Top 10 Rarest and Most Expensive Otaku Gifts (2021)

When shopping for Christmas gifts to put under the tree, one of the hardest to buy gifts for is hands down the otaku community. Like most of us here at Honey’s Anime, otaku tend to quickly buy what they want and rarely wait as they know those moments of indecisiveness can cost them. Failure to hit that checkout button on a coveted anime figure or blu ray box set can spell disaster for the die-hard collector and it’s why we’re pretty hard to get good gifts for during the holidays.

That being said, even the best otaku collector can’t say they have it all and there are some rare items out there that most of us don’t have yet. These pieces of anime merchandise aren’t cheap and are pretty difficult to track down but if you can, it would make unwrapping gifts Christmas morning that much more amazing. If you have the funds, then check out ten of the rarest and most expensive gifts you can get an otaku this holiday season!

10. Most Aniplex Blu Ray Sets

Aniplex is pretty infamous in the anime community and most collectors can easily tell you why, their anime blu ray sets are downright expensive! Making matters worse, once their sets sell out, good luck finding them as you’ll need to scour sites like eBay and Bonanza to hopefully procure them. Those new to anime collecting might not fully understand what we mean and for them, we have some examples of hard-to-find Aniplex sets.

The Asterisk War and Gods Eater are two Aniplex published anime series that are pretty popular and equally difficult to buy as they are both sold out on Aniplex’s website and most sites that sell their series. Getting The Asterisk War box sets—of which there are four—will cost you an arm and a leg as the first two are sold out everywhere and the last two cost $70 each. Going on eBay won’t make things easier as most sellers only have volume 1 and more often than not, it’s the Japanese blu ray, not the American one. God Eater is a tough series to track down as well as volume 2 is still occasionally available on various sites for about $80 but the first is sold out and goes for varying prices on eBay/Bonanza. Those who want to shock an otaku in their lives will love buying these for them but be ready to open your wallets and scour the net for quite a while…

9. Vintage Anime Plushies

Many of us anime fans love owning soft and cute anime plushies as they are just flat-out adorable! Most newer anime series—like Jujutsu Kaisen—won’t hurt your bank accounts to nab a plush as they tend to be around $30-$40 dollars. Sadly, if you wanted to surprise an older otaku with a vintage anime plush, be ready… these cuddly gifts aren’t easy to find.

We went on sites like Etsy and eBay to find vintage anime plush and we were mystified by some prices. Those who want a cute vintage Fruits Basket Kyo plush could end up shelling out $200! There are some Domo-kun plushies that also go for more than $290 and that is just shocking for a 7” stuffed toy! We really recommend nabbing more recent anime plush for your friends this season…as vintage might be a bit tough to find and might also cost you several hours of your hard-earned paychecks.

8. Demon Slayer Complete Box Set

Demon Slayer is a pretty popular manga/anime series—as we noticed from all the Tanjiro cosplayers at Anime NYC 2021—and that means there are some expensive pieces of merchandise for it. However, the anime isn’t what is expensive but, oddly enough, the manga box set. While not rare and still easily findable on websites like Amazon, the Demon Slayer complete box set tends to fluctuate in price going from $200 to almost $300. A few months ago—before writing this article—we even saw it go for almost $400! If you see the box set go on sale, we implore you to buy it as soon as you can!

7. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Complete Blu Ray Box Set Limited Edition

Want to really surprise an otaku this Christmas? Then why not go on eBay and nab them a Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Complete Blu Ray Box Set Limited Edition? The catch? This special box set isn’t just the complete series but so much more! This giftable box set includes a beautiful art book, tons of CDs containing the music of the show, and plenty of other goodies. The price? A mere $680… Nothing, right? You could get a PS5 from a seller online for probably a bit cheaper but, do you know many otaku would rather have this box set under our Christmas trees!

6. Legend of the Galactic Heroes Premium Box Set

Before we go away from anime box sets let’s look at one more legendary anime series that needs little introduction. The Legend of the Galactic Heroes is considered the best space anime ever made often being compared to great series like Star Wars. That’s why it lasted for 162 episodes and several movies! Those who wanted to get the whole series for themselves didn't find it easy as it was never sold in America like a normal anime, only in a limited edition premium box set. The price, though, is as legendary as the series at $800! To top that off, it is now sold out on Sentai—the original seller—making it pretty impossible to find. We did see one seller on eBay selling it for—hang on to your seats, readers—$4000. That being said, old-school anime fans will love you forever if you can get them this… Just don’t max out those credit cards.

5. Eren vs Armored Titan 1/3 Scale Statue (Attack on Titan)

Attack on Titan is known for selling a variety of anime merchandise like toys, cards, games, and the list goes on. But if you wanted a really cool—and expensive—Attack on Titan statue, then we turn your attention to the Eren vs Armored Titan 1/3 Scale Statue! This epic statue captures the beauty of one of the cooler fights in the Attack on Titan series but the price isn’t as cool. Those who want this impressive and detailed statue will need to pay out a few thousand dollars. We’ve seen the price change dramatically depending on the online seller so be wary of fakes and overpriced versions if you want this incredible piece of art.

4. Trick or Treat Hatsune Miku Statue

Vocaloid fans have no doubt noticed there are hundreds of variants of Hatsune Miku statues out there to purchase. Honestly, buying most of them would cost any collector a couple of thousand dollars but one of them literally costs a few thousand by itself. The Trick or Treat Hatsune Miku statue originally was only $150 in Japan but now goes for around $800-$2000. We do love the Miku design in this statue but only those who eat, breathe, and live for Hatsune Miku will probably want to pay this much for just another variant of the popular fictional idol girl.

3. Gigantor (Iron Man No. 28) Figure

Instead of a statue do you want a figure and do you want a figure from a series most of us don’t know about unless you’re over the age of 50? Then why not a Gigantor figure that is literally over $10,000!? This isn’t a toy you’re going to want to give a kid but for those older adults who love Gigantor, then they may love to place this figure in a nice clear case so it only increases in value.

2. Life-Sized Lala Satalin Deviluke (To Love-Ru)

Tired of 9” or 12” statues of your favorite waifu? We hear you, readers. And that’s why we suggest giving a super otaku a life-sized waifu statue and more specifically, Lala Deviluke from To Love-Ru! This $27,000 life-sized waifu statue is clad in a white bikini that shows off her impressive oppai and stands at 5 feet 8 inches! Yeah, the price is the same as most cars released in 2019-2021 but can a car be held and ogled inside your apartment?

1. Gold Monkey D. Luffy Statue (One Piece)

Is money no option for that otaku in your life? Then here’s the most expensive and rare gift you can get them, a gold Monkey D. Luffy Statue that costs $200,000! Before you grab this treasure, though, let’s look at some other things you can get someone with $200,000. You could put a down payment on a home or buy a home in some places, buy several luxury cars and pay off a student loan twice over. Though, if you don’t care about any of that and would rather be the owner of a solid gold Luffy statue, then this would be a one-of-a-kind gift for any otaku this Christmas.

Final Thoughts

Let’s be real, most of these gifts—especially when you reach the top 5—are pretty improbable gifts to give to someone but that’s what makes them so rare! Yet, that doesn’t mean they are impossible to get and we know die-hard anime fans will try their bests to get some of these items even if it means accumulating significant debt in the process, which again, we don’t recommend. Are there any gifts on our list that you would try to get for an otaku you know? Comment below to let us know and be sure to keep stuck to our collecting hive here at Honey’s Anime for even more holiday-related articles!

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