World Trigger Season 3 Review - Another Hype Season

World Trigger has finally come back to the limelight after years of waiting. Unfortunately, the hype it received back then has pretty much died years later, and it now struggles to contend with the newer generation of anime – as evident in Season 2. The lack of clamor during its return, however, does not imply the lacklusterness of the series. In fact, World Trigger has only gotten better since its first season, and the quality is maintained in Season 3. Here’s what we think of the recently concluded World Trigger Season 3.

Fighting Extravaganza

Like the previous season, World Trigger Season 3 has a noticeably better production than the first season in terms of animation, art, and soundtracks. However, the anime’s strength lies in its action sequences, and Season 3 certainly gives it justice. In their bid to join the expedition, Tamakoma 2 has been grinding to meet the minimum requirements. Viewers get to see them receive one level up after another and execute their best plans yet.

It’s not just Tamakoma 2. World Trigger proves once again that it doesn’t favor the protagonists. The other squads have also improved over time, serving the viewers more scrumptious fight sequences. From Kuga and Hyuse’s tandem to a fight between two high-ranking captains, Season 3 features blood-pumping action that can make a timid person excited.

Character Development Everywhere

While the third season of World Trigger is as action-packed as the previous two seasons, it mostly revolves around strengthening Tamakoma 2 in a variety of ways. Hyuse finally joins their ranks and even exhibits wonderful performance during his debut in the ranked team matches. The original members of Tamakoma 2 – Osamu, Kuga, and Chika – have also gained notable power-ups.

Kuga adds a crafty new trigger to his arsenal, while Osamu develops his tactics and matures as a leader. However, Chika undoubtedly takes the most-improved character title for this season. The shy, cowardly girl who can’t even hurt an ant has finally taken a step towards facing her trauma and earns a couple of precious points for her squad. After accruing all these improvements, the next season ought to be lit.

Hype, Hype, and More Hype

Honestly speaking, this season is basically a hype season for the upcoming expedition. Tamakoma 2 may have gained valuable force, but they've yet to make any real contribution. However, that doesn’t mean this season fails at what it's set to do. In fact, it does a splendid job setting the stage for what is to come. We are highly anticipating seeing them against other neighbors, especially since Tamakoma 2 is now leagues above when they first started.

Final Thoughts

World Trigger is renowned for its tactic-centered matches, and Season 3 isn’t lacking in that department. There are enough matches this season to satiate any action-craving human’s hunger for fights. On another note, the entire season feels like a hype season for the next one – possibly because it is. Nevertheless, World Trigger Season 3 has been a fun watch. We believe fans of sci-fi action enjoyed it the most.

What do you think of World Trigger Season 3? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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