Sci-fi & Seinen Anime - Fall 2018 Puzzles, Time Slips, Drama, and more Tokyo Ghoul!

1. Akanesasu Shoujo

  • Genres: Action, Sci-Fi
  • Air Date: October 1 2018

In a certain city in a certain area, a group of girls that live there performed a certain ritual.

They are known as the Crystal Radio Research Group. It is a club formed by the cheerful Asuka Tsuchimiya and her friends who all attend the same high school as her. The ritual performed was only supposed to be an urban legend, but suddenly conditions begin to appear and this ‘game’ cannot be finished like any other game...

Akanesasu Shoujo Official PV

2. Bakumatsu

  • Genres: Sci-fi, Action
  • Air Date: October 5 2018

The time is the end of the Bakufu.

The future of Japan is troubled, and the era is a period of passionate men devoted to their ambitions as a rivalry of local warlords.

Shinsaku Takasugi is a lucky adventurer from Choushuu. Along with his partner Kogorou Katsura, they infiltrate a ship of the Naval Shogunate commanded by Yoshinobu Tokugawa. They are in search of a legendary treasure that gives one the ability to control time known as ‘Jinshingi pocketwatch’ (Chronometer). Shinsaku heard a rumor that the Shogunate are planning to use the Jinshingi to rule over the entire country. So, he plans to steal the secret treasure with the goal of destroying it.

‘Using this to rule over the country is boring. They have another way to take control!’ However, Shinsaku has the Jinshiki in his hands for just a brief moment of time before it is stolen by a mysterious woman in all black clothing. In order to get it back and finish what they started by stopping Tokugawa from ruling the country, Shinsaku and Kogorou chase after the woman to Kyoto where the Shogunate is. When they arrive, they see a strange figure and reigning deity, Susanoo.

They are greeted with a completely different city to the one they knew, and the way the people look bewilders Shinsaku.

Here, this is another Shogunate dominated by Toki Mugen, the masked Shogun (general). Sticking true to their convictions, they push onward to fight against the Shogunate loyalists in a new battle that goes beyond time.

Bakumatsu Official PV

3. Ingress The Animation

  • Genres: Sci-fi, Action, Game
  • Air Date: October 18 2018

At the CERN facility in Geneva, in the shadow of the discovery of the Higgs-Boson, a secret project was taking place: The Niantic Project. Scientists have discovered a mysterious substance that can interface directly with the human brain. This substance, called “Exotic Matter (XM)”, has existed since ancient times, influencing human minds and the progress of humanity.
In the wake of this discovery, a battle of powerful nations and corporate giants has been unleashed. Organizations across the globe have embarked on a secret race to exploit XM. It represents both an opportunity and a threat to humanity.

Two factions seek to control XM, and through it, human destiny. The Enlightened view XM’s power as a gift that enhances the human experience and discovery. The Resistance see XM as a hostile takeover of the human mind, choosing technology as humanity’s best path forward. XM, and the mystery behind it, lie at the center of this battle for the fate of humanity.


Now, a new struggle is about to unfold in Tokyo and cross the globe. Dangerous and powerful forces seeking to exploit the potential of XM will collide. This groundbreaking project will mark the beginning of an epic augmented-reality experience combining the three elements of animation, location-based gaming, and the real world.

Ingress The Animation Official PV


  • Genres: Seinen, Action, Spy, Comedy
  • Air Date: October 7 2018

Momo Minamoto is a high school girl who lives in Sorazaki City. She lives a normal, average everyday life until one day when she is scouted for Tsukikage, a privately established information agency.

Tsukikage belongs to no country and is a justice spy organization that works to protect peace from the shadows. Starting with a specially created ‘spyce’ which raises the abilities of young girls only, they fight using various secret weapons and their trained hearts and minds. The one to guide amateur Momo is her high school upperclassman, Yuki Hanzomon. Tsukikage has a student and teacher system where the upperclassmen train the underclassmen to inherit their skills.

Now, the evil grip of the criminal organization ‘Mouryou’ has reached the metropolis that is Sorazaki City. In order to protect her friends, family, and the people of the city, Momo will have to work together with her allies to defeat this evil threat.


5. RErideD -Tokigoe no Derrida-

  • Genres: Sci-fi, Drama, Fantasy
  • Air Date: October 4 2018

The year is 2050.

A young engineer named Derrida Yvain became famous thanks to his contribution to the development of the "Autonomous Machine DZ" at Rebuild, the manufacturing company founded by his father. One day, Derrida and his colleague Nathan discover a flaw in the “DZs” and try to warn their boss, but they are ignored.

Although Derrida and Nathan are aware of the danger, they reluctantly decide to put off taking any measures, and instead go to Nathan's daughter Mage's birthday party. The next day, after enjoying a peaceful time together, Derrida and Nathan are suddenly attacked by unknown forces. At the end of the escape, Derrida falls into a cold sleep machine, and 10 years later, he wakes up to a devastated world in the middle of a war. While Derrida is attacked by a group of out of control DZs, he almost gives up, but he recall's Nathan's last words.

"Take care of Mage."

Despite the harsh fate that has fallen upon him, Derrida sets off to seek Mage.

Beyond the time, we reunite – This is the story of a journey for hope

ReRideD –Derrida, who leaps through time–

RErideD -Tokigoe no Derrida- Official PV

6. Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai

  • Genres: Seinen, Romcom, Slice of Life
  • Air Date: October 4 2018

Puberty Syndrome.
A rumored, strange phenomenon that only happens during puberty where one is emotionally unstable.

For example, that's what happened when a wild bunny girl appears in front of Sakuta Azusagawa.

Her true form is actually his high school upperclassman and actress on hiatus, Mai Sakurajima. Mai's alluring form, for some reason, goes unnoticed by those around her.

Sakuta has set out now on a mission to solve this mystery, and while spending time with Mai, he learns her hidden desires… Then, heroines suffering from puberty syndrome start appearing around Sakuta one after another.

In the city where the sky and sea glisten, this mysterious story that will sway your heart starts now.

Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai Official PV

7. Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season

  • Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Sci-fi, Psychological
  • Air Date: October 9 2018

Set two years into the future after Tokyo Ghoul Root A. For Tokyo, despair continues to lurk in the shadows… Monsters who eat humans, “Ghouls” are rampant throughout Tokyo. Living out their daily lives in the shadows, these beings who shroud their true selves in mystery, assault humanity in Tokyo with fear.

At CCG, the only agency that investigates incidents concerning Ghouls as well as resolving them, Haise Sasaki has been assigned one single order. That is to oversee four problem children known as Quinx while dealing with his days of suffering beginning.

Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season Official PV

8. Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2202 Ai no Senshi-tachi

  • Genres: Space Opera, Sci-fi, Drama, Romance, Mecha
  • Air Date: October 6 2018

The year is 2202.
It’s been three years since Space Battleship Yamato made it’s massive return voyage from Iscandar which extended a massive 168,000 light years one way. Thanks to the help of the Cosmo Reverse System, the Earth has regained it’s blue form and formed a peace treaty with the Great Garmillas Empire. While recovering, preparations for a brand new fleet of spaceships for defense purposes, including the newest addition, Andromeda, begin. Against the wishes of Starsha Iscandar, Earth once again has begun to walk the path of military expansion. However, is this really peace if it came at the cost of a countless number of sacrifices caused by the Yamato? The wishes for peace in space by the goddess Teresa beckon the Yamato to once again set out on a voyage. Now the menace of sweeping space conquest by the Gatlantis threatens Earth.

Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2202 Ai no Senshi-tachi Official PV