Golden Kamuy 2nd Season Review – Hinna, hinna!

Hinna, hinna!

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Action, Adventure, Historical, Seinen
  • Airing Date : October 2018 – December 2018
  • Studios : Geno Studio

Contains Spoilers

Golden Kamuy 2nd Season Introduction

Saichi Sugimoto, Asirpa and Yoshitake Shiraishi continue their quest to find the lost Ainu gold, dogged by both Toshizou Hijikata and Lieutenant Tsurumi’s eclectic groups. Asirpa struggles to come to terms with the idea that her father might be the infamous Noppera-bou, even as Sugimoto struggles to get over the burdens he still carries with him from the Russo-Japanese war. We also get to learn more about interesting characters like Inkarmat, Hyakunosuke Ogata and Genjirou Tanigaki as their backstories are shared. As enemies become allies and everyone draws closer to the end goal, who will end up victorious in the end? We have reached the goal that these characters have been striving for throughout the series—the Abashiri prison, where Noppera-bou is held. Yet even this major goal is only a small stop on their larger quest to reclaim the much-desired gold!

Why You Should Watch Golden Kamuy 2nd Season

1. Unexpected Character Growth

With its second season, Golden Kamuy has defined itself even more clearly as something entirely unique! Not only do the main characters delve further into their own issues, we also get to see back stories and great character development from many of the mysterious side characters as well. Despite their silly moments, each one of these characters is given depth. The relationships between the large cast grow and change along the way, as Golden Kamuy is brilliant at toeing the line between good and evil with its characters’ morality—this makes it easy to find something to love about each character!

2. Finding Noppera-bou

The final two episodes of this season are certainly something we will not forget for a long while! All of the various groups are suddenly gathered in one place, each person with their own goals to fulfill at that moment. Golden Kamuy does a great job of subtly reminding us what each character is striving toward in these episodes, even as epic fights and a few funny moments help to break up the tension of the season’s end. With Sugimoto on his way to get Asirpa back, we absolutely cannot wait for a third season!

3. Much More Story-Driven

Golden Kamuy takes a more focused approach this season, cutting out a fair bit of manga content to make sure the season ended at the Abashiri prison. Though there is still plenty of that weird episodic humor we’ve come to look forward to, the story feels centered on the task of finding Noppera-bou at last. Even backstories and side-plots manage to be shared in a way that makes us understand the character’s reasons for their part in this expedition for the Ainu gold. Compared to its first season, Golden Kamuy seems more put-together with this season’s change, and as a result, the ending is as satisfying as it is unexpectedly heart-wrenching.

Why You Should Skip Golden Kamuy 2nd Season

1. Still Just as Weird as Before

If what you didn’t like about Golden Kamuy before is its strange sense of humor, you definitely won’t find any relief in the second season. The show keeps up its perverted comedic moments throughout the series, adding in a few characters specifically dedicated to this purpose. And this type of sporadic humor is not for everyone… Our advice: watch the first couple of episodes, and if you can’t get past Yasaku Edogai, this show is not for you!

2. You Need to Pay Attention

The episodic nature of Golden Kamuy is far removed from this season, though the elements of cooking and Ainu culture still scattered in each episode make it retain the general feel of before. Due to the story-driven nature of the season this time around, viewers will need to pay closer attention and can’t just watch the show as casually as before. Of course, plenty of other episodic shows aired this past season as well, so if you are missing that element about Golden Kamuy, you can certainly find it elsewhere!

Final Thoughts

Golden Kamuy’s second season showed us even more that this series is amazing! The plethora of unique characters it boasts makes Golden Kamuy as great as it is, and it’s easy to even forget that many of the characters are criminals or war-burdened soldiers! We adored the character development and story-focused plot shown, with the final episodes just emphasizing all the parts we love about this eccentric show.

What did you think of the second season of Golden Kamuy? What has been your favorite part so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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