Golden Kamuy Season 4 First Impression - Continuing the Greatest Search for Gold!

Golden Kamuy has returned with its fourth season this Fall 2022 continuing the story of Asirpa and the Immortal Sugimoto as they traverse Hokkaido and Sakhalin to find the hidden Ainu gold. Sugimoto is a former Japanese soldier that fought in the Russo-Japanese War in the early 1900s and earned the nickname “Immortal” because of his unexplainable ability to escape death. Sugimoto is on the hunt for the lost Ainu gold hidden by a murderer only traceable by a map tattooed on the skin of his cellmates but is attacked by a bear in the woods only to be saved by a small Ainu girl - Asirpa, beginning their journey together.

The Journey So Far

Sugimoto and Asirpa have travelled across Hokkaido seeking out the different cellmates of Noppera-bo, the man who stole the gold, to find their tattoos to get a map for finding the treasure. Meeting different Ainu compatriots as Asirpa searched for her family on their journey and Sugimoto meeting many different army comrades, the two were separated after a prison battle that saw Noppera-bo killed. Journeying to Karafuto on the island of Sakhalin separately, Asirpa with an Ainu man that knew her father, and Sugimoto with members of the 7th division led by Lieutenant Tsurumi.

Season four brings us back together with Sugimoto and Asirpa travelling together, the strong point of Golden Kamuy as the two share excellent chemistry, especially around Sugimoto’s exploration of Ainu delicacies like squirrel brain.

New Faces, Same Format

The interesting story and setting of Golden Kamuy are great, taking a serious period in history and exploring the culture of the Ainu people, as well as the societal shifts during Japanese politics at the time. However, the setting aside, we all know that comedy and action are what brings us back every time. This is the case with the introduction of our three newest faces in the second episode, Kadokura who is the head jailer from Abashiri Prison, Kirawus his Ainu companion, and Sekiya the newest prisoner to be chased down. The two confront Sekiya in frozen water which results in funny happenings with buff naked men, the stalwart theme of Golden Kamuy.

The same can be said when we are reintroduced to Ushiyama who has appeared in the wilderness with seemingly none of his memories, only found by a young Ainu boy who leads him around like a lost pet. The dialogue alone of this storyline is fantastic and if the comedic writing in the rest of the series is this high-quality then we can look forward to Golden Kamuy Season Four scratching our historical, action-comedy itch!

Final Thoughts

Golden Kamuy has returned true to form with excellent comedy, gripping gunfights in twentieth-century Japan, and more of Sugimoto eating interesting body parts of small animals. As always, there is a plentiful amount of naked buff men goofing about, and that’s exactly what we were hoping for with this new season, along with the search for gold! What have you thought of Golden Kamuy’s fourth season so far? Do you think the story is continuing the way you wanted? Let us know in the comments!

Golden-Kamuy-Wallpaper Golden Kamuy Season 4 First Impression - Continuing the Greatest Search for Gold!


Author: Lewis Williamson

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