World Trigger Season 3 - Neighbors Unite!

The action-packed, alien-filled sci-fi anime is back, and it only took a couple of months. World Trigger Season 2 leaves us with a massive cliffhanger. It shows Hyuse being on par with some of Border’s greatest agents and ends just as he’s about to make his debut as a member of Tamakoma 2. The third season, so far, is focused on Tamakoma 2’s struggle to join the expedition, which means climbing the ranks. This is not only to reach the minimum qualifications but also to prove that Tamakoma 2 can actually utilize Hyuse and not the other way around. Four episodes in, here are our first impressions of World Trigger Season 3.

3. Maintained Quality

Since it hasn’t been long since season 2 ended, the art, sound effects, and music are still quite fresh in our mind. It’s great to see that season 3 hasn’t diminished in terms of artistic quality. Both the OP and ED are great, and the art and animation do all the fighting scenes justice. Since the first season isn’t really that great in terms of animation, it’s a relief to see the third season is following the second season’s footsteps. As far as the animation’s quality is concerned, it’s probably safe to assume that this season will be decent at the very least. Now, it all boils down to the plot and writing.

2. Battle-Focused Season

Four episodes have already aired at the time of writing. During that span, the B-Rank battle between Tamakoma 2, Suzunari 1, and Azuma Squad hasn’t even finished yet. While this isn’t necessarily a concern for us as we’re greatly enjoying the action, it may mean that the expedition won’t be happening this season. In fact, the closest we may get to that point is the season ending just as Tamakoma 2’s efforts pay off. Again, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it may be good to check your expectations for this season to avoid being disappointed.

1. Getting Stronger

Tamakoma 2 has been improving at a steady rate since day one, and it looks like they’ll continue to do so as long as things go smoothly. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll acquire more black triggers or whatnot. Hyuse’s addition to the team is already a big power-up. Osamu’s leadership and tactics are also improving the more battles they fight. Even though he unarguably can’t hold a candle to Kuga or Hyuse in a one-on-one fight, Osamu’s strength has never been about his attacking prowess. As the other squads also show that they’re not just sitting ducks as Tamakoma 2 sharpen their triggers, the members of Tamakoma 2 are forced to further step up their game. Surely, we’ll be seeing a stronger Tamakoma 2 during the expedition, given that they’ll actually make it to that point.

Final Thoughts

We’re very happy to watch another season of World Trigger without needing to wait another couple of years. It’s also very fortunate that season 2’s quality is maintained, and we’re definitely liking what we’re watching. While there’s a good chance we’re only going to see squad versus squad battles in this season, there won’t be any complaints coming from us regarding that. After all, World Trigger is all about that great sci-fi action. Are you also excited to see more of World Trigger this season? Do tell us about it the comment section below!

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