[Holiday Gift Guide] Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Old-School Anime Fans! [Best Recommendations]

Christmas…IS COMING SOON! We here at Honey’s Anime love Christmas—and all the seasonal holidays—but we know one of the hardest things to do for Christmas is finding the right gift to put under the Christmas tree! Don’t worry readers, there is still time to get your special loved one a good gift, especially if they like older anime which makes it even more difficult. Here are the Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Old-School Anime Fans!

10. Anime Socks

Yes, socks can be considered one of the worst gifts for many younger folks. While older crowds do love socks—they are perfect for all occasions after all—socks are pretty bland and unimpressive. However, we have the perfect solution for both the older era and are also anime fans, ANIME SOCKS! Easily purchasable at tons of stores like Hot Topic, FYE, and even Amazon, anime socks come in all forms and styles. You can rock Naruto Socks, Berserk socks, and even wear your waifu on your feet! Anime socks are also pretty affordable so you can get a bunch of variations without taking a mortgage out.

9. Wall Scrolls

When we grow up, there’s a perception that we must rid ourselves of our younger wants and needs and become more mature. No, anime fans can still adhere to their favorite anime series and adorn their life with all things otaku! If you know an older anime fan who has an office with tons of empty wall space, then here’s the Christmas gift you need to get them. Anime scrolls are literally perfect for any wall, room, and/or space in general. Almost every anime made has a wall scroll out there so even if they like older anime like Cowboy Bebop or Fist of the North Star, there is a wall scroll to be found. The only issue…they are kind of hard to wrap and try to hide under a Christmas tree. You might need to try to hide one in a closet till Christmas morning and surprise your old-school anime fan!

8. Anime Accessories

We love watches, wallets, and anything that shows off our love for all things nerdy/geeky. While anime socks are cool, we sometimes need people to see more of our passion for Japanese animation and that is why we think anime accessories are a great stocking stuffer. You can find on Etsy various sellers who make tons of anime accessories like watch straps for your current smartwatch or even wristbands that scream your love for a particular franchise. There are even necklaces that are easy to search for on Google. Make sure to order these items now though, as anime accessories usually need to be made and might take some time to reach your place!

7. Custom Anime Handheld Consoles

Old-school anime fans grew up with the greatest handheld gaming consoles like GBA and GBA SP. Sadly though, most of these handhelds after years of use are probably so used and worn that they need a massive overhaul. Don’t fret if you know a gaming fan who also loves anime, Ebay and other websites offer custom-made anime-themed gaming handhelds. You can get your favorite Pokémon GBA/GBA SP shell with enhanced screens and other little enhancements. These things come in loads of variants but can be a bit pricey. We have seen some custom GBAs cost upwards of $200 but this is the season of going a bit crazy on the ones we love so it might not be such a bad expense. Plus, these things look so cool when displayed on a nice shelf.

6. Anime Art Books

One of the best things about older anime is appreciating just how wonderful the artwork is for them. Series like Dragon Ball Z, Rurouni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Evangelion have some eye-catching art that even in 2022 still impresses us, anime viewers. Aren’t there just times you want to sit down and check out some cool still images of your older favorite series? Well, then you probably love anime art books as much as we do! Art books are another easy-to-obtain item from stores like Barnes and Noble so they can be purchased last minute if you are terrible at Christmas shopping. Just a heads up though, older anime books can be almost impossible to find brand new so those you might struggle with a bit.

5. Anime Convention Tickets

Anime NYC was a blast—as you know if you were there or read our articles—but we always hear people had issues getting tickets or special event VIP tickets. Christmas gifts do not always need to be given on Christmas, you can always nab some anime convention tickets for your anime fan in your life. The caveat is that anime convention tickets don’t go on sale usually around Christmas but you can always promise your loved one you’ll get them a ticket the minute they go up for sale. Just try not to forget.

4. Anime Statues

No matter what age you are, anime statues are timeless. These great items are proof of your love for anime when you have entire shelves adjourned with statues from great series like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. That’s why regardless of your anime age/experience, anime statues are a perfect gift for Christmas. Don’t be worried about prices as anime statues can be affordable but the quality does diminish as the price tag is lowered. A $25 statue can look nice but one that hits around $300 will look considerably better.

3. Anime Video Games

When we aren’t watching anime—which is very rare for us—you can usually find us playing video games as all good otaku do. Yet, we know some anime fans that don’t play many games, and when Christmas comes around…which game is the best choice when there are hundreds of thousands to choose from! Well, folks, stop worrying. We have your solution and it is extremely simple: anime-themed video games! Want an anime visual novel? Then try Date a Live Rio or the more mature Fruit of Grisaia game. Need a solid anime fighting game for your gift of choice? There are the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games or the more recent Demon Slayer title! Anime video games come in all genres so we know no matter what your old-school anime fan wants, there’s a game just calling out to them!

2. Anime Jackets/Clothing

With winter and snow storms upon us, just waiting to crush us, you might need some warmer clothes. However, anime socks aren’t enough to keep you warm and you’re going to need some thicker but still anime-themed gear! We think you need some anime sweaters and/or jackets! These pieces of swagger look incredible and often are great ways to show off your anime of choice while not dying from frostbite. Some great sites for anime jackets/apparel are places like Anime Gear Guru which has affordable but beautiful anime-themed jackets from series like Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, and One Piece. For old-school anime jackets, you will need to search a bit harder but they can be found via some of the sites we mentioned in this article. Again though, these are handmade items usually, so don’t wait too much longer!

1. Anime Box Sets

Alright, you want to know the best anime gift for those old-time anime fans? All of our gift options are great in their own rights but our number one on the list of the Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Old-School Anime fans is without a doubt anime box sets. Literally, almost every older anime series out there has a box set that can be found with tons of goodies like art cards, CDs, and other nifty little collectibles. The good news, many anime box sets can be found via sites like Anime Stuf or even Amazon. The bad news, these things can be extremely pricey if they are from older, more valued series. Robotech has a collector’s edition that is around $250 but can cost even more money since it tends to sell out incredibly fast. Many box sets have this issue sadly but if you really want that ultimate Christmas gift, box sets are it!

Final Thoughts

Christmas shopping can be tough but hopefully, our list has given you some ideas. What are some of your favorite anime gifts for Christmas? We hope you guys/girls get what you want this year and share your gifts received in the comments below! Keep stuck to our amazing Santa-loving hive here at Honey’s Anime for even more Christmas articles! Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to keep shopping as our lists aren’t yet completed sadly. Never enough time for us busy bees!

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