The Battle Against the Strongest - World Trigger Season 3 Match Highlights

Tamakoma 2’s recent match is undeniably their greatest and fiercest match yet. Just like any ranked team match, they’ve fought against three other squads: Ikoma Squad, Ninomiya Squad, and Yuba Squad. This match is special primarily because Ninomiya Squad is the top squad in B-rank and Tamakoma 2 has to defeat all three squads with flying colors. Needless to say, the squads have given the viewers one epic battle, and here are the best moments among many.

Yuma Kuga vs Yukari Obishima

Before the match, Kuga approached Yuba Squad for some training. That’s when Kuga and Obishima first fought each other, which ended with Kuga’s overwhelming victory. Interestingly, the two Border agents faced each other again during the official match. It started with Kuga and Obishima being in a three-way fight with Ikoma Squad’s Kai. Kai and Obishima agreed to a temporary truce, but the latter betrayed the former, resulting in a one-on-one situation between the two remaining agents.

Knowing she was at a disadvantage, Obishima aimed to regroup with her captain. However, Osamu already set up his wires, and Obishima tripped on it. Kuga further utilized the wire to move around, making it difficult for Obishima to hit him. Kuga aimed a projectile Scorpion towards her, which the rookie deflected with her Kogetsu. Kuga then surrounded her with a bunch of Grasshopper pads. The Scorpion bounced off the pads like a pinball and slowly accumulated dealt damage on the trapped Obishima. Ultimately, Kuga stabbed her back using another Scorpion as she was shooting down the pads.

Takuma Yuba vs Mastaka Ninomiya

The captains of Yuba and Ninomiya squads had an intense face-off during the match. The two top-notch ranged fighters duked it out in one swift exchange. It was a full-on gamble as to whether or not Ninomiya could eliminate Yuba before the latter reached his range.

With Chika’s bombastic Meteor raining down on them, Ninomiya tasked his teammates to focus on the Meteor while he faced Yuba Squad’s captain. During that time, Yuba started to run towards Ninomiya. He perfectly activated his Shield to defend from Ninomiya’s two-prong attack. Seeing his fast-approaching opponent, Ninomiya activated two planted bullets aimed at Yuba’s sides. However, Yuba read and shielded against those, too. After surviving the bullet hell, Yuba finally reached his range, but Ninomiya was one step ahead. He believed in Yuba’s skill and perfectly timed one batch of Hound bullets to his exact location, successfully decimating Yuba.

Osamu and Chika's Double Kill

Osamu and Chika weren’t the greatest force Tamakoma 2 had to offer. However, their double-kill play towards the end of the match was proof of their improvements. The amazing play happened during the time only Tamakoma 2 and Ninomiya Squad were left.

Osamu and Kuga were facing Ninomiya, while Tsuji and Chika were somewhere in the background. Osamu was waiting for a chance for a sneak attack when Inukai made his move. He successfully made it undetected by Osamu, but Chika had her eyes fixed on him. Seeing her teammate being targeted, she quickly fired at Tsuji. Tsuji, thinking it was a lead bullet, tried to block it with a roof tile. To his and the viewers’ surprise, Chika’s shot was of pure trion, which successfully hit Tsuji.

Meanwhile, Osamu also made his shot. Ninomiya saw through his plan and evaded it with a sidestep. Kuga went in front of him, and Osamu proclaimed his plan’s success. Osamu’s bullets unexpectedly curved and hit Ninomiya’s side, and Kuga finished the deed with his Scorpion.

Final Thoughts

World Trigger never disappoints when it comes to battle scenes, and it certainly delivers once again during this latest match. But more than Tamakoma 2’s win, Osamu and Chika’s developments are the greatest highlight of the match. Needless to say, we’re pretty hyped to see more of them in the next season of the anime.

What’s your favorite moment during the four-way fight? Let us know in the comment section below!

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