World Trigger 2nd Season Review - The Most Underrated Anime This Season

We’ve been blessed by a lot of good anime this Winter season. In fact, we’ve got the final season of Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) in addition to new series like Dr. Stone and Wonder Egg Priority. Of course, we can’t go forgetting about reputable anime like Jujutsu Kaisen, Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime), Horimiya, and Re: Zero. With this slew of great anime, it’s easy for other series to come on top, and one particular series, in our opinion, should have gained more attention than it has received. Yes, we’re talking about World Trigger! Here is why...

Consistent Quality

It has literally been years since World Trigger’s first season came out. The series managed to wow its audience with 73 episodes of shooting and sword fighting action, as well as unique lore. Despite the long wait, the anime’s quality did not fall one bit. The animation is as clear and crisp as ever, and it surely doesn’t just look like the studio is trying to pass a PowerPoint presentation as an anime. Since the series is set in a world where soldiers use energy to shoot and slash their opponents, that means a lot.

That being said, World Trigger Season 2 has been filled with great shots from the first episode, which features Galopoula’s assault on Earth, to the last episode, which features Tamakoma 2’s feat in the Rank Battles. Sure enough, Toei isn’t cutting any corners in terms of budget.

Action, Action, and More Action

The first season ends right before Galopoula attacks Earth, and that’s exactly where the second season picks up. Just as you would expect from an invasion, we are greeted by battles left and right. Most of Earth’s strongest warriors are deployed to fend of the invading Neighbors. Galopoula’s troops, however, aren’t just cannon fodder. They are all also highly trained and can hold their ground in combat. Unfortunately, our three main heroes don't make an appearance until the third episode, not because they aren’t part of Earth’s strongest soldiers, rather, they have to prepare for their upcoming Rank Battle.

Even after the business with Galopoula has been settled, the series continues with the B-Rank Battles, which is where we finally see our heroes. Actually, the second season features two Tamakoma 2 Rank Battles, and neither of the two has been an easy win. Both matches are neck and neck, and Tamakoma 2 could have lost both matches with a single mistake.

Character Development For Tamakoma 2

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the second season focuses on Tamakoma 2’s development. In the first season, it’s been made clear that despite Chika and Osamu’s skills, Kuga still does the hard carrying in the team. Even though Chika’s huge amount of trion is the cause of envy to most, her lack of ability to shoot others is a great handicap. Osamu, on the other hand, just can’t keep up with the higher-ranking agents just yet. The most the two can do is provide support for Kuga.

The second season highlights just how the two manage to improve on that role, and we’re pleased that the series takes the realistic path too. Instead of giving some deus ex machina or abrupt power leveling to Chika and Osamu, they are given level-ups within their skillset. For Chika, that means using lead bullets instead of the normal trion. Even though she hits other users, she won’t be able to kill them. Better yet, Chika also manages to think of a way to use normal trion attacks to block her enemies without killing them. Osamu, on the other hand, masters the use of wire to provide a foothold for Kuga and also manages to let Hyuse join the team.

Final Thoughts

World Trigger Second Season obviously does not receive the popularity it deserves. In fact, we won’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of the series prior to reading this article. It is, however, a great series to binge. It has a lot of action, unique lore, nice characters, and fantastic animation. If you’re still contemplating as to whether or not to watch it, then this is your sign. Go and watch it. As a friendly reminder, though, do watch the first season first if you haven’t yet!

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World-Trigger-Wallpaper-700x396 World Trigger 2nd Season Review - The Most Underrated Anime This Season

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