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Majo-Minarai-wo-Sagashite Anime Movie 2020

Haifuri The Movie

In the sea we live, the sea we protect, and by the sea, we go――
That's Blue Mermaid!
Akeno Misaki becomes the captain of the destroyer "Harekaze" after entering Yokosuka Girls' Marine School as she adored the job that protects the safety of the sea, "Blue Mermaid", and participates in the sea practical lesson with her classmate.

It was supposed to be a safe voyage to the destination as it only involved moving the ship, but what awaited the girls are numerous challenges. After overcoming the numerous difficulties such as the sudden fire from the instructorship, battle with the berserk students of other ships and performing rescue action from an SOS, they return back to land with their relationship becoming much stronger.

One month after that incident, a new pinch visited the members of Harekaze while they enjoyed themselves after the exam. That trouble is the disband of Harekaze class. The Harekaze members, while being nervous, become one again to stop the disbandment of the class which leads to a stronger bond.

Then, three months after the disbandment of the Harekaze class──
In Yokosuka, the students from all the Girl’s Marine High School (including Kurem, Maizuru, and Sasebo) come together to hold a cultural and sports festival called “Competing Game Gathering.” Akeno and the other Harukaze members are busy preparing the welcome party. The large battleship class which is Yamato, Shinano, Kii, and others were also gathered. A new “pinch” is closing in on the girls while they are in the midst of the performance and competition…

Alternate Name: High School Fleet

Genre: Action, Military, School

Studios: A-1 Pictures

Majo-Minarai-wo-Sagashite Anime Movie 2020

Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna

Majo-Minarai-wo-Sagashite Anime Movie 2020

Nakitai Watashi wa Neko wo Kaburu

"I want to support you. I want you to say that you love me".
Miyo Sasayo is a 2nd-year middle school student who is always optimistic and energetic. She has a nickname of "Muge (Ultimately Mysterious Person)". But she truly cares about others around her and she spends everyday by suppressing her feelings in contrast to her nickname of "Ultimately Mysterious Person."

Muge appeals every day to her classmate named Kento Hinode, whom she loves so much, but she never gets any reactions from him. Muge, who never gives up approaching him, has a big secret that nobody knows...That is, going to see Hinode by turning into a cat.

The thing is, Muge has received a mysterious mask "which can change herself into a cat ", from the cat shopkeeper on the night of a summer festival. Since then, she has visited Hinode's house by turning into a cat called Tarou.

Hinode usually behaves calm, but he can express his true feelings only to Tarou, and Tarou has become a great supporter of him. She usually gets pushed away when she is a human, but the two can get closer when she is "a cat." Muge also learns the freedom of not worrying about relationships with others around her when she is a cat, and begins to feel comfortable from it.

Muge is then unable to distinguish herself between a cat and a human as the time to stay as a cat gets longer. One day, the shopkeeper reappears in front of her and he asks to switch the faces of "cat mask" and "Muge's face", and so she starts to spend her life as "a cat" by getting rid of her life as "a human"....

She wants to stay by him forever, but realizes that she loses her opportunity to turning back into "me"...
By whom hee supports her everyday. When the two realize important things, their worlds begin to change.

Alternate Name: A Whisker Away

Genre: Drama, Romance

Studios: Studio Colorido

Majo-Minarai-wo-Sagashite Anime Movie 2020

Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie: Mugen Ressha-hen

In the Taisho Period, the beginning of the 20 century, Tanjirou made a living by selling charcoal.Although his father died, they lived a peaceful live despite being poor. One day, Tanjirou went to the town to sell charcoal but stayed at his uncle house as it had turned dark as he was about to head home. When he returned home the next morning, his family was massacred and his younger sister, Nezuko had become a demon.

After Tanjirou discovered that a demon, who was originally human, might know a way to revert the transformation, he becomes a member of the Demon Slayer Corps to hunt for the demon that knows a way to turn his sister back into a human. Tanjirou starts training under the Breath of Water user, Urokodaki after getting a recommendation from Tomioka Giyuu. After being able to use the Breath of Water, he managed to pass the test to join the Demon Slayer Corps. Soon after, Tanjirou encounters the leader of all demons, Muzan, when he is heading toward Asakusa for demon hunting. After defeating the pursuer sent by Muzan, he encounters fellow rookie swordsmen, Zenitsu and Inosuke, and teams up with them. They battle one of the members of the Twelve Demon Moons directly under Muzan, Lower Five, Rui at a certain mountain. Tanjirou awakens to the "Hi no Kami Kagura" ability after realizing that Breath of Water was ineffective, but he was unable to defeat Rui. They are helped by the Water Pillar, Tomioka, and Bug Pillar, Kochou, who appear as reinforcements. Tanjirou and the others are injured during the battle with Rui, rest and train at the Bug Pillar, Shinobu Kochou's Butterfly Mansion. After resting, they board the Infinity Train to seek the Flame Pillar, Kyoujurou Rengoku in order to find out more information on the ability "Hi no Kami Kagura" that Tanjirou awakened to during the battle with Rui but...

Alternate Name: Demon Slayer - Kimetsu no Yaiba - The Movie: Mugen Train

Genre: Action, Supernatural, Historical, Shounen

Studios: ufotable