Top 10 Soccer Anime List [Best Recommendations]

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There are so many sports that exist in this wonderful world from the graceful style of figure skating, to the extreme art of freeride snowboarding, there's something out there for everyone. One sport however seems to bring everyone of us together especially when a championship is on the line, and that's soccer. Footy is the more commonly used term to refer to the beautiful game, but soccer is still used across the western hemisphere. The sport has risen to the top of the ladder as the favorite to watch simply due to its finesse, team work, and craft behind it all. When we watch a game all we tend to see is simply passing a ball back and forth, but there is such a deeper strategy behind it which is what makes the game so rich and satisfying.

There are set plays, formations and coach tactics that are all combined together to create legendary comebacks, and unfathomable goals from distances we never thought a ball could travel from. All of this is what encompasses the art of soccer, and so let us get underway and prepare for kick off with our top ten outstanding soccer anime picks.

10. Offside

  • Episodes: 39
  • Aired: May 10, 2001- January 31, 2002

Honey's Anime has put together a great list and we are now ready to kick off with our first pick on our top ten. Offside is an anime that released in May 2001 and ran for about 8 months before its season finale in January of 2002. The story follows Goro, a well established, tall middle school goalkeeper whose passion was to join Yokonan Elite Football Club, but due to an accident his dreams were put on hold and ended up in a low ranked club opposite of Yokonan. Throughout his time with the club he managed to befriend other players Shingo, Hideki, and Kazuhito who all were very skillful players and together they challenged Yokonan and other various schools to see which team would take home the championship title. Any setbacks that the Kawasaki Club would face would only be a motivation to improve, which helped Goro to discover his hidden talent as an ace striker.

Soccer is full of passion and excitement due to its roller coaster ride of events that transpire on the pitch. Offside truly shows us how momentous it can be when you find the right team, build up your morale, and take your skills to the next level. We hope that you enjoy this one as much as we did.

9. Whistle

  • Episodes: 39
  • Aired: May 6, 2002 – February 3, 2003

It's time to bring a new sub onto the field since we could use some fresh legs in our top ten. Coming in at number nine is Whistle which stars Shou, and his dream to become a world class soccer player. The major problem is that he isn't very adept at the game. Shou had been accepted to the very distinguished Musashi no Mori High School, which is known for its top ranked soccer team, but due to his inexperience he wasn't able to get above third stringer. After making a transfer to Sakura Jousui Junior High, Shou managed to pick up where he left off and improve his skills. With continuous support from his newly acquired friends, teammates, and most importantly his own determination, Shou makes it a goal to make sure he lives his dream as one of the best.

Whistle is an inspiring story of a boy with determination to not give up on his dreams. Many of us can attest to this as there have been times where life challenges us, and make it seem as if our dreams are so far away. The fact is that these challenges are bringing us one step closer to our purpose, and life is only training you to stay on your feet to keep going. Make sure to check this great soccer anime when you get the chance.

8. Moero! Top Striker

  • Episodes: 49
  • Aired: October 10, 1991 – September 24, 1992

We are getting closer to the top five, but before that Moero! Top Striker makes its way to the number eight spot on our list of soccer anime. Hikaru is a 13 year old teen who enjoys the sport of soccer. Whenever an opportunity arose to play he would leap to the occasion and take part. His father purchased him a soccer ball when he was a child, and since then Hikaru made it a mission to improve his game. Hikaru moves to Italy to learn more about the sport and joins a team in Genova, but drops the team to play alongside his friend Anna. Despite the challenges the team would face down the road, Hikaru and his new team Columbus would go on to win against Margerita, one of the best teams in Genova. From this major win, Hikaru now embarks on a new journey to take home the greatest prize: The championship title.

Moero! Top Striker saw its release in October of 1991 and aired for just under a year when it wrapped up in September of the following year. Despite its age, you can never let go of the beautiful game and so we urge you to give this classic a watch.

7. Hungry Heart: Wild Striker

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: September 11, 2002 – September 10, 2003

Hungry Heart: Wild Striker revolves around Kyousuke and his strive to compete above his brother's level. Throughout his early career Kyousuke had been compared so much to that of his brother that he decides to quit to pursue other endeavors. Life suddenly changes for him when he is confronted by a girl who forces him to coach her women's soccer team. The experience helps him rediscover his passion for the game, and so he decides to join a soccer team which his friend suggested thus leading him down a new path of a professional career in soccer. Along with his new friends Rodrigo and Sakai, the three work together to ensure that they all succeed in becoming their greatest version.

It's great to see the hunger come out of people because we truly get to see them perform at their maximum level. Watching Kyousuke train harder to surpass his brother was a huge inspiration to us, and so we hope that the hunger resides in you to watch Kyousuke become his greatest version.

6. Ginga e Kickoff

  • Episodes: 39
  • Aired: March 26, 2012 – February 26, 2013

Coming in right before our top five is the shounen soccer anime called Ginga e Kickoff. The show stars sixth grader Sho who is determined to recreate a new team of players after his previous team disbanded. His new team the Momotaro Predators are the main focus and despite not being the greatest player himself, his passion for the sport is what keeps him striving for more to become a true professional player.

As you can see from our list, many of the players all have a dream to become the greatest version of themselves. We here at Honey's Anime are a team of individuals who band together much like a soccer team to bring you the best content. Our goal is to ensure that you score as many goals in your life as we have, and to reach the top of whatever platform you intend to seek. Ginga e Kickoff is a great example of true sportsmanship and teamwork, so we encourage you to check out this shounen series for more.

