartment with signs for Santa. Tune in to this episode on Crunchyroll and Funimation to watch Kanna play the little match girl and get ready for Santa’s visit.

“I do hate the idea of celebrating the birth of you-know-who’s son, but it sounds like a good time!” -Tohru

Hetalia Axis Powers, Episode 31: Christmas at Hetalia Academy

Hetalia is a fast-paced show whose episodes are only a few minutes long. The countries of the world are characterized as a bunch of cute boys who attend school together. Their relationships and personalities reflect the culture and histories of each country. If you’re a history buff, watch Hetalia!

In this episode, Germany, Italy, and Japan are working together to write an article called “Christmas Around the World.” They decide to interview the other countries to see their Christmas traditions and get ready for some very different results! From “X-TREME,” Christmas in America to “Christmas in Godless Russia,” other countries describe how they come together and celebrate with their loved ones. Since they always hang out together, it seems that Italy will be spending Christmas with Japan and Germany.

“I’m really looking forward to it because your present didn’t die this year!” -Italy

Gintama, Episodes 200: Santa Claus Red is Blood Red and 201: Everybody’s a Santa

Gintama is an anime about a different Japan that was invaded by an alien race who suppressed samurai culture. Gintoki Sakata is an out of work ronin who runs an odd-jobs business. He and his friends perform a wide variety of tasks with different levels of success. They make due and have some fun while they’re at it.

Kagura has heard about Christmas and sends a letter to her father, who is off-planet, to wish him well and express excitement for the holiday ahead. He takes the role of Santa and shows up in time for Christmas, only to be the 2nd Santa to arrive on the scene! As the two argue about who the real Santa is, it occurs to both Santas that the other could be the real one, and they decide to fight the real Santa. Right as they go to exchange blows, they are joined by… a third Santa? Wait, no. a fourth. Okay, five. There are five Santas.

With so many Santas, Kagura decides to hold a contest to see who the real Santa could be! The competition continues into episode 201 as Kagura chooses to represent the world’s children and plays out different Christmasses with her friends playing all the other characters. Which Santa will come out on top? Enjoy a bunch of fools trying to enjoy the holidays and getting it mostly wrong with these Gintama specials!

Final Thoughts

Whether 2020 has you spending Christmas at home with the pets or you have events to attend, these anime will get you in the spirit! Get ready to laugh because each of these episodes so sincerely wants to make Christmas happen that both comedy and a heartwarming feeling are in ample supply. Have you already watched these episodes? Please tell us in the comments!

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