Anime Subscription Boxes for Christmas

It is that time of the year again to spend your hard-earned money on presents that are beautifully boxed up under shimmering trees. While this season is somewhat of a financial stress, there are ways to make it easier and bring joy to those around you. Since we are all in the otaku community you may be looking for anime gifts to give to that special someone.

Here is an idea, give them the gift that keeps on giving year-round. This, of course, being anime subscription boxes. These boxes are delivered on a schedule ranging from every month to only a few times a year to bring happiness to your favorite otaku. Since the options for these boxes are so plentiful, it may be a little dizzying to comb through them. Never fear though, we have created a list of the best anime subscription boxes for 2019.


AkiBento provides 6-8 items that will expand your anime collection as well as a variety of other items depending on the subscription that you choose. The themes of these boxes vary between being geared for men and women so there is something for everyone. However, this is a box that we would recommend buying one month at a time to ensure that you are pleased with the theme of your box.


LootAnime offers a variety of collectibles that are based on a certain anime or manga theme. They vary in theme and boxes are offered in a monthly subscription (but don’t let that stop you from buying only one first to check it out). LootAnime offers approximately double the price you pay in merchandise from the box. This subscription company prides themselves on customer service rather than cheesy sales techniques and is confident that you will find excitement in every box.

Anime Bento

Anime Bento offers a gift option to make the perfect holiday gift for any otaku. Each “bento” box comes with a t-shirt and an array of gifts. These themes are not released before the boxes are sent out so it may be difficult to decide what box you want. Anime Bento does not offer returns so you are stuck with the products you receive, however, this box delivers every month so it has more boxes delivered than other options.

Final Thoughts

The holidays can be a stressful time for anyone. However, they are also a time filled with joy and happiness. This happiness can be delivered to any anime fan with the subscription of boxes that they can enjoy throughout the year. If none of these options interest you, there is a wide variety of boxes that can be chosen from that deliver quarterly or monthly depending on your need. While we aim to give you the best content possible, it would not be possible without your comments on our posts. So as always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

111 Anime Subscription Boxes for Christmas


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