Sports Anime - Fall 2018 : Cheerleading, Baseball, Soccer, Running & Archery!

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1. Anima Yell

  • Genres: Slice of Life, Sports
  • Air Date: October 8 2018

Kohane Hatoya loves to be able to support and help others. When she is graduating from middle school, she becomes completely fascinated with cheerleading. Now in high school, together with experienced cheerleader Hizume Arima and Kohane’s childhood friend Uki Sawatari, Kohane decides to start a cheerleading appreciation club.

Anima Yell Official PV

2. Captain Tsubasa 2018 (Chuugakkou-hen)

  • Genres: Sports, Shounen
  • Air Date: April 3 2018

This new reincarnation of Captain Tsubasa will tell the original story of the Shougakkou-Hen (Elementary School Arc) but will be updated with items that exist in the modern era like smartphones.

Captain Tsubasa 2018 Official PV

3. Gurazeni 2nd Season

  • Genres: Sports, Shounen
  • Air Date: October 5 2018

This is the 2nd season of Gurazeni.

Natsunosuke Bonda, 26, single, is a left-handed mid-relief & sidearm pitcher belonging to the professional baseball team the Jingu Spiders. He became a professional right out of high school and his annual income is 18 million yen (~$169,000). He’s a player who is never going to be referred to as a ‘top tier pitcher.’

‘I don’t know how long I can keep this up after I turn 30.’
‘Only a handful of those who retire become coaches or commentators.’
‘Some people fail to make more than 1 million yen (~$9300) a year after they’ve retired .’
‘Pro baseball players have to save up their earnings now while they can!’

As he stares down the harsh reality facing him, he utters a certain phrase over and over.

‘There’s money buried under the pitcher's mound!’

Today too, Bonda stands on the pitcher's mound and dreams of ‘Gurazeni’ (ground money) !

Gurazeni 2nd Season Official PV

4. Hinomaru Zumou

  • Genres: Sports, Shounen
  • Air Date: October 5 2018


The fierce battle of these men chasing after Yokozuna begins.

Hinomaru Zumou Official PV

5. Inazuma Eleven: Orion no Kokuin

  • Genres: Sports
  • Air Date: October 5 2018

The Japan national football team, the Inazuma Eleven, have been announced! Amongst those names, Asuto Inamori, Ryouhei Haizaki, and Yuuma Nosaka, appear. The cream of the crop from all schools have now been chosen and gather. On top of this, a new ally named Mitsuru Ichihoshi who has played on another soccer team abroad, joins them. Now the new team truly sets out on the story seas of the world stage. However, the tests and trials that waited for them are exponentially beyond what they had imagined. Namely, a mysterious player known as ‘Orion’s apostle’.

Tactics, Betrayal, Clashing...

Now, all kinds of expectations swirl together as the Football World Championships FF1 (Football Frontier International) begins.

Japan! Spread your wings to the world!

Inazuma Eleven: Orion no Kokuin Official PV

6. Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuietiru

  • Genres: Sports, Slice of Life
  • Air Date: October 3 2018

Nighttime. Kakeru Kurahara runs throughout the city as if he is fleeing something. A bicycle unexpectedly pulls up next to him. A man Kakeru has never seen before pulls up next to him and says
‘Hey! You like to run, don’t you!’

That man’s name is Haiji Kiyose. Following the instructions of Haiji, Kakeru arrives at the old apartment building, Takeao Manor. There, nine different residents overflowing with individuality live. Finally, an available apartment is recommended to him, and Kakeru, being completely lost at sea, is cornered into taking the room. Who would have dreamed that he would become the 10th man in this building?

Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuietiru Official PV

7. Tsurune

  • Genres: Slice of Life, Sports
  • Air Date: October 22 2018


The sound the bowstring makes when an arrow is fired.

For an archer, hearing the beautiful sound of reverberations is joyful, and the beauty of their sound is said to seize the heart and not let go.

It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as even if the same person uses the exact same bow and arrow, there is no guarantee that they can make the sound again. Each shot is a single meeting and a single farewell.

For Minato Narumiya, all tsurune are meetings.

These fresh, first-year high school students treading onto the unending path of archery are like the Battleship Wakaba setting out to sea for the first time. Through archery, these boys will, for the first time, gain irreplaceable experience and friends.

This shining youth archery animation, akin to the sunlight peeking through the trees, starts now!

Tsurune Official PV