It’s Make It or Break It for Tamakoma 2 in World Trigger Season 3!

World Trigger Season 3 is dishing out amazing tactics and intense battles. The four-way battle between Tamakoma 2, Azuma Squad, Kageura Squad, and Suzunari First features a lot of jaw-dropping highlights, most of which are from Tamakoma 2. Not only that, Tamakoma 2’s struggles have finally started to pay off after winning with a relatively big margin. This, however, doesn’t come without a cost. Chika has accidentally hit another agent and Osamu has once again shown his weakness. Even Hyuse’s remarkable performance may not necessarily be good news. At such a critical point, these incidents can only break Tamakoma 2 or strengthen them further. Here’s what we think.

Hyuse’s Circumstances

Hyuse has done remarkably well during his first ranked battle as a member of Tamakoma 2, proving that Osamu’s decision of recruiting him is a good choice. However, Hyuse may have performed too well. His performance roused the suspicion of some agents, and a rumor quickly spread within the C-rank agents. While a quick stopgap measure is employed, it’s only a matter of time before Hyuse’s real identity is exposed. The question now is when it will happen. Whenever that is, it will prove to be a challenge towards Osamu’s leadership and Tamakoma 2’s grit.

Osamu’s Breakthrough

Osamu himself admits that his skill as a team captain is still lacking as the rumor about Hyuse could have easily been avoided. The rumor, however, isn’t the only result of Osamu’s shortcoming. The fact that he willingly divides his main force just to protect the fairly safe Chika shows how skewed his priorities are. The battle may have ended in their favor, but this doesn’t mean Osamu is already off the hook. He also knows that. He’s starting to question his own abilities and whether or not he’s making the right decisions. The good thing is that he’s immediately showing improvements.

Albeit with the help of Jin’s advice, Osamu is steeling his resolve and seeing his choices to the end. His resolve to personally take action about the rumor shows his sense of responsibility, which is an essential quality of a good leader. He also has to support Chika after the accident, while also making sure to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future. Nevertheless, Osamu will have to step up his game one way or another.

Chika’s Dilemma

While it may seem that hitting an enemy is a trivial matter in a sci-fi anime with guns and blasters, it’s a big issue for Chika. That accident is terrifying enough for her to be paralyzed for a short while. Surprisingly, it turns out that a similar incident has already occurred before. According to Azuma, an agent named Hatohara has the same circumstances as Chika. When she accidentally hit another agent during a rank battle, she was never able to recover from it. This gives us a possible outcome for Chika. If this proves to be too big of an incident, she may have long-lasting trauma of shooting.

The good thing in Chika’s case is that she’s able to immediately recover from it. At least, that’s what it seems as she managed to shoot another round of Meteor. If Chika won’t succumb to this accident, then this will only strengthen her. It will either make her strive harder in order to avoid repeating the same mistake and improve her shooting skills, or she may even overcome her fear altogether.

Final Thoughts

World Trigger is only getting better after each episode. With Tamakoma 2 aiming to join the expedition, they’re bound to take some risks along the way. Just like any risk, they’re also bound to win some and lose some. While there’s no guarantee that the results are what we want them to be, we’re very curious to see the results of their decisions.

World-Trigger-Wallpaper-2-1-700x394 It’s Make It or Break It for Tamakoma 2 in World Trigger Season 3!


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