5. Area no Kishi

  • Episodes: 37
  • Aired: January 7, 2012- September 29, 2012

Kakeru was just your ordinary high schooler who didn't really have much faith in himself pertaining to soccer. He instead focused more of his time off the pitch and helped to manage other players on the team, which included his brother Suguru who is the ace of the squad. Unfortunately, a tragic accident turns things around for him, and he starts to reevaluate everything. What Kakeru didn't realize was that within himself there was a hidden talent waiting to be unleashed to the world, and it wasn't until his old crush Nana makes her way back into his life that his eyes opened wide to his unbelievable skill. In hopes to one day perform in the World Cup, Kakeru trains harder than ever with the motivation of Nana who is actually a top ranked player who plays for the women's national team.

Area no Kishi is an awesome anime because it shows how much work you have to put in to truly see progress in our talents. Kakeru with the help of his old crush and motivation from his brother really made this an emotional one to watch, but worth every minute of our time. Give this one a try also and let us know what you think!

4. Captain Tsubasa

  • Episodes: 128
  • Aired: October 13, 1983 – March 27, 1986

Where ever you go in Japan there will most likely some reference to this next top ten soccer anime, and that's none other than Captain Tsubasa. Spanning over three years on the airwaves from 1983-1986, the story takes us through the life of Tsubasa Osora as he follows his ultimate dream of becoming a world class soccer player. Throughout much of his life, Tsubasa has experienced a lot of adversities that set him back from accomplishing his goal such as tough rivalries and difficult championships. Now it is time for Tsubasa to overlook all of the trials and tribulations of his past, and become triumphant in his dream to reach the upper echelon of players in the ultimate battleground: The World Cup.

Tsubasa moves with his mother to Nankatsu City, which is well known for its prestigious elementary school soccer teams. Despite being the best in his own home town, Nankatsu has a lot more competition of higher skill levels and he'll need a lot more training to achieve better results. Throughout his new experience in Nankatsu, he befriends a young girl named Sanae and a talented goalkeeper named Genzo. Fortunately they all share the same passion for soccer and so they all work together to ensure that Tsubasa can live his dream to represent Japan and to win the championship for the nation. The series has had many sequels and so we highly encourage you to watch the rest of the story to see how it all unfolds!


  • Episodes: ?
  • Aired: July 3, 2016

As we all know soccer is the beautiful game and so therefore we need beautiful anime to complement its success. Summer season is coming very soon and what better than a soccer anime to kick us off in the right direction. DAYS is an upcoming anime produced by Pony Canyon and takes place in present day Japan. The series is about two boys Tsukushi and Jin who both have aspirations to make it into the big leagues of soccer. Tsukushi claims to have no special talents while Jin is widely regarded as a soccer genius. One night the two cross paths and suddenly each of their lives change as they both get dragged into the competitive world of soccer.

We are most certainly excited for DAYS since it is a breath of fresh air in the sports anime genre, and we haven't watched a great soccer anime since Giant Killing, which by the way is coming up soon. If you're into soccer then be sure to keep this one bookmarked because it looks like it may be a promising series.

2. Inazuma 11

  • Episodes: 127
  • Aired: October 5, 2008 – April 27, 2011

Inazuma 11 is an anime based off of a video game franchise which aired around fall of 2008 and lasted for three years. Mamoru is a super confident and boisterous soccer player who leads the Raimon Middle School team. Armed with his grandfather's teachings on special training and competitive spirit, Mamoru has only one desire, and that's to lead his team to victory. The only problem that is hindering the team from consistent success is that they're weak, unskilled, and lack drive to see things through. The sky starts to clear up however, when new team members join the squad and bring life back into the remaining members which create a new streamline of energy to work with. Mamoru's fighting spirit returns and now his ultimate goal of winning the Soccer Frontier Tournament is closer than before with the help of his new gang.

This family friendly series will surely keep your attention at maximum as every episode grows more and more interesting as the team morale begins to manifest into something huge. Inazuma 11 is one worth watching, which is why it truly deserves its number two spot on our list for its action packed entertainment.

1. Giant Killing

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: April 4, 2010- September 26, 2010

We have reached the final minutes of the second half and Giant Killing is our number one pick to sub in for the last minute goal. Giant Killing follows the path of the charismatic and talented East Tokyo United captain Takeshi Tatsumi, who ends up suddenly leaving the team after a very successful career to join an amateur team in England. This sparked many problems for the team as their record, team morale plummeted, and their new captain Murakoshi isn't able to pick up where Takeshi left off. Several years have passed since the incident and Takeshi makes his way back to East Tokyo but this time to help coach his once threatening team back to where they should be. Unfortunately, due to past resentment from fans of the club, a lot of weight is put on Takeshi in order to restore faith in the team, and to bring home the championship. With the clock ticking and challenges only growing bigger, Takeshi has to make every shot count in order to win back the respect of not only his squad, but the roaring fans that once held his name high on the pedestal.

Soccer is the sport that truly brings every nation together with the Olympics being the number one on the list. When you are able to sit in a crowd of roaring fans, it is an experience like no other and we surely hope you get a chance to feel it yourself. While these are just a small handful of soccer anime to choose from, we also recommend you check out Aoki Densetsu Shoot! Ganbare, Kickers! and other sequels to some of our already listed shows. So until next time, be sure to leave your comments down below should you have any questions pertaining to the list, or if you think there's an anime that could've made the cut.

As always, for your sweet anime fill, keep it locked here at Honey's Anime.



